VA Careers

Make a difference in Veterans’ lives as a crisis line responder

Want to make a different? Apply for one of 40 open positions as a Health Science Specialist at the Veteran Crisis Line for responder.

Explore the rewards of an anesthesiology career at VA during #ANES19

Interested in a VA career? Talk with VA recruiters about a healthcare career in anesthesiology at Anesthesiology 2019 in Orlando.

Borne the Battle #167: Dr. Albert Weed, Green Beret Medic to Army Medical Officer to VA Surgeon

This week's BtB highlight's Albert Weed's career, which has taken him from enlisted Army medic to Army medical officer to VA surgeon.

Discover a VA career in chest medicine at #CHEST2019

Ask VA recruiters about a rewarding career providing pulmonary care for Veterans at the CHEST Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Change agent transforms the way VA serves Veterans

In her nearly 30-year career at VA, Lisa M. Pape, MSSA, LISW, has never said no to a new challenge. This Q/A discusses her career progression at VA.

Dr. Stone testifies on community care success, recruitment needs

The success of VA’s new Community Care program is contributing to an increased number of Veterans accessing care and revealing VA career recruitment …

Discover a life-changing career in Veteran mental health at Psych Congress

Discover how you can make a difference in Veterans’ lives as a VA mental health practitioner at Psych Congress 2019 in San Diego.

Accelerate your education and training with a VA career

Juggling the demands of school, work and life can take a toll. At VA, learning is central to delivering top-notch care to Veterans. That’s why, with a VA …

Five times you should follow up with a VA Careers recruiter

Following up with a VA Careers recruiter at the right time can help make the application and interview process smoother. But when and how?

Learn about VA Careers at our next virtual event

Consider talking to a recruiter at the next VA virtual career fair. VA Careers regularly hosts no-cost local, regional or national virtual career fairs …

Pave the way for innovation in Veteran care as VA executive director

Trailblaze. Innovate. Inspire. Champion. Those who lead VA medical centers as Executive Directors make a dramatic and lasting difference in the lives of …

Apply your health technology skills to a career working for Veterans

Get ready to combine service and skills in a Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) career at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: Join the virtual HTM …