VA Careers

Meet four female Veterans who are thriving at VA

Female Veterans enjoy thriving careers serving Veterans at VA. In this post, hear from four women who are doing just that.

Eight reasons parents love working at VA

In honor of National Parents’ Day, here are eight ways VA helps provide work-life balance and provides the support that parents need.

VA hiring housekeeping staff: immediate need to fill positions nationwide

VA is seeking housekeeping staff to fill numerous, immediate openings at health care facilities in Boston and across the country.

How VA encourages providers to care for their own mental health

VA helps employees, especially frontline health care providers, focus on their mental health during this challenging time.

20 (more!) little known facts about VA medical centers

Learn about the history of VA's medical centers, where 9 million Veterans from across the nation receive their health care.

How VA’s retirement plan benefits your bottom line

VA offers its employees a three-part, comprehensive retirement plan that includes a pension, among other desirable benefits.

5 ways VA employees have changed Veterans’ lives

When you work at VA, you’re part of a culture of innovation that concentrates on making a difference in the lives of all Veterans.

Telehealth ramps up, connects providers and patients

There’s no doubt about it — VA will set an agency record for telehealth care in 2020. Veterans attend about 25,000 telehealth video appointments each …

Paid VA residency program helps nurse step into rewarding career

Jessica Crabtree knew she wanted to do work that mattered. The first step was going back to school to pursue a nursing degree at age 28. The next step was …

Three ways VA helps military spouses continue their education

Military spouses interested in continuing their education to advance a career need look no further than VA. More than 500,000 military spouses in the U.S. …

Four things you can expect in a post-military career at VA

Job changes can be stressful — and transitioning to your first civilian career after life in the military only adds another layer of complexity. “Big …

VA committed to diverse workforce, strengthening care for Veterans

Lt. Col. Joseph Henry Ward, M.D., Dr. John A. Kenney and his son, Dr. Howard W. Kenney, are not exactly household names. But these VA trailblazers deserve …