Veterans need VHIC for in-person Commissary, Military Exchange, MWR access

Expansion to start Jan. 1, 2020


[This blog has been updated–at the bottom–to address a few common questions.]

The Defense Department has announced expanded Commissary, Military Service Exchange and MWR access Jan. 1 and established a standard for physical access to military installations.

Veterans who are eligible and want to take advantage of in-person benefits must have a Veterans Health Identification Card, or VHIC. Primary Family Caregivers must have an eligibility letter from VA’s Office of Community Care.

Veterans use VHICs for identification and check-in at VA appointments, but will also use them for base access under the new program.

Veterans eligible solely under this act who are eligible to obtain a Veteran Health Identification Card must use this credential for in-person installation and privilege access. The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED).

Veterans eligible solely under this act who are not enrolled in or are not eligible to enroll in VA health care, or who are enrolled in VA health care, but do not possess a Veteran Health Identification Card will not have access to DoD and Coast Guard installations for in-person commissary, exchange, and MWR retail privileges, but will have full access to online exchanges and American Forces Travel.

Medal of Honor recipients and Veterans with 100% service-connected disability ratings are eligible for DoD credentials under DoD policy.

How to get a VHICHow to enroll and get a Veterans Health Identification Card

Veterans must be enrolled in the VA health care system to receive a VHIC.  To enroll, you can complete an application for enrollment in VA health care by telephone without the need for a signed paper application. Just call 1-877-222-VETS (8387) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Eastern. You can also apply for VA healthcare benefits online at, or in person at your local VA medical facility.  Once your enrollment is verified, you can have your picture taken at your local VA medical center, and VA will mail you a VHIC.

ID needed to get VHIC

To ensure a Veteran’s identity, enrollees must provide one form of primary identification when requesting a VHIC. Acceptable forms of primary identification are:

Primary Identification (Unexpired)

State-Issued Driver’s License

United States Passport or Passport Card

Other Government ID

This ID can be issued by federal, state or local government agencies provided it contains a photograph, name, date of birth and address. If the address is not on the proofing document, Veterans can provide separate documentation to confirm their address. Acceptable address documents include:

  • Electric bill
  • Cable bill
  • Other mailing document
  • Voters Registration card

How long does it take?

Once you have your picture taken, you should receive your VHIC within 10 days. If you have questions about the status of your VHIC, you may call your local VA medical facility where you receive your care or contact us at 1-877-222-VETS (8387).

The VHIC provides:

Increased security for your personal information – no personally identifiable information contained on the magnetic stripe or barcode.

Unique Member Identifier — Department of Defense assigns an electronic data interchange personal identifier (EDIPI) that allows VA to retrieve the Veteran’s health record.

A salute to your military service – The emblem of your latest branch of service is displayed on your card. Several special awards will also be listed.

Accessibility – Braille “VA” helps visually impaired Veterans to recognize and use the card

Anti-Counterfeiting – Microtext helps prevent reproductions

Lost or stolen?

If your VHIC is lost or stolen, contact the VA medical facility where your picture was taken to request a new card be re-issued, or call 1-877-222-VETS (8387). Veterans will need to provide identification information, when reporting lost or stolen cards.


Eligible caregivers will receive an eligibility letter from VA’s Office of Community Care.

If you are a primary family caregiver under the PCAFC and lose your eligibility letter, please call 1-877-733-7927 to request a replacement.  Please allow two weeks for processing.

For installation access, entry to some commissary stores and at point of sale at commissaries, exchanges, and MWR retail facilities, eligible caregivers will need to show an acceptable credential along with their eligibility letter.   Acceptable credentials may include:

  • DoD common access card (CAC) (when otherwise eligible)
  • DoD uniformed services identification card (when otherwise eligible)
  • REAL ID-compliant driver’s license issued by a State, territory, possession, or the District of Columbia
  • REAL ID-compliant non-driver’s identification card issued by a State, territory, possession, or the District of Columbia
  •  Enhanced driver’s license issued by a State, territory, possession, or the District of Columbia
  • U.S. passport or passport card
  • Foreign passport bearing an unexpired immigrant or non-immigrant visa or entry stamp
  • Federal personal identity verification card (when otherwise eligible)
  • VHIC
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card

First visit

Upon the first visit to an installation, these eligible Veterans and caregivers must stop at the visitor control center.  Depending on the type of installation, Veterans may enroll for recurring access, which would allow them to proceed to the gate for entry upon subsequent visits without having to stop again at the visitor control center.

As with all other individuals seeking access to DoD installations, all eligible Veterans must pass a basic on-the-spot background check prior to enrolling, and an automated check each time they enter the installation.  Veterans with felony convictions, felony arrest warrants, or other types of derogatory information related to criminal history or terrorism will not be permitted entry.

Find out more about military resale privileges.

Army and Air Force Exchange Service (

Coast Guard Exchange (

Defense Commissary Agency (

Navy Exchange (

Marine Corps Exchange (


American Forces Travel (

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Based on the hundreds of comments below, here are answers to the most-asked:

Q: Can I bring a spouse/friend/guest?

A. Yes, but all guests must go through the required vetting at the visitor control center and must remain with the sponsor at all times.

Veterans and caregivers should know that while they can bring guests onto the installation and into the facilities, those guests will have to stop at visitor control and go through the required access steps, which includes providing acceptable proof of identity (e.g., REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or U.S. passport) and undergoing a quick basic background check. If the guest shows up without the proper ID, they will not be able to accompany the veteran or caregiver onto the installation.

Q. Does this includes bases overseas?

A. It includes installations in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and the participating U.S. territories and possessions. Access at installations overseas in foreign countries is subject to status of forces agreements, international laws, and other agreements with host countries. So, for now, the answer is not all.

Q. Does this include Class Six, gyms, golf courses?

A. Yes to Class Six, no to gyms, yes to golf courses.


Adam Stump

Adam Stump is a public affairs specialist with VA’s Digital Media Engagement team. He is a retired Air Force Veteran who served 20 years, including two deployments to Afghanistan for detention operations and special operations.


  1. Teri    

    Think it’s worth mentioning that I think the VA needs to put clarification out because from my base. CAC holders are not authorized the the “trusted traveler” status. Which means, no you cannot bring a spouse, or a friend. Caregivers who are registered yes but just the Vet not others in the car.

  2. James Thomas Murray    

    4 Years USMC. No military related health problems.
    Served six to eight months at Marine Base Camp Giger in North Carolina in 1962.
    Am I eligible for the new MWR, BX/PX, Class Six, benefits that go into affect on January 1, 2020?

  3. James Thomas Murray    

    I served 4 years in the USMC from 1958-1962. Six to eight months of this was at Camp Giger in North Carolina. I received an honorable discharge in 1962. I have no military health problems that I am aware of.
    Am I eligible for the extended benefits of MWR, PX/BX and commissary/class six that will be offered January, 2020?

  4. dave riggle    

    live in WV. vet on disability. can’t afford food anyway. I do have a va health card but it says temp. no idea what that means. i don’t go to the VA. private doctors. this is all to confusing for me. will go to the food banks to make ends meet.

  5. Mario Santiago Jasso    

    As a veteran with physical disability I was using the gyms to continue to strengthen my injury due to my service connected disability by keeping me exercising. Why would I be discontinued to access the gyms that I was accessed before?
    As an honorable discharged veteran with service disability and never a threat in any way to the facilities, why now am I not allowed to partake in the benefits of a veteran?

  6. Tony J    

    Wow – I see a lot of whining from retirees.. Just because you served longer doesn’t make your service any more honorable. Many of us would have served longer but were injured on duty and have been getting screwed for 30 + years by the VA denying benefits for life altering injuries incurred while serving.

    Get off your high horse and realize your area vet just like the us are vets.. So much for the brotherhood I guess.

    I think any vet who served honorably should be eligible. As for the moron who thinks it would lead to “black market” sales.. the PX prices aren’t that friggin great in the first place, there are much easier ways to make money in resale… SMDH

  7. Robert T Donaldson    

    I have a V.A. ID card for syr. n. y. hospital do I need another

  8. Richard Ziesche    

    I’m seeing a lot of complaining about giving these deserving vets an added benefit. I’m an Air Force Retiree, 4 years active service (1972-76) and 26 years Active Reserve (1988-2014)–wore the uniform for 30 years. I wouldn’t deny any vet benefits they’re entitled to and there are vets who get benefits I don’t. But, as we all know, getting the government to extend any new benefits to those who served our country faithfully, whether or not they saw combat, has always been a long, rough road. It’s all about the money. I think this is a great new benefit that I hope will help some vets who can use the help. I saw one comment regarding the exclusion of Coast Guard vets, and I’m inclined to research that one a little further. It doesn’t seem fair to treat the Coasties any different–they ARE brothers and sisters in arms. The Coast Guard was my first choice, but the waiting list was longer back in the day. I have nothing but respect for all of our vets! Have a problem with this program? Write your Senators and Congress members–especially those who are vets themselves!

  9. the_frumious_bandersnatch    

    As a person who is much more grateful for what I have than resentful about the lack thereof, I’m content to have the privilege of shopping online at AAFES (even though I signed up a few years ago but have yet to make purchase #1). The “luxury” garbage sold by them doesn’t interest me, and the prosaic items are cheaper at Costco. Thank you all for your service.

  10. Alberrt Lee Laliberte    

    Ref: to Calvin Rodney Ford, Dec. 5th, 2019 response:
    He mentions ” you can be 100% and only get paid for 50% it’s the VA way of keeping more of the money.” Is this accurate or true? If so how can a veteran find out his/her status to this claim?

  11. Richard Romo    

    Typical…and one of the reasons I didn’t want to stay in the military anymore . . .because of assh*le troops like the guys bitching above because someone is getting a benefit they don’t want others to have.

  12. CPL Phil Morris,    

    ANOTHER ISSUE …. is that in virtually every Military Era, there are those who served, are Honorably Discharged, and years or decades LATER, it is determined that they have medical issues that appeared later. AGENT ORANGE for example. How many VETS served in Vietnam and it was later determined that they have conditions that become more sever over time. AGENT ORANGE has been found to be PRESUMPTIVE for cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Their life expectancy has been shortened … their earning capability has been shortened. This small benefit will be valuable to some. ALSO …. not that many even live close to an active installation now with all the closings and consolidations.

    FINALLY … why would anyone begrudge the extension of a benefit to others who have served and are found to be in need. They also paid TAXES that fund retirement and benefits for all who served.

    20% disabled when I left the military …. 80% disabled today from AGENT ORANGE exposure.

