President Trump releases PREVENTS roadmap for ending suicide among Veterans and all Americans


On June 17, 2020, President Trump released the President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide (PREVENTS). This landmark nationwide plan engages Americans in a nationwide effort to prevent suicide, connect Veterans and others at risk to federal and local resources, and facilitate coordinated research on suicide prevention.

“My administration is taking steps to ensure that the men and women who bravely fought for us when they were called will be given the care and attention they need during some of their darkest hours,” said President Donald J. Trump.

The roadmap is the result of an Executive Order that President Trump signed on March 5, 2019. It calls for several steps to advance this critical national goal, many of which are already underway:

National Suicide Prevention Activation Campaign

This summer, the PREVENTS Office will launch a nationwide public health campaign aimed at educating Americans that suicide is preventable. It creates awareness of mental health and suicide prevention best practices with a call to action for ALL Americans to take the PREVENTS Pledge to Prevent Suicide.

Improving Suicide Prevention Research

Too often, we focus on a one-size-fits-all approach to suicide prevention that fails to take into account an individual’s specific risk factors. As a key element of the roadmap, PREVENTS will launch the National Research Strategy to accelerate the development and implementation of effective solutions to help prevent suicide among Veterans and all Americans.

Building Partnerships

The PREVENTS Office has built relationships with dozens of organizations across the country. These include Veteran and military service organizations, faith-based groups, universities, non-profits, corporations, small businesses. It also includes state and local governments to share best practices for promoting mental health, to ensure awareness of and access to federal, state, local and tribal resources.

“The release of the PREVENTS Roadmap is a critical step in advancing the national priority of preventing suicide in this nation, but it is only a first step” said PREVENTS Executive Director Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen. “With our Veterans leading the way, we will engage all Americans as we fully implement the PREVENTS Roadmap. Together we will prevent suicide.”

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  1. Henry Rucker    

    Oh how I would love to poke the bear, but the bear pokes back. As a 62 year old veteran with grand maul seizures being treated by the V.A. with Tylenol and BenGay, all I will say is thank God for DNR!! If the V.A. can’t figure out why, they should quit asking!! “I sprained my ankle running PT today. Put on clean socks, take a Motrin and get to formation!”

  2. Ottis M. Cercy    

    Sounds great but things aren’t being done locally. My son in law is a Irag veteran and has ptsd and Tbilisi. A month ago he took 100 pills and tried to kill himself. He told my daughter yesterday he still thinks about doing it. He needs to be placed in reidsential therapy but all the psychiatrist is done is give him more medicine and sent him home. They said he needed to be placed in residential therapy when at the hospital but now they say they are doing all they can. My daughter is seven months pregnant and the only one working while she is trying to find someone to help. Creating programs makes for could press but veterans at home aren’t being taken care of! I’m a veteran and proud of how the va has taken care of me.

    1. April Espinoza    

      Sir I can only offer what has help my family through the loss of my brother-n-law to suicide. He was a retired Army LTC he committed suicide. The organization that my husband ( he and I are also Army Vets) contacted to help our family is
      They are a great resource. Praying for your family.

  3. Steven    

    Does his plan consist of the Russians putting a bounty on our heads?

  4. William T. Dodge    

    22 a Day. It is well passed time to take action.
    Glad the President has put forth effort to assist in this situation. SEMPER FORTIS/ SEMPER FI.

  5. SW    

    The first step should be him leaving office.

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