Time Rushes By


A faith-based man, Mr. Shepherd a friend and former boss told me his story of Viet Nam and how he received his injuries. He is 100 percent disabled. Once his story was told to me I wrote the below.

Time Rushes By

Maybe it always did, but the older I get I can see the wrinkles and I know
What is it about life that takes its toll and makes us think we are invincible?
What war of horrors do we remember that keeps us awake at night in sorrow?
Who is to say that one day we will be struck in fear and live to tell of it, oh dear.

War keeps us awake some nights remembering our friends and the sounds of fright
We struggle to move day by day and we don’t want to talk its best that way
Our eyes hold the pain that we try to forget but our minds hold memories that stay
I write what I know what I can remember at best it holds my sorrow I would like to forget

Somehow each day a reminder comes my way and I roll with the curiosity
I want to share sometimes, other times it only hurts and I am filled with animosity
If it were not for my God I could not live through the times, all that dwells within
I would not be able to say amen in church, from the sorrow my life would be a sin..

They say each day that time heals the wounds but I find time hardens the words
That life in general is surreal compared to the smoke filled war, sounds and glum
Here and now I stand to say God did bless me on that terror filled battlefield day
He brought me around where I now stand and he is in my home where at night I lay

Will the pain ever subside; I can only imagine when I am at God’s side
When my day upon this earth does end and in a new body my spirit ascends
I will finally know a life without pain and I will hear the Blessed angels sing
No more sorrow, no more pain no more horror only our Father Reigns.
Blessed will be the time of forgetfulness blessed be the time of heavens gate.

Carolyn Saxton is the proud wife of a retired Army Veteran.


Carolyn Saxton


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