  13. james edward rodgers    

    i am an 82 year old service connected vet and there must be a short cut to get this card.I am not as sharp as i used to be ! thanks!

    1. Aaron Bouser    

      Mr. Rodgers,
      If you’re anywhere close to Arkansas, I will personally come help you get this card. It’s not hard at all. Or, you could ask your local VA rep in your town to help you out. Basically, all you need is to take your proof of service (DD214 or whatever) and get to your VA hospital. They’ll make the card for you. I’ll answer any questions I can for ya. I like to do all I can to help my service brothers & sisters out.

  14. Dennis Flynn    

    I have a vhic card. I was honorably discharged USMC after 3 years service In 1978.
    I have a felony conviction for growing 5 marijuana plants in my back yard in 1981, 38 years ago.
    Regarding the “quick backround check”,I read if you have a felony conviction I will be denied access.
    My question is will I be denied access to exchange for a 38 year old felony?

    1. Lorn H Olsen    

      I had an felonious assault conviction 6 years ago and had it expunged. Have yours expunged. I now own guns again.

    2. Dane    

      As of now you need a service connected disability for this ‘benny’ . So unless you are concerned about being a guest to get on, you aren’t affected anyways.

      1. Dane    

        This updated info?

        First visit
        Upon the first visit to an installation, these eligible Veterans and caregivers must stop at the visitor control center. Depending on the type of installation, Veterans may enroll for recurring access, which would allow them to proceed to the gate for entry upon subsequent visits without having to stop again at the visitor control center.

        As with all other individuals seeking access to DoD installations, all eligible Veterans must pass a basic on-the-spot background check prior to enrolling, and an automated check each time they enter the installation. Veterans with felony convictions, felony arrest warrants, or other types of derogatory information related to criminal history or terrorism will not be permitted entry.

  15. Charles Pisano    

    Lots of comments on this one… Not sure why, haven’t read them yet. Why is it no one wants to address all the radiation in VA treatment areas. Even my nurse & nurse practitioner were wearing smart watches. I have health benefits I cant use because I’m EHS. I’m reading about some military bases now getting 5G. Things are going in the wrong direction.

  16. Vanessa Simmons    

    It states MWR retail and includes golf courses. How about Famcamps?

    1. Martin Petretti    

      Under the new program will qualified members access to,shades of Green, Halekoa, Dragon Hill?

  17. Eric William Oetjen    

    I’m a vet with an honorable discharge and don’t get any of these new benefits even though I have spent a lifetime in our military on active duty, national guard, inactive reserves, and service academy grad. Count your blessings if you have these benefits. Our government does not recognize all veterans having “equal service” when it comes to qualifying for entitlements!

    1. Dane    

      Did you retire? If so , you already get this benny. I did 10 years active and some delayed enlistment, and till now have gotten nothing for it!

  18. bill scott    

    I think gave the wrong name of who added benefits on defense appropriation bill that was Late senator John McCain .
    RIP. His funeral was Sep 1, 2018.

  19. Edward Clark    

    I served and was honorably discharged from the Air Force but was told when I tried to obtain a VHIC I was not eligible due to the income restrictions associated with the VA. Was this new program designed to exclude me and other fellow military veterans from access to BX/Commissary privileges solely because our income exceeds enrollment limitations. I’m not trying to utilize other VA benefits; just gain access to these facilities.

    1. Jeffrey Bisch    

      I was told the same thing. I am an Honorably discharged US Army Veteran, and I was denied a VHIC because of my current salary. Had I applied years ago when I was at the poverty level, I would have been eligible. As you said, I am not trying to obtain Veteran’s health care, I would just like to shop at the PX and commissary.

    2. A Sims    

      From my understanding, they are working on a resolution for those of you who fall into this category

      1. MzJW    

        Just because you qualify for VA Health benefits, and obtain an ID card, DOSE NOT mean you have to use the VA for your healthcare. You can go see a prime care dr once a year to remain active in the system, if you want, but you don’t HAVE to be seen at the VA.

    3. Dane    

      Did you retire? If so , you already get this benny. I did 10 years active and some delayed enlistment, and till now have gotten nothing for it!

      1. Dane    

        Above reply was for a different post. Current requirements are service connected or purple heart or POW.

        So not all vets get this yet.

    4. Chris Asman    

      As of Nov 11, 2017 any honorably discharged veteran of the 5 branches are eligible to shop the Exchanges online-only. The new rule effective Jan 01, 2020 is for physical base access to visit an Exchange in person. The new benefit does require special qualifications as noted on a VHIC card. Many people will not be eligible for the new base access privileges.

  20. Jorge Portillo    

    Hi everyone,
    I was very pleased to find out about the commissary privileges given to veterans like me, however I was disappointed when I found out that these privileges do not extend to the US Coast Guard because they’re part of the department of Homeland Security not the DOD….I think it should be extended to DHS as well since we’re all brothers and sisters who have protected and served our nation during war and peace and it shouldn’t be a barrier to access the commissaries across the network.
    President Trump can actually sign an order to make this happen.
    Semper Fi

    1. AJ Edwards    

      Glad to say you’ve been misinformed Jorge. I’m a 27 yr CG retiree with 60% service connected disability from injuries while deployed serving Iraq and at sea in the Northern Arabian Gulf in 2003-2004 as well as cumulative injuries sustained doing counternarcotic patrols in the Caribbean and off the Columbian coast. Coasties are treated exactly like any other Military service regarding VA care, commissary privileges, etc. And for that I am super grateful, thankful and blessed.

      1. Dane    

        But you say you are a ‘retiree’ , that fact gives you access already. How about a CC who didn’t retire? That is the point in question. Is CC like any other veteran?

    2. Chris Asman    

      Hi Jorge, I would suggest calling to be sure. The article specifically lists the Coast Guard Exchange. The new rule effective Jan 01, 2020 requires special status (e.g. Purple Heart) for physical base access for in-person shopping. You can already shop the CG Exchange online as of Nov 11, 2017 as a veteran with an Honorable discharge.

  21. Christy Brown    

    I don’t understand why everyone retired is so mad about this. Less than one percent of the US population has served, and you all are acting like as soon as other veterans have access to base its going to be a constant black Friday rush. Calm down, Johnny Awesome, you’ll still have your golf courses. Change happens, get over it, or at least we were told to “Suck it up and drive on.” Furthermore, it would also behoove you to maybe NOT treat us all like bottom-feeders. #KTHXBAI

  22. Errol Britten    

    This is great and all, but it would be much easier for base personnel if they gave eligible vets a CAC. I wouldn’t mind bringing my VHIC to the nearest ID Card Office and getting a CAC. It just feels like this wasn’t well thought out.

  23. Archie Smith    

    Are the old VA. Service connected i.d. ok
    Or do you need the new one.. i serviced 1964 to 1967. 10% disability. My car had large flag on it

  24. Marc Wahler Sr (SFC RET USA)    

    I do not know if this info is in all the above text messages. I talked with an official at the Ft Benning commissary and was told all Vets using their VA health care card would be charged 1.8% for using their credit or debit card each time you use the store. I thought this info would have been told during the news , good news, regarding the Vets ability to use the ( well most of the) post, base, or what ever each Branch calls their amenities.

    1. Craig F Bronson    

      The commissary charges everyone that fee.
      Having worked with the main commissary facility in Ft. Lee VA, that fee provides the necessary resources to keep AFEES running, but new scanners for inventory, purchase services like new and more robust data centers across the globe. I’ll vlady pat the small amount rather than the 5-8% state taxes. This money goes directly into a fund that the managers take very seriously. It’s for the enlisted and officers and keeps costs down.

  25. Gerald Ryan    

    I guess 13 years in the Navy means nothing , was a E6 that did my job everyday ,but had a E8 that was by the book , when I put in the paperwork to reenlist ,was told it was denied .said that I couldn’t adapt , just another way of saying that I didn’t kiss ass , the same thing I still do to this day , if I have to taste s–t ,I will do without

    1. Randall    

      I’ve met your type before. Refuse to do things because you think it’s “kissing ass” or beneath you yet blame everyone else like your E8 for your problems. Life is about adapting and as long as you refuse to you’ll always be “denied” and blocked from advancing. Try not thinking everyone is out to get you and just follow the rules because I can tell you I’ve only met one type of person that is “denied” reenlistment.

      1. Dane    

        There are two sides to every comment. Hopefully you aren’t saying ‘politics’ aren’t in affect in the armed forces! It is my way or the highway attitude. In the 10 years I was in i saw it frequently. A chief who said I reminded him of his worthless son ordered those under him to write me poor annual reviews affecting my promotions. Another installation I was taken out of a supervisor job for no other apparent reason but skin color. When I discovered I outranked the other individual they had me working under then, I was moved to another position that didn’t even exist.
        So the kiss but, good ol boys club , etc I am sure still exists today!

  26. hecnav    

    I was able to find the following at the below website:

    “This means that they will not be able to use the gyms, since these are subsidized by the DoD. However, they can patronize MWR-run on base restaurants, movie theaters and golf courses. On base hotels, bowling alleys and other for-profit enterprises are also going to be opened to identified categories of veterans and caregivers”.

    “That includes the PX, commissary, and other retail stores on base, in addition to morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR) facilities, such as golf courses, bowling areas, campgrounds, and lodging facilities, per”.

  27. hecnav    

    opps forgot how about MAC flights on space A?

    1. John Barry Dreher    

      Are you joking? That is for retirees and 100% service connected veterans.

  28. hecnav    

    will lodging, billeting be authorized as they are MWR programs?

  29. Robert Davis    

    Any clarity on SOFA in the United Kingdom? I would shop at RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall, if permitted by UK law, as I am rated at 90% Service Connected.


      The large response to this article is due in part to its misleading TITLE: “Veterans need Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC) to access bases for commissary/BX/MWR privileges.”

      I,like many others, thought that this was referring to me. I am a vet, honorably discharged, with a VHIC card! Why not me, and millions of others like me, who served over the decades (1962 – 1965), but never had to go “down range!”
      That Commissary benefit would be an appropriate “Thank You,” even though a bit delayed.

      But there are RESTRICTIONS to who is eligible for this privilege: those with active duty, “service-connected,” injuries…as the article goes on to lay out. Sort of a clumsy, thoughtless, “bait and switch” scheme, if you ask me! You piqued the hopes and desires of millions of ordinary vets, and their families, with VHIC cards, only to quickly squelch those hopes, sending us back with our heads bowed in disappointment! Shame on you, and shame on those who under fund these important and beneficial programs, then restrict them to a tiny (though deserving) minority. Expand these MWR benefits at least to the honorably discharged (with income restrictions, if necessary). Now that would be a Merry Christmas!!

  30. Epes Croom    

    Veterans Department, I am a disabled veteran. Who do I contact and what is the office postal address and telephone number at the military barracks canteen exchange to order the mail order house. Can they arrange locomotive engine to trasnport the house to Nye, County, NV? Entire house wanted, furnishing, table, chair, bedding, linen, lumber, window casings, doors, flooring, sink, toilet, cast iron back tub, roofing, brick, and mortor.

  31. Caregiver/Daughter To 20 YR AF Vet    

    As my Father’s Caregiver and Plenary Guardian I applied for and received a DBIDS Smart Card. As I am sure you are aware this allows me the same privileges as a VHIC. My issue is that I work full time and also take care of my Father. I attempted to make purchases online through my Father’s “Shop My Exchange” account and my order was canceled. When I contacted Customer Service I was told that “Caregivers” are not allowed to Shop on Line for the Sponsor. Why would this be the case?

    1. The Chuckster    

      If you could just wait till January 1st, and attempt to make another purchase, this will clarify if the VA is not confusing your purchase for your dad as part of the rollout starting January 1st. If you still get a cancellation then that will tell you there is something wrong, because everyone and including caregivers will be allowed to make purchases. Even though you have your caregiver card on you sometimes things just fall through the cracks.

  32. Jules Ann    

    I cannot believe the condescending “my service was better than yours“ comments. The fact of the matter is that any of us that took the oath and wore the uniform served our great country.

    The VA card does not have to say “service connected,” it has to say “health care enrollee” and which branch of service, I.e., Army, Air Force… I will always hold respect for those who served in country during conflict, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and so forth, but those that stayed stateside, we’re never deployed served support roles. As a Vietnam Era WAC, I’ve endured harassment, discrimination, and sexual trauma, and I was not allowed to see conflict. We are all veterans! Be kind to each other as we are a brotherhood and sisterhood that anyone who has never served would not understand.

    1. Marcus Love    

      Yes, I agree with you 100 percent. My card says “Health Care Enrollee,” and there shouldn’t be an issue with using it as proof of honorable service.

      1. Diane Williams    

        If you see the actual photo of the ID above, it does list “VA Healthcare Enrollee” under our photos, among the other listed classifications that were discussed, so it is acceptable. I have used mine many times with no issues, the only better thing now is the fact that we can utilize an array of services now. It’s about time

      2. Kevin L.    

        “for in-person installation and privilege access. The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED).“

        Veterans eligible who are enrolled in VA health care, “but do not possess a Veteran Health Identification Card will not have access to DoD and Coast Guard installations for in-person commissary,” exchange, and MWR retail privileges, but will have full access to online exchanges and American Forces Travel.

      3. Patricia A. (Forrey) Watts    

        I believe that the term “service connected” refers to classification for disabilities resulting from injuries sustained during qualified active duty service. This has to do with the veteran’s eventual VA Disability Rating; it has nothing to do with his/her branch of service.

    2. Chris    

      Veterans eligible solely under this act who are eligible to obtain a Veteran Health Identification Card must use this credential for in-person installation and privilege access. The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED)..
      Just having health care enrolled wont cut it.

  33. Mike Staser    

    Does this include military billeting?

    1. Brian Heim    

      Yes! I have a buddy still in and he verified for me that you can stay in lodging on base under this new law. Made me very happy as well!!

  34. Rudolph Belohlavek    

    I am veteran but did not retire from the military and i do have veteran benefits With a VA valid card can i use the military commissary

    1. Stanley Rokusek    

      What a bunch of f(redacted)n whiners

  35. Eric Dorsey    

    To ensure this isn’t a slap in the face to retired veterans, I believe those that are retired shouldn’t be required to pay the commissary surcharge and those that are now receiving the privilege should pay the surcharge. That way the retirees are still being honored for there service.

    1. T. Thomas    

      A veteran is a veteran. We all have sacrificed. What makes a retiree more important than a veteran who had to separate for other reasons. The veteran community has always been more selfless than what you are requesting. Everyone’s story is different. Be blessed.

    2. Myhra, Matthew    

      I will preface my answer with the fact that this is only my opinion; however, I believe that your retirement pension/benefits is already providing you that same honor. To state that people who served as little as 4 or as much as 18 years did not fulfill honorable service to the country I believe is disingenuous. Also, for individuals like me who have worked as a federal civilian employee for 12 years since my six years of active military service this is the first time they are allowing us to access it and it’s not like we’re not serving honorably either. Just my thought.

    3. Diane Williams    

      My comment to you is, “Wow,” so if someone did not retire like yourself, then we should not be honored for our service? As long as you served and were Honorably Discharged, then you should be honored for your service, despite the amount of years you served. What would make you anymore special? we all served with some staying in longer and some not for perhaps other reasons; however, they should not be shamed and considered not to be honored for their service.

    4. T W    

      Retirees are honored once a month with their retirement checks.

  36. John Whalen    

    People asking about OCONUS I know in South Korea it will be OK.
    Anyplace retirees are able to shop you will have access.
    Part of the new law:

    1065. Use of commissary stores and MWR facilities: certain
    veterans and caregivers for veterans
    A veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart shall be permitted
    to use commissary stores and MWR facilities on the same basis
    as a member of the armed forces entitled to retired or retainer
    RECIPIENTS.—A veteran who is a Medal of Honor recipient shall
    be permitted to use commissary stores and MWR facilities on the
    same basis as a member of the armed forces entitled to retired
    or retainer pay.
    OF WAR.—A veteran who is a former prisoner of war shall be
    permitted to use commissary stores and MWR facilities on the
    same basis as a member of the armed forces entitled to retired
    or retainer pay.
    DISABILITIES.—A veteran with a service-connected disability shall
    be permitted to use commissary stores and MWR facilities on the
    same basis as a member of the armed forces entitled to retired
    or retainer pay.
    or family caregiver shall be permitted to use commissary stores
    and MWR facilities on the same basis as a member of the armed
    forces entitled to retired or retainer pay.
    ‘‘(f) USER FEE AUTHORITY.—(1) The Secretary of Defense shall
    prescribe regulations that impose a user fee on individuals who
    are eligible solely under this section to purchase merchandise at
    a commissary store or MWR retail facility.

  37. Mark    

    This is for those who keep asking this (unintelligent) question after this info was posted in the article:

    Q: Can I bring a spouse/friend/guest?

    A. Yes, but all guests must go through the required vetting at the visitor control center and must remain with the sponsor at all times.

    Veterans and caregivers should know that while they can bring guests onto the installation and into the facilities, those guests will have to stop at visitor control and go through the required access steps, which includes providing acceptable proof of identity (e.g., REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or U.S. passport) and undergoing a quick basic background check. If the guest shows up without the proper ID, they will not be able to accompany the veteran or caregiver onto the installation.

    Q. Does this includes bases overseas?

    A. It includes installations in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and the participating U.S. territories and possessions. Access at installations overseas in foreign countries is subject to status of forces agreements, international laws, and other agreements with host countries. SO, FOR NOW THE ANSWER IS NOT ALL INSTALLATIONS OVERSEAS WILL HONOR THIS PRIVILEGE!!!

    Q. Does this include Class Six, gyms, golf courses?

    A. Yes to Class Six, no to gyms, yes to golf 

  38. rafael melendez    

    which is the minimum % for a service connected to obtain this privilege, or the veteran have to have 100% compensation

    1. R.Nunez    

      Having a “Service Connected” injury is what makes this available to you. Whether it’s 0% or 100%, your still allowed this benefit.

    2. Roger chevrette    

      0% service connected qualifies

  39. Lee Ewert    

    Vets need transportation not silly cards.

  40. Brenda L McNeese    

    This is sensational news. I tried to go on a base one time because l thought we already had this privilege. Got embarrassed. Had to pull out of line and u-turn it off the base.

  41. Eric Hughes    

    People are going to be mad at me for this, but this new policy sucks. I served 20 years and base privileges were an entitlement I earned through retirement. Giving everyone who served with a rating base privileges takes away from what I earned. You want base privileges do 20 years. I wonder if this was done to bring in more business to base. Anyway, I’m disappointed with this new policy.

    1. KN Klein    

      Navy Seal who served 14 years and 364 days, was injured in Afghanistan seriously with head injury. He did several tours in the Middle East and is fluent in Farsi, and Tagalog for his embedded tours in the Philippines. Navy would not give him the one extra day he needed for retirement. This man served his country under the most adverse conditions and sacrificed more than just his blood, sweat and tears. His father (also a Navy veteran) died while he was serving his country. His 2 grandfathers, one grandmother, both parents, and several uncles served in the US military.
      Please don’t be “disappointed” with this policy. Many, many veterans made sacrifices regardless of years served.

      1. Timothy Brown    

        Couldn’t agree with you more!
        What will happen when the disabled homeless vets start pan handling, setting up tent cities. Refuse to leave the base ect.
        Has base Security received training on dealing with drug addicted, mentally ill homeless disabled VETS that refuse to leave the facility?

        1. Elaine P. Richardson    

          To KN Klein. Absolutely. Some retirees have not sacrificed as much as others/Vets who had served shorter terms…We ALL served and “honorably” need to be the only criteria. As a retiree, I have no problem with benefits to Vets.

    2. Papa H. USAF disable veteran    

      I was hurt and was discharged. I fought to stay in and retrain but the ruling of 5 officers said no. So I did not have the chance to do 20 years. So you are saying you are better than those of us who were discharged due to our being hurt. Glad you had a long and safe time in the military.

    3. Theresa Reynolds    

      I am very disappointed in my fellow retired Vets. Mr. Eric Hughes, if you only retired to keep your commissary/Exchange benefits, that would explain your comment. As a retired vet, this should be for all honorable Vets, period. I retired for a pension personally, like most realistic people. I don’t really shop at the exchanges because I have found cheaper prices as most companies price match.

  42. L. Hamilton    

    Anyone that’s enrolled in the VA Health System, but, does not have a card, needs to get there card immediately, it’s a new method of tracking all veterans now, they the Gov’t want to keep an accurate count of how many Vets are out of circulation/underground etc.. Upon getting the card you should be able to have access to all military facilities/benefits.

    1. Anita Osborn    

      Just having a VA healthcare card doesn’t make you qualify for these benefits. The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED).for you to be eligible for base privileges, etc.

  43. Derik Danes    

    The sense of entitlement is overwhelming were lucky enough to leave the military with your health…enjoy it!

  44. Kim J Stone    

    I am a 30 year retired CSM, In the late 30’s the Veterans Hospital were set up for Retired Military, and those that were injured while on active duty. Those veterans that did their two or three years and went back to their families and friends were not authorized these privileges! Most veterans lived on a substandard pay, civilians workforce made two or three times the money military received for the same work, civilians did not have to pick up and move every few years relocating their families. Those that sacrificed their lives and families, to serve and protect our Great Nation were awarded these privileges. In the mid 90’s there were not enough veterans utilizing these VA hospitals and there was a push to close many facilities, Someone made a decision to allow anyone with an honorable discharge access to VA health care system, utilizing a co-pay amount, depending on your yearly income. Then Obama care came to be, the veterans healthcare system was swamped by people taking advantage of VA Hospital. Now the retired of injured veterans who were previously authorized the healthcare are having to wait for treatment because the health system is overwhelmed with new patients, Big failure! Now another dumb change, allowing anyone with a Honorable discharge access to our military facilities is another big mistake! All military facilities are tax exempt, there will be a lot of resale (Black Marketing) of items purchased on base. Lifers sacrifice family and friends spending years away from loved ones. not counting the years spent in combat. I personally spent twenty three (23) years over seas. These are some of the sacrifices retired veterans do to earn these privileges. Why should they be given to non retired individuals?

    1. KN Klein    

      Again, please remember those who sacrificed so much, were riffed at 18 years served, or were afflicted with PTSD, who lost marriages, who worked 84-96+ grueling hours/week for 8 years in the Army (equivalent to 16 years for a civilian) plus 4 years reserves, etc. Or the injured Navy Seal mentioned above whose injuries and related issues prevented a 20 year career…and someone higher up in command literally discharged him one day before he would have met retirement criteria.
      Suggestions: 1. Full retirees and disabled vets SHOULD be given TOP priority for apptmts.
      2. Your insight regarding black marketing is valid. State and federal taxes could be charged for non-retirees non-disabled; however that could be difficult to implement and possibly more costly and onerous to administer. You have a very good point. Possibly a set amount, example 10% could be added for non-retired/non-disabled veterans. This could then go back to funding services particularly for disabled vets.
      3. Maybe a special checkout for retirees/disabled making purchases if an area is crowded or there are long lines. Possibly a max dollar amount per month which would cap the newly eligible folks; to prevent misuse of the system.

      1. Samuel smith    

        Something flakey here. A service member who is wounded, and forcibly retired because of injuries, wouldn’t be summarily discharged. He/she would be medically retired. Big difference there. And no officer or panel can “give” a dash of service. No process to allow that. It’s bad enough that we will now allow non-serving/retired service members at exchanges, gyms, etc. Those facilities are over-stretched as it is. No facility can absorb the massive impact if everyone decided to use them. Today, it is veery difficult to use things like auto shops and especially campgrounds. Add a huge influx, and today’s authorized users are screwed. I respect all veterans, but this is ridiculous. AAFES and such merely want to increase profits….which is sensible. But the impact will be like when USAA insurance opened to enlisted and just relatives of service members. Service will be impacted for everyone.

        1. Brian Heim    

          Good point on USAA, thought I was the only one that noticed. Used to love them but had to switch to progressive actually.

        2. Donald Guerriero    

          As far as I can see, the new regulations are not allowing every veteran to have access. They must be classified as having a service connected disability. There is nothing funny about being disabled. Also, there were a few comments about veterans using VA hospitals. That’s only in very restricted ways, not something every veteran can take advantage of. Finally, others are too incensed about this benefit for an additional group of service members and veterans. Frankly, with all the online sales places like Amazon, Cot o and Walmart, finding and driving on to a military installation for shopping isn’t much of a benefit to most veterans.

      2. Jack Smith    

        Dear CSM You are wrong and you respect your fellow vets. So don’t thick you for better than the rest of us that did not do 20 years

    2. Papa H. USAF disable veteran    

      how about those of us who were hurt while serving our country and not given the chance to do the 20 or more years? Or are we to be just under your foot as dirt? You talk like you are better than those of us that got hurt.

    3. Papa H. USAF disable veteran    

      Kim Stone: Thank you for your service. I was hurt and was discharged. I fought to stay in and retrain but the ruling of 5 officers said no. So I did not have the chance to do 20 years. So you are saying you are better than those of us who were discharged due to our being hurt. Glad you had a long and safe time in the military.

    4. Jack    

      So what you’re saying is people that served longer deserve more privileges than those who haven’t. A regular old grunt could hit an IED causing life altering brain injury’s in his first year; and you say he’s not deserving because he didn’t do 20 years. F*** YOU. Come on man you should be wiser by now. Think about it, each members situation is different but there must be a minimum qualification and a Service connected disability is a good one. Some served only a few years but have sacrificed more than all your years. It could be reversed also I recognize. Regardless if someone served honorably and was injured due to their service that member deserves benefits. End of story!!!

    5. John Barry Dreher    

      My nephew is ready to go golfing. He only served 1 month in Navy bootcamp, hurt his leg, and got an honorable discharge. The VA gave him 0% service connected and he got his VHIC. He said that when he goes golfing in 2020, a retired Admiral has to wait in line behind him and can’t golf if he got last spot and if he uses hotel lodging and gets the last room, Admiral has to sleep in his car. We laughed a lot. Now all sc veterans with just a month served are equal to retired officers. I bet that soon all sc can fly free Space A. Bye, see y’all at the commissary.

    6. Mr. Greatful    

      In countless cases the only reason one person was able to retire and another left service prior to retirement or lies dead in the ground is dumb luck. There should be some privilege, and that privilege should be extended to all those in Active Duty, because they may not come home tomorrow.

      ALL others to the back of the line.

  45. Timothy Brown    

    Only Disabled veterans with a service connected disability 0 TO 90 percent. Honorably discharged veterans ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PROGRAM..

  46. Leo    

    I served as an MP for 10 years. My K9 partner got service connected for having ticks and has a VA Vet (veterinarian) Services card. Can I shop with my K9?

  47. bill scott    

    I read through the questions and if they had comprehend the intro text the answers world of been answered.
    My service connected disability is 10% and will use the on base facilities. The late John McFall added our new benefits
    into the defense appropriation bill so thank him for leaving a legacy.
    I have said for years that vets need these added benefits and will increase the sales in Commentary and exchange etc.
    Being a retired civil service employee get to use the MILITARY VACATION CLUB and have a retired base pass.

  48. Dwight Coleman    

    Once again most Vets are on the outside looking in. We served at a great cost and some gave more than others and we honor them but we’re all honorably discharged Vets. Don’t leave doing the right thing for all Vets to the civilian business community. We need their help but we are yours. We followed our leaders and lead with honor for our country. As a Vet with base access and only the standard issue Vet ID, I would think much more could be done for all honorably discharge Vets.

  49. Cyrus    

    What other medals qualifies for this benefit besides purple heart and Medal of Honor? Since these two medals were the only examples, is there a list somewhere of all qualified medals for this benefit?

  50. Walter Orellana    

    Any veteran that served honorably should have access to commissary bx what ever store on base…I was in the infantry went to battle didn’t get wounded thank god didn’t get a medal vid honor and did not get captured by the enemy I did my service and would do it again if allowed why not allow m to shop on base…

  51. Richard D. Rendon    

    i did not see anywhere that we could use hotel inside base can we

  52. Bruce Costs    

    I’m confused… and didn’t read through all the comments but, at this time is the benefit only extended to PH and 100% SC vets?

    1. Errol Britten    

      Purple Hearts, Former POWs, and vets with service connected disabilities (VHIC must state one of these). Medal of Honor recipients and retirees already had this privilege.

  53. Selwyn E. Garner    

    I’ve been trying to get my AF medical records for quite sometime now. I went to the VA and the VA says we don’t have them and to go to St. Louis….St. Louis says no we don’t have them and to go back to the VA…..and that’s where I’m stuck in the mud. I separated from the AF in 1984. Any suggestions or advice…..

    1. Eric Dorsey    

      Work with a Veteran organization like DAV and they may be able to help with this.

      1. Stan Small    

        I served from 1959 to 1967. Assigned a 0% disability by the VA in 1963. Continued to be blown off by the VA until 2015 when I contacted my U.S. Congressman (Dan Webster (R) FL) who was able to mysteriously locate my missing service/medical records & was finally assigned a 10% service connected disability. Put your representatives & senators to work for you instead of them wasting our money & their time being unproductive in DC.

    2. KN Klein    

      Try your local Veteran representative in your community. The one in Coldwater, Michigan has been tremendously helpful.
      Records may exist in obscure places. The VA and St. Louis could not find any record of a one week hospitalization in Landstuhl Germany, but there was an entry in an outpatient progress note that showed that one medication was refilled later related to that diagnosis.
      I would put your concerns in writing, and persist in the search. Possibly check again if it has been awhile since you tried.
      If there happen to be any medications related to your diagnosis, any notation that it was prescribed while in the military could get the ball rolling.

    3. Papa H. USAF disable veteran    

      Selwyn Garner: I got discharged in 1985 after being hurt. My records are also gone, and according to a letter I got back around 1991, there is a national search looking for my records (LOL). Still do not have them. Keep bugging everyone you can and maybe (I hope they do) they will find them. Good luck and Thank You for your service.

      1. MICHAEL O'CONNOR    

        I was drafted then did another 14 yrs in the reserves. last time I went to re-up in ’85 they couldn’t find my records, either. (2) congressional investigations and 1 senatorial inquiry (McCain) later…nothing.
        Finally, (5) yrs ago they determined that some other (unknown) federal agency requested my records, as I had been telling them all along, and they haven’t been seen since. Fortunately, my DD-214 was all I needed for eligibility.

    4. Ronald E Nesler    

      Good luck! I was US Amy 1967 to 1975 with Vietnam service 1970 and 1971. In 1991, without keeping copies, St Louis Records Center sent the ORIGINALS of my eight years of Army medical records to the Albuquerque, New Mexico VARO. The VARO acknowledged receiving the records, but they have never been seen again. Despite decades of Congressional complaints, nobody at VA will even talk about what happened to my records. The VA is a crime syndicate

  54. George Conklin    

    Common people, read the article!
    NOW read it again.
    See there now all your questions are answered.

    1. KN Klein    

      “Common people”? If someone has a comprehension problem, you are not superior to them. Some veterans with head injuries and/or PTSD deserve your respect, even if they may not fully comprehend what they read as well as you do.
      There is no harm asking a question, even if it is repetitive or redundant. Are you truly that invested in correcting “common” people? You certainly seem to feel that way. Let the questions happen, the more the merrier!

      1. MICHAEL O'CONNOR    

        uh duh, KN; he meant c’mon (lol)

  55. James A Bish    

    I already have a CAC for base access as a DoD employee. Do I need a VHIC to shop in person? I already have online access

  56. Charlene Perry    

    If you were awarded 0%, it will say “Service Connected” on the VHIC. 0% means that you have a service related condition, but the VA doesn’t consider it to be compensatible with a monthly disability check, You can still treatment at a VA facility. For instance hearing loss might be rated at 0% which means the VA will provide you with hearing aids.

  57. Charley    

    From HUNDREDS of comments you came of with 3 questions??…… and use of the gym or golf course made that list? Man it would seem that 24 hr fitness and the local Country Club are going to see a plunge in their bottom line for 2020!!

  58. Jude chang    

    Do you have to be 100% disables to enter the commissary even if you have the card and are service connected?

  59. Mark Wadlow    

    Same question, i.e. are the “old” VHIC cards, one with the US flag across it, bar code on the end, and states “Service Connected” under my picture, usable at the bases?

    1. james kelley    

      same question. my id has flag across with no branch of service identified and “va healthcare enrollee”
      under my picture. I am 40% disabled and receive monthly checks but none of that is reflected on the
      VA please clarify this new policy.
      Sounds like me and many others need a new updated card.

  60. John T. Seiffert    

    Good info. I have a VHIC card with 80% disabled. You mentioned military golf courses are eligible. Does this include the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO?
    Thank you

  61. Farha Cameron    

    I have a service connected disability and so does my husband. Are we allowed to bring our small children on base with us. There is info on this article but I says nothing about dependants. Children Dont have i.d.

    1. Brian Heim    

      There’s no way they would make you leave your children at the gate.

  62. Tommy H    

    I have a VA medical card due to being exposed to chemicals in the Camp Lejeune water supply. That seems service connected. The VA is paying the out-of-pocket for my daughter’s cancer treatments.

  63. Evelyn Ruppel    

    Does this benefit includes staying at Military campsites … FamCamp?
    That would be a useful benefit!

  64. Mark Alan Auld    

    I had a fellow soldier who in a drunken rage punched a window. He damaged some nerves in his hand and lost some mobility to his ring finger and pinky. He is now service connected I believe 10 % . He did 8 mos service before receiving a general discharged (unable to adapt).
    I did 20 years, honorable discharge. 12 surgeries while in, also 2 deployments. I now share the same benefits minus TRICARE as everyone? Time, quality of service or even completing your first enlistment means nothing? So now the quality of my benefits goes down.
    Feel free to jump on my a$$ for my opinion. I don’t care I will not reply said all I need to say.

  65. Mark Alan Auld    

    I had a fellow soldier who in a drunken rage punched a window. He damaged some nerves in his hand and lost some mobility to his ring finger and pinky. He is now service connected I believe 10 % . He did 8 mos service before receiving a general discharged (unable to adapt).
    I did 20 years, honorable discharge. 12 surgeries while in, also 2 deployments. I now share the same benefits minus TRICARE as everyone? Time, quality of service or even completing your first enlistment means nothing? So now the quality of my benefits goes down.
    Feel free to jump on my a$$ for my opinion. I don’t care I will not reply said all I need to say.

    1. Eddie    

      I am with you. This new law is a slap in the face to all active duty and retirees. The commissary has enough shortages already. Now we add to the customer base.

      1. MICHAEL O'CONNOR    

        re-up, and buy a brand new car…
        re-up, and show ’em how (disgruntled) you are.
        re-up, I’d rather throw up…

      2. You selfish pricks    

        Wow, what a horrible feeling it must be to have to share your precious f****ng commissary and px with some sorry piece of s**t small time veterans, huh? That’s gotta be almost as bad as having to put up with seeing those sorry part time Reservists like myself walking around on post like they have actually earned the right to be there, lol. Kiss my a**.

  66. Betty Dixon    

    This should have happened years ago!

  67. Kenneth Hanson    

    We in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. When entering our zip code at
    we were given Camp Pendleton as our nearest commissary at:
    Bldg 20850 Vandergrift Blvd., Camp Pendleton MCB, CA 92055-5212

    This is a 12 to 24 hour round trip drive from where we live. Not Good!

    Los Angeles AFB is a two to three hour drive depending on the traffic.

    Is there any military commissary near Van Nuys or Burbank, California?

    1. Gregory Potts    

      March Air Reserve bade has a decent size commissary and a small BX — both in riverside CA

    2. PK    

      DoD base overseas should be included. We have veterans there aswell.

    3. Stephen Brenot    

      I lived in Chatsworth, which is in the northwest portion of the San Fernando Valley a number of years ago and I am aware that things do change but I also know for a fact that the Navy has a test facility and a Naval Air Station in the Oxnard/Ventura area and the Air Force has Edwards Air Force base located in the Riverside area. I also believe that there are a couple Air Force facilities in the Palmdale area but these might be secret high-security test facilities. In addition, if you drove a little further northeast to the China Lake Naval Weapons Center located in China Lake California. Be sure to stop to eat at the Golden Frog restaurant if you visit this Naval base and town. The main Air Force Command Center is located close to LAX but I would call each of these and Google them. Oh, Van Nuys Air National Guard station at Van Nuys offers various services such as issuing Veteran IDs and offering military veteran discounts on all sorts of things, including travel.
      Good Luck,
      Steve Brenot

    4. Diane Williams    

      The last time I checked, driving from the San Fernando Valley to Oceanside aka Camp Pendleton is not a 12 to 24 hour roundtrip. I live outside the base and yes, it would take a couple of hours, but that is all – so at the most you might have a 5 hour round trip, make it a day of fun going and coming, but again it is not 12 to 24 hours round trip unless you decide to stay in a hotel, then of course, but you might want to check your Google Maps again.

    5. Frank eala    

      If your getting the benefits, then use them. I used to live in camp Pendleton and drove to van nuys every weekened for liberty. Are you taking a horse carriage to say that it takes 12-24 hrs HAHAHAHA to say the least i would understand 3 hrs max. Stop complaining use the benefit and live life. What a fu@%&^ shame…

  68. William Carter    

    Will the access to MWR include the ability to purchase discounted tickets?

    1. Adam Urbach    

      I can’t answer your question, but Vet Tix is a source for discounted tickets for veterans.

  69. jeffrey thomas    

    This assess has nothing to do with the current administration or the VA fighting for the rights of non-retired veterans. It has to do with money. With Walmart, Target, Publix and big box stores on every corner the military commissary is losing money and they are expanding usage. The allure of shopping at commissaries is not as it was too much competition other places. The only reason I shop there is because I work close to one. On the weekend or holidays I go to Walmart like everyone else. I spent over 20 years in the Navy so I have had assess for 45 years.

    1. Keith Baumback    

      Your message is not at all clear. Are touting having had the privilege of using on base facilities for 40 years or are you saying veterans should be using public stores like Walmart instead? Money spent in on-base facilities generates money for the MWR services which some services stopped funding out of their DOD budget buckets about 35 years ago. Those MWR funds are needed and valued by the existing service personnel. Money makes the world go round and in this regard you can choose to spend your money when and if you want to spend it. You can look at it as a money issue, but the former members who live near to the more remote basis may find this offer very worthwhile. The constructive, positive view would be that this benefit is better than no benefit. It’s a win-win.

  70. Cathy Jimerson    

    My husband is 100% disabled vet and was medically retired from Vietnam. He has a permanent ID card since Vietnam. We were full time RVers for 7 years and stayed mostly at Military RV Parks. This addition and inclusion of new people who are able to obtain ID cards and use the services on bases is gonna REALLY affect availability at Military RV Parks. It was already almost impossible to get RV spaces at some of them. This doesn’t affect us because we no longer RV but I feel bad for those who still do unless the bases are going to work on enlarging the RV parks to accommodate more people and I can hardly see THAT happening.

    1. Darlene Pittman    

      My late husband was 100 percent totally disabled service connected due to PANCREATIC CANCER!! Died in 1998 at age 41 I didn’t remarry until 2015. I have all my benefits EXCEPT my ID card. I have a ChampVa card for my health coverage.I loved shopping the commissary and was there two three times a week. I was devastated when they made me give it up in 2015. In 1998 I was told if I remarried I would be allowed to keep it due to my late husbands 100 percent service connected disability. When I married my current husband who is at 90 percent (still fighting for his 100 percent). has already said he’s not using it!! Not allowing the spouse to have Commissary privileges UNLESS he is present is going to deeply affect Commissary sales and the Exchange with your decision as to how many will actually use the commissary. NOT allowing us an VHIC card for commissary is just plain stupid. Whoever made this rule is not thinking smart! Must have been a man to make this rule!!

  71. MiChelle    

    I found this on a clearer blog (

    Who is eligible Jan. 1, 2020?
    Purple Heart recipients
    former prisoners of war
    Veterans with 0-90% service-connected disability ratings

    Medal of Honor recipients and Veterans with 100% service-connected disability ratings are already eligible under existing DOD policy.

    On Jan. 1, individuals approved and designated as the primary family caregiver of an eligible veteran under the PCAFC will be eligible for these privileges.
    For information about primary family caregivers in the PCAFC, visit

  72. A Rey    


    I spoke to VA health care person who clarified a couple of points in the article. Having a VHIC alone is insufficient for base access on Jan 1. It must list a priority category. So a Category 8 VHIC card holder would not have access according to this employee. He did confirm access to online services, and one additional one not in your blog:

    1. Tom D    

      Question- I’m 80% disabled, and enrolled in VA- my card doesnt list a category or say “service connected”- am I to get a new card?

  73. WIlliam DeCamp    

    Total complete BS! All Veterans should have access not just those fortunate enough to get through bureaucratic red tape of getting a service connected disability. Serve 10 years active, Honorably discharged and still don’t qualify for this ID card and now I’m denied for income level exceeding the max allowed, just more bureaucratic BS. Thanks VA

    1. Samuel Covelli    

      I agree totally, this policy is discriminatory on its face and an insult to all veterans. Purple Hearts and other awards were handed out very suspiciously in a number of cases I witnessed.

      1. Ben L. Barker    

        I totally agree with your statement. My income also is above the $75K annual limit so I’m denied the V.A. Health Care and other privileges. I served 8.5 years in the Air Force, Honorably Discharged and when I got out a whole host of “privileges” had been changed. When I joined, I had G.I.Bill for life. That got changed 1 year before I got out. Then I find out because I make more than that allowed income, I was disqualified for V.A. Benefits. I feel our government like to me and others. And to top it off, the Community College of the Air Force said I was never enrolled. Funny, I have two transcripts, which are way shorter than my original one as there was a fire and my original one got destroyed. So I think no problem, the CCAF will have it. So when I applied for it years later, I got this letter saying “How dare you as you were never in the A.F.! ” But they ended up sending me a transcript with minimum credits, not the Associated Degree I had with my original. Then when I asked them about it later, they said I was never enrolled. Go figure.

    2. Rick Belleville    

      William, I’m with you. This is BS. This should definitely be extended to at least all VFWs that were fortunate enough not to get a Purple Heart or MOH. But, it should be extended to all who served, regardless of where or when. At least give out specially marked cards just for the purposes of using the Commissary and not for medical purposes.

      1. John Bybee    

        I’m a Gulf War Vet with VHIC card. I have no service connected. Am I eligible?

        1. Louie Bassi    

          According to the info above, no. The VHIC card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED).

    3. Rick Iseminger    

      I agree. I have a dd-214, I have a choiceva card, I’ve been denied benefits for the va so I won’t be able to get a card. It’s damn sad that my own government doesn’t recognize my veteran status as an honerably discharged. So this does nothing for me, thank you very much Congress of the 80’s to make my uniform, honor, and my code less than what it should be.

    4. Luis Cano    

      I think the access to the exchanges and facilities should be extended to ALL honorably discharged veterans, not just those with injuries. I completely understand that the degree of sacrifices varies extensively, some by choice (length of service and MOS selection) and some by chance. Some veterans were unfortunate enough to get a disability or worse and others who served equally or for a longer time were lucky enough not to get injured. I think they ALL deserve the privileges. I enlisted to active duty at 17 years old as a combat engineer and served in the regular army, MOS 12B. I was lucky enough to not get injured. It would be nice to be able to access some of these facilities once in a while…

    5. pat ming    

      I got out of the military in 1973. I have an honorable discharge and finally qualified for 100% disability 10 years ago. Perhaps that does not mean much to some of you, but I would have much rather did my 20 and retired without the nightmares and hell that I have gone through. It would have saved a lot of pain and I would be done with it. I do not begrudge benefits to anyone who earns them, but now being in a position to hear some cases, I don’t see how jumping down and breaking an ankle while you were under the influence or hanging out in the psych ward because “you think you can convince someone that you deserve disability because a drill instructor didn’t hold your hand and tuck you in at night. So while we are airing it all, air this. Be grateful if you do not qualify for disability, because unless it has changed, you must walk to the gates of hell before you qualify. My brother in law was sent as a remote radio man during Viet Nam he has 50%. My husband was a platoon leader during Viet Nam and had to call artillery on his own position because he was surrounded . He died at 34 with no disability. I have talked to vets that could not drive because they had flash backs, loud noises that sent them to cover, The military for thousands is a job just like any other, office workers, cooks, dental assistants, they never see action and like any other job if you quit before retirement you get nothing. For those that see action, they deserve our respect, there is something about someone that is willing to face fire and risk life to protect what they hold dear. Unless you are in that group then be grateful, show respect to those that were, and stop your whining. Blessed day

      1. R.Nunez    

        Thank you, Pat.
        Bless you and your family too.

        1. Rita K Levell    

          Pat, there is no change. In 1991 I received a 10% disability rating. In 2006 I submitted an application to have that rating increased. It wasn’t until May of this year my rating was increased to 60%. 13 years, and countless phone calls, hearings and the “oh wait we need additional informations” for it to be approved. In the mean time it took me only 8 months after requesting social security disability to get it approved for the same thing I was discharged for in the Army. Go figure.

      2. prks    

        Thank You Pat, my feelings entirely! I’d give back these benefits in a heartbeat to be a whole person again.

  74. Frank Allen    

    Are spouses able to come with us on base?

    1. Douglas Darnielle    

      You didn’t read about this? Its one of the first questions asked

  75. Carrie Cassou    

    Went to the VA clinic yesterday and was told my VHIC doesn’t need to state Service Connected because the Commissaries will be updating their computer systems. So when they scan the card it will show the eligibility. I see this being a huge CLUSTER F$CK come January. Guess I will be bringing my disability paperwork with me when I shop!!

    1. James Ephlin    

      I contacted the VA hotline and they mailed me a new card with the word service connected disability right on the card… It only took about a week to get one… Phone nmbr is 1-877-222-VETS (8387)

  76. Stephen Weller    

    This “comment” section typifies one of the many things that are wrong with the VA health care system. These are not comments. These are pathetic cries for the help some of you so desperately need.

    1. Vern Flick    

      Is your ass that tight that you only see your view of things?? walk a mile in your brother and/or sisters shoes before spewing crap like that!! A helping hand goes a lot further than stepping on people when they are down.

  77. Carrie Cassou    

    I already see there being a huge issue with this. Even though this particular article clearly states that on the veterans health card it must state service-connected or Purple Heart recipient, I have already gone to the local VA clinic and when I explain to them the new standards and even showed them this particular article , The VA clinic told me yesterday that it does not have to say that on our card because the commissaries are updating their computer system so when they scan our card it will show that we’re eligible. So who is right this VA article about the change or the VA clinic? So it looks like as a veteran with 80% service connected disability I will need to bring in my paperwork because my card does not say service-connected and the VA told me yesterday that it will not update it and does not need to be updated! HELP!

  78. Doug Reeves    

    are the Fam Camps part of MWR?


    I served in the Army & have a Service Connected Disability…Can I access any Commissary/Exchange, NAVY-MARINES, etc-etc?

    1. Robert Johnson    

      Did you not read the article? It literally contains all the information you need to know to gain access to these installations…

      1. Jude chang    

        It doesn’t say that you have to be 100%, is that true or not?

  80. Angelo Allen    

    Does this apply for Army bases in OCONUS like Germany?

  81. Matthew Murphy    

    I have my service connected VHIC – does this allow access to Military RV Camp Grounds?

    1. Cheryl Ann Morgan    

      You cannot shop in the commissary or the px in most oconus, especially Germany

    2. Laura Allen    

      It depends on that country’s status of forces agreement

  82. Florensio Bonillo    

    My card says VA Healthcare Enrollee, that’s all. Does that allow me privileges as stated in this article, i.e. commissary, PX.?

    1. Michael arentz    

      From what I’m comprehending you need a service connected disability.

  83. Rodney Nordbye    

    Can my spouse accompany me? She’s not a primary care giver. Thank you

    1. Tony    

      If you are the primary card holder, yes she may accompany you. During service you were able to escort non military guest on base but they had to check in at the Visitors Center and you took full responsibility for them,

  84. Charles Douglas Hanson    

    At my separation physical, I was told I was given a 0% compensable service-connected disability for issues with my back. Looking at my account at the VA, it shows no service-connected disability. How can I get this corrected?

  85. Garland Moore    

    After serving 12 years in the U.S. Army, I departed honorably as a Sergeant First Class (E-7) to use my Vietnam Era G.I. Bill educational benefits before they expired to complete my undergraduate degree, some graduate school and law school. While I do have a VHIC and have utilized the many VA Medical Center benefits afforded to me over the years (including a quadruple by-pass surgery 4+ years ago), my card does not denote Purple Heart, POW or Service Connected; I am pleased with what I have received from our federal government as a military veteran and do not bemoan the fact that others who contributed more than me receive more benefits than me. They earned it and I am grateful for their service, contributions and sacrifices. And so I say to all those eligible, enjoy your new benefits!

  86. Brian heim    

    Are we eligible to stay at on base lodging? Is that included under MWR?

    1. John Barry Dreher    

      Yes you can stay on base lodging 6 months if you want. If anyone is travelling in Florida, you can visit Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach and buy some I Dream of Jeanie souvenirs. I heard that sometime in summer of 2020, while there you and your wife or caretaker can take a shuttle over to Cape Canaveral and go in a Space X Falcon 9 Rocket and buy souvenirs. Only 100%ers and retirees with proper ID can take free Space A flights to wherever it is scheduled to go at that time.

  87. James L. Henderson    

    My son served for 4 years and then was discharged with a Less than honorable discharge. Four years later he applied to have his discharge upgraded to Honorable and got it.
    My question is does he qualify for this card/access?

    1. Roger Gulbransen    

      He is eligible if he has the VA ID and has a service connected disability

    2. Stephan Rothstein    

      I do not think he qualifies for this benefit since he did not have a service connected disability. This is just for disabled vets and the people who earned certain medals.

  88. rodney hester    

    I am thinking that a clear document as to who can enter with the disabled Veteran would be nice. IE, friend, daughter, brother ect. ect.


    I have 20% service related disability. Do I get this access?
    I also have access to military bases due to working gov contract. Do I still need the VHIC?

  90. Peter Johansen    

    Is overseas base access allowed to the commissary and exchange such as in Germany?

    1. Tony    

      Not at this time..Just stateside.

  91. Single Parent    

    I’m a qualified caregiver, a mother of a SM. Due to the catastrophic injuries suffered by my SM, I had to leave my civilian job (actually let go b/c there were no job protection laws applicable). I was placed on military orders and took care of my SM for three years at the military hospital. My SM and I were sent back to a community that didn’t care one bit. I never recovered from the job loss. I think the government needs to reconsider what happened to some Caregivers whose lives and careers were destroyed by no fault of their own. This gesture hardly scratches the surface.

  92. Jerry L Price    

    i have the old VA picture ID card—-will i need to get it replaced with a new card like one pictured at start of article ? Thanks

    1. Greg M Shane    

      I went to a VA Hospital for a checkup on my service connected injury and at admissions they issued me a new card, took about 15 minutes, got the card in 4 days in the mail. No problems.

    2. prks    

      Contact the Base/Post and see what they wish you to carry in the form of ID.

  93. Matthew Shifflett    

    This is amazing and I am so glad that they are finally opening this up. I always felt that my 12 years meant nothing and I was pushed out and could never look back. I am excited and so thankful they finally agreed to do this.

  94. Rodney Rees    

    If I met someone that’s a veteran and they had green eyes and red hair, did not have a service disability but a wooden leg could I access the commissary and only buy Cat Food? That is only on Wednesdays and if it’s raining?
    That’s how ridiculous some of the questions posted here sound. It’s embarrassing people. READ THE ARTICLE IT’S COMPLETELY SELF-EXPLANATORY! WTF OVER! BTW… Do I solve the math equation at the bottom of the comment section using Common Core Math or Old School Math. I only ask because I need to know if I should put down the number 7 or 7 bananas because I ate 2 of the 9 bananas I had before I met the red headed green-eyed veteran.

    1. Ron Mexico    

      I’m thinking you still get credit for the 2 you ate and check Red’s pineapple and papaya count. They’ll go good with your 7 leftover ‘Nanners’, Sir!

      1. ALBERT Donald Howard II    

        These replies actually made me laugh so hard my chest hurt! We can tell from the questions/replies/comments if they were made by an Officer or Enlisted as well as if you were combat arms or a POAG! Please keep the replies coming!!

    2. Henry McCabe    

      You are correct. When I tried to enlist in the U.S. Navy I was underweight. So my father went out and bought me 7 pounds of bananas and made me eat them. That was in 1963 and I have not eaten a damn banana since. But I did get into the Navy, best move I ever made. I do have green eyes and red hair but no wooden leg at least not yet. I tried the cat food yuk!

    3. Leo    

      I served as an MP for 10 years. My K9 partner got service connected for having ticks and has a VA Vet (veterinarian) Services card. Can I shop with my K9?

    4. Tony    

      The veteran serves as the military member. As long as your guest has a REAL ID Government issued, and can pass the background check you should be good. I am happy to see these benefits extended to other veterans.

    5. pRKs    

      THANK YOU Rodney, this is exactly how I feel about many of these questions. I’ve always known, but never had it so graphically illustrated. Must share with my man, a 20 year USAF Veteran, we met at the DLIFLC in 1979.

  95. Charles Chaney    

    Thank you President Trump and the VA for this benefit. I am a 90% disabled Vietnam Veteran.

    1. Tom Cook    

      Are you having a bad day? lol

    2. tom masden    

      Trump didn’t have a thing to do with it, he’s too busy chasing shadows, ghosts, and conspiracy theories so he can make up fake crap about joe Biden. He doesn’t care about you or any vet or active duty personnel anyway, only his own fat ass. This was approved by congress and the pentagon so why don’t you just wise up and get better informed so you won’t possibly look stupid.

      1. Saundra Santana    

        Thank you Tom for that true statement. Trump doesn’t give a flying @%# about vets or active duty. If he loved this country so much he would have been in the jungle with you and not getting deferments.

      2. Vic    

        Well… Did happen during his watch so… Thank you DT!

    3. Pete Hegseth    

      Thank you Chuck for giving credit where credit is due.

    4. Gene Jurrens    

      So to be clear, MWR (and specifically access to Fam Camps, aka on-base RV parks) has always been offered to active, retirees, reservists, and their families, but NOT to 4-year disabled (service-connected) vets (like me). That’s what the link above still states. Are you saying this recent change does nothing to make access to Fam Camps on military installations to non-retired, non-active vets? I’m just seeking clarification.

      Also, as has been stated elsewhere in this thread, one reason such a change makes a lot of sense from a business perspective: with civilian competition, demand for on-base facilities has dropped, causing these to be under-utilized assets. That’s why opening up ALL base facilities to a broader set of customers makes good biz sense. Just one grunt’s humble opinion.


  96. David Carpenter    

    I am an Army vet and Ex-pat. I am a legal resident of Japan and would be happy to visit a base here for shopping. Anyone know how to get info on if this pertains to OCONUS locations too???

    1. Teresa Whittman    

      Hi David! First I’d like to thank you for your service to our nation. There are so many nasty, mean, condescending and rude comments to our fellow veterans in this thread so I just wanted to say I appreciate you before answering your question. I don’t understand why there are so many negative Nancy’s in this thread. It’s quite appalling considering we’re are all veterans and that mean a lot in my eyes.

      Each overseas base has an individual Status of Forces Agreement with the host nation that will dictate who they allow on base and what the protocol is for requesting access. Based one my personal experience I’ll share an example of how extremely difficult it is to access a base. The base I’m referring to is in Rota Spain. Access is managed by the Spanish government and the base is secure by the Spanish Marines. It took several months of advanced planning to request a certificato from the Spanish government and your request can be denied at their discretion. It was always a pain going to that base when our military hospital on base requested our assistance.

      I would start with reaching out to the local JAG office on the base as they’re very knowledgeable of the SOFA with Japan and can guide you through the process or at least refer you to the correct office who can assist you. Good luck to you. I hope you’re able to get it all figured out as soon as possible.

  97. Robert Stratton    

    I’m a disabled vet with my va card will I be allowed to shop at the Air Force base exchange and commissary? Thank you

    1. Brian heim    

      Uuuhhhh that is what they article stated , multiple times, in clear plain English. That was basically the whole point of said article. Geesh!!

      1. Ashley Wamsley    

        Omygoodness!!! Lmao these comments tho

    2. Stephen Weller    

      This “comment” section typifies one of the many things that are wrong with the VA health care system. These are not comments. These are pathetic cries for the help some of you so desperately need.

  98. Scott Valentine    

    I have one of the old style VA ID cards. It looks different than the one pictured above, my old one does have the barcode and the words “Service Connected” on it. Do I need to get the new style card to use the new benefits?

    1. Brian Miller    

      No, the older cards with “Service Connected” will not be accepted

    2. A Sims    

      I don’t believe it matters. I have the same as you. Just says that it has to state service-connected.

    3. John Barry Dreher    

      You are good. Service Connected are the two magic passwords.

  99. Michael A Soetaert    

    I understand from the above comments that my wife can come on base with me…Can she also play golf with me as my guest

    1. A Sims    

      I don’t believe it matters. I have the same as you. Just says that it has to state service-connected.

  100. Rob Cannon    

    Does this include the use of any Military campground and can I bring my wife and kids? If they can come what is the process for getting them on base?

  101. Epes Croom    

    Can I buy like a sears house by the mail at the Military Commissary and Exchnage. I want to build my own house like the Sears mail order house. Where can I ask about how I am supposed to order it?

    1. Tommy Saxon    

      If it is for sale, why not. I have not seen a house kit from Sears since the 1950’s.

  102. Scott Valentine    

    I think this is a great program. I am calling the number listed above and am unable to get through; I am on eternal hold.

    1. Cesar Freytes    

      You need to tell VA to renew your medications

  103. Ferrell Naputi    

    “Veterans with felony convictions, felony arrest warrants, or other types of derogatory information related to criminal history or terrorism will not be permitted entry.” This statement was nowhere on the bill that was signed. This dose create a problem causing a double standard. So Veterans with a 100 % and do have previous felony records can access base. Also veterans with less that 100 % and court martial records can access base. Isn’t this a double standard. Everyone who is eligible should be able to gain access to utilize what the original intent of the bill was and if anyone should misuse or do anything on base that is illegal privileges will then be suspended. Everyone makes mistakes in life it is what they do after that counts. The Word says there is no one good not one that anyone should boast.

    1. Edd Prfit    

      Some of us learned to behave at an early age. Felony conviction restrict you from many other things than base access. No HUD, no employment in medical, no employment in LE and the list goes on. Can’t complain now that you lost due to your actions, your the only on to blame.

    2. ALBERT Howard    

      FYI, retired and 100%, with felonies that were not O6 and above are now denied access to the bases. 06 and above have their own things going to allow them to continue to access the bases. Please trust me on this as I worked in Law Enforcement after the military and have direct knowledge of this Secret Squirrel arrangement.

      1. Sam    

        “Presuming the individual in question has served their time for the felony and is currently not on a felony want or warrant list, DoD physical access policy (Directive-type Memorandum 09-012) does not prohibit a convicted felon from accessing the base, escorted or unescorted,” officials with the Office of the Secretary of Defense told us in a statement.”

        So Albert as long as there’s not a felony warrant, and the time has been served, a veteran with a felony CAN get a base access. Veterans with 100% and a DOD ID card can bypass the visitors center and go right on base. There’s no background check, all they do is show their DOD Card to the MP.

        Check that article…

  104. michael harris    

    you act as having a service connected disability is some kind of benefit, Its not, Im sure you could trade your health with someone who has gone through the pain and suffering requiring medical treatment. We all volunteered, some made it back ok others didn’t..

    Im %50 disabled, I will give you all my benefits if you take on my health issues I have suffered from since the 1980s

    1. Carl May    

      No, we did not all volunteer. Some were drafted and lost their lives or were disabled. Most draftees during the Viet Nam era and somewhat earlier were forced to do two years active duty, two years of active reserve, and two years of inactive reserve for a total of six years before they got their discharge. The lives of draftees were just as disrupted and the long-term effects of those disruptions, including service-connected disabilities, just as profound as those who volunteered.
      .A couple of other minor points: (1) Most VA hospitals have small retail stores where any veteran can shop, though prices tend to be slightly higher [or, at best, no better] than big box stores. But they are still handy and a benefit for people stuck in the facilities. (2) From the stories I hear, VA medical care and the quality of other benefits can vary widely depending on where you are in the U.S. In the San Francisco Bay Area, medical care is very good, with the major VA hospitals in San Francisco and Palo Alto are connected to a couple of the best few university medical schools in the U.S. Whatever, it serves no purpose to make derogatory comments about VA physicians, nurses, and other staff who are probably trying to do their best to serve patients under whatever bureaucratic circumstances prevail locally.

    2. pRKs    

      Thank you Michael, You, I, and others here feel the same.

      Take my disability I will gladly give up the benefits.

  105. David Mark Lyon    

    I have a VID card issued by the VA, how does this work in the new regulation? I do not have a VHIC as I have been denied VA Health Benefits because I do not meet the means threshold.

  106. Aaron    

    I’ve recently submitted my disability paperwork and am still waiting to hear back from the VA. Does submitting my Disability package automatically enroll me into the VA healthcare system?

    [Editor: No, but you can enroll, here:

  107. Charles Gregory Jaudon    

    All honorably discharged Veterans should have access to facilities. Here in Puerto Rico the civilian security rent-a-cops of the Coast Guard have access to purchase but I as a USCG veteran am not allowed. Homeland Security employees and their dependents have exchange privileges. It would make good business sense to allow all honorably discharged veterans access. Its not like it would cost the system any money to open for all veterans.

  108. Thomas A Szuch    

    I am a retired navy veteran with my DOD ID card. I cannot currently use the commissary or exchanges over in Europe. Will I be able to utilize those facilities with this card? Why would this card be acceptable and not my retired ID card?
    Thank you in advance for your answer to this question.

  109. Lowell E Ebalo    

    Example….. me and buddy go to war but my buddy gets injured and I’m the only one around to carry him back to the unit. He gets disability and gets privledges like commissary exchange and all that good stuff. But me who had to sacrafice my own life to carry him off to safety disregarding my life that didnt get any disability gets no such privledges. Not even a mention of saving a life while in combat. Isnt that just wrong? A VETERAN IS STILL A VETERAN DISABLED OR NOT. WE ALL JOINED THE US MILITARY TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY. But those who are not disabled just gets a pat on the back while those who are disabled get all the luxuries of US military. And get paid too.

  110. Eugene Dooling    

    When I received my card it said enrolled, but now I got my 10% Rating do I need to have that added to my card?


  111. Russell McCord    

    I’m a service connected veteran (not 100% connected/not retired), living overseas in Germany. Living as a Local National. Remember leave the local

    Are overseas Commissaries still available? I’m presuming the same local tax rules apply, like for the retirees over here.

  112. Lowell E Ebalo    

    It says that The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED). So is this exclusive only for disabled veterans purple heart and former POW? Or is this for all veterans disabled or not?

    1. Dave Winkler    

      Doesn’t your question really answer itself? Must means must.

  113. Lowell E Ebalo    

    I’m still in the process of getting my disability. The doctor who checked me out and said that I do have a disability but the VA is the only ones who can say you’re disabled or not.and how much percentage you get. Whether or not I do get my disability approved am I still able to go the commissary exchange and MWR? I already have my VETERANS ID CARD.

    1. John Barry Dreher    

      If your card says SERVICE CONNECTED, you can.

  114. Chris Holland    

    Hello, I received my VA Status before they started issuing the cards. I live Overseas in Germany. How can I get an ID and can I use to go on the bases here in Germany too?

  115. Jasper snowden    

    I have a ID but mine doesn’t say service connected will that be issuing new card for those who already have them becuase I know for a fact I have service connected injury my card just doesn’t say it

  116. Al Petru    

    I don’t understand why I had to go through all the trouble to get a Veterans Identification card and they won’t accept that for this new service, (to shop in the Exchange). They need to include this ID card instead of putting us all through the extra trouble to get “another card”. The Veterans Identification card has my photo and my branch of service and is used instead of my DD Form 214.

    1. Tommy Hyde    

      That card was created to make it easier for veterans to access the many Veteran Discounts offered by civilian businesses.



    1. Chaz Wilson    

      So, I’m only guessing here, the military forced you to get pregnant? It’s unfortunate that during that time period women weren’t allowed to have a child and stay in the military but you knew the rules. There was a time when seeking mental health care was taboo in the military and would likely get you kicked out. Now, it’s encouraged. Times change.

      1. pRKs    

        CHAZ WILSON, Read through Astrid’s post very slowly, THIS was NOT ONLY about having a child or not. Married Military Women sacrificed everything that a Married Military Men were NEVER forced to sacrifice.


        And please tell me when Military Men were ever forced to give up their benefits in order to have children?!

        1. Nick    

          Simple answer, sex doesn’t physically change men…biology and logic wins again

  118. John F Czujko    

    Ok so what are the restrictions on what to buy at the Exchange and Commissary? I was informed that we would not be able to purchase Alcohol or Tobacco products. Is this True? Which to me makes so sense, if you are giving service connected veterans the same access as everyone else, but I will not be able to shop and pick up a nice bottle of wine for dinner, is just ridiculous.

  119. Juanita Evans    

    My husband has a card and is 70% service connected, will he be able to use the facilities at bases?

    1. John Barry Dreher    

      Yes. He should apply for TDIU and get paid at the 100% rate. Then get a tan DOD ID card/2765 so he can fly free Space A military flights.

  120. Waddle Dale    

    I have a card and I am at 60% disability, I go to the VA for treatments, Am I entitled to use these privileges,,

  121. Caleb Laurent    

    I am 50% disabled and have a vhic. Can I bring a civilian (girlfriend) on base with me to go shopping as well?

    1. G. Foster    

      Go back to your VA facility and have them retake your picture and issue a new card with “service connected” located on the right side of the card just below your picture. Someone must have missed that when the card was issued. They will verify your status and update your card.

  122. Craig Snyder    

    So, the real benefit is only saving on taxes? I don’t see that as good reason to bypass 15 grocery stores etc to go on a base to shop. Are there other benefits i’m not seeing that might give me reason to spend money on a base instead of off base?

    1. Robert Dunn    

      I have not been on a military base for a long time. I would enjoy going to the base to shop sometime.

    2. Jojo    

      LMAO. And this is more than likely the reason for the change. So many people thought like you, that the commissary and exchange are losing money. They have been for years. Indeed this new change is something to celebrate, but don’t think for once that the veteran was thought of first with this solution. But at the end of the day does it matter?


    so if im right im a veteran and i get medical threw the va have a card but no purple heart or none of the other all tho i am on disability but not service connected or va disability i get ssi so this means i can not use com or none of it right

    1. Sonia Madinah    

      I agree. Money was the first and foremost thought. Benefits to veterans was just a very nice side effect…probably why things weren’t as well thought out as they should have been.

  124. Paul J. Howley    

    This is my 2nd try, I’m not the most computer adept.
    All the men and women who honorably served in defense of our nation and essentially put their lives on the line for the good of ol’ USoA deserve to be furnished all benefits afforded some of our discreet few who are entitled to military base priviledges.
    Who are we to discriminate?
    Do the right thing!

    Retired Vietnam Era USAF
    100% Disabled

    1. Bill Bacon    

      You’re right, Paul, IMHO. We all took the same oath to protect our Constitution and the interests of the country as a whole. The thing that differentiates all of us were the orders that we received; nothing more and nothing less. None of us had a say in what those orders might be. We were assigned where needed and there was nothing in the world that was able to change that fact. We all had the same commitment to military service, regardless of circumstances. In essence, the Veterans’ Administration is highly discriminatory. We all served. Period. Should one’s unit or in-service assignment be deemed more important over those who may have served in an active theater of war? Again, one’s VA eligibility and classification is a function of one’s military orders, not of one’s unwillingness to accept this or that assignment of duty. Maybe the Veterans’ Administration should re-read the oath that all service people took when they turned over their lives for Uncle Sam’s Department of Defense and for the betterment of a free republic.B

    2. Art Conway    

      For many years, all veterans could shop at the Exchange on the internet. Go to “” and provide the required information (DD214, etc.) when you sign up for the first time. Takes a week or so to get approved and then you can shop online at the exchange.

    3. Teresa Whittman    

      Paul I agree with you. One of the things that make our military so amazing is the fact that it’s not a government requirement to serve. Our service members volunteer to serve this nation and that speaks volumes. No one ever has the same experience in the military as someone else but that doesn’t make anyone better than everyone else. We all volunteered, knew we were getting ourselves into and still chose to make the sacrifice and serve this nation.

  125. James Campbell    

    I reside in Japan. Will my veteran’s medical ID and the reserve ID card I still carry allow me access to all US Military facilities?

  126. michael raby    

    On order to take my wife with me to shop she has to have a prostate exam at the gate. No way to get a long term pass for her. While i am working she cannot go shopping on post for me. A woman that stood by my side the entire military life, nurses me back to health after the surgeries or injuries, and she is treated like a criminal that needs an escort. Why would i put her thru this to save money. Someone needs to seriously look at how they treat our damn spouses.

  127. Brian smalls    

    Does anyone read? Sometimes if you scroll through the questions 79% of the time someone asked what you want to ask. A lot of the OX’s and commissary’s don’t require ID to walk in anymore, they require ID at the register to purchase. I can’t read anymore comments, the same reading skills you needed in the military are the same skills required for this article.

  128. Joe Diebold    

    So why stay 20 years anymore. You make a career of the military with promises of certain benefits when you serve for 20 plus years. Now you have to get behind the thousands of vets who served even less than one enlistment, but were able to get a VA disability. SMH

    1. G. Foster    

      You can bring anyone in that you like. The issue is at checkout at most bases. If she is making the purchase she will not be allowed to do so because she is not a dependent with a dependent’s ID card. You would have to make the purchase using your ID card (as she smiles through check out) for her and that applies to anyone who is not a dependent, active duty, Guard, retired, or Vet. everyone needs some kind of ID to check out of a Commissary or Exchange. Some bases that are contractor type bases allow the use of a VIP card at the small BX locations but not the main BX or Commissary. I was in New Mexico a month ago and tried to use my VET ID because I had left my Retired ID home thinking I could use the VET ID inplace of my retired ID. At that time they would not let me check out with my VET ID. Now after Jan 1, 2020 I should be able to leave my retired ID home and just carry my VET ID. Good Luck!

    2. Liliana Tincher    

      Do you honestly believe people stay in so they can have access to exchanges and the commissary?
      If the 5% savings and no tax is such a hard sell, why do I constantly see uniformed sailors and marines at COSTCO and Sam’s?
      Sometimes it’s a whole group shopping huge amounts of food for picnics and BBQ’s.

      You should be happy your brothers and sisters get such a small reward for putting their life on the line like you.
      Shame on you!

      1. Jojo    

        Your first line says it all…smh at these comments!

    3. ALBERT Howard    

      Would you like to trade? I was seriously injured while I was deployed doing things Clinton said was not happening (TS Crap). 85 troops 650 needed. If you were hurt you were considered a POS. We took care of ourselves as we had access to all the medical supplies. No medical records were kept. I had to get letters from officers and others about my injuries, then have the statements reviewed by MI and modified so no TS. info was released. It has been a fight to get compensation. Want to trade your 20 for the rest of my life of injuries and my broken dreams???

    4. John Barry Dreher    

      Veterans who served 3 months with a 0% service connected disability have the same base privileges as veterans who served 20 years and retired. Bases are going to be crowded. I bet all the guards are dreading Jan 1, 2020. Probably on Jan 1, 2021, everybody will be eligible for Space A flights. A tan DOD ID card/2765 is almost worthless anymore.

  129. Edgar Dixon    

    Please confirm if Vetarans without service connected but that served bravely have access to this new program.

    1. Andy Rice    

      Nope…only mailbox money veterans with disability get the benefit. Sooo…if a person served three years as a clerk and got 10% disability for sleep apnea because they drove the VA crazy and spent a large portion of their time on medical appts….. they get the privilege….the person who served 12 years, worked harder and deployed more than most but was a little too proud to lie about ailments….gets nothing.

    2. S. Xiong    

      Only if you have a VHIC that states “Served Bravely”

  130. Glynn Carlock    

    I have base access to the base because I work on base. So do I still need VHIC to shop at the exchange.

  131. Byron M. Lomnick St.    

    I’m a service connected Veteran can my spouse obtain an ID and enter without me?

  132. Richard R Baker Jr    

    With the new process and the ability for me to go to a post commissary, will my wife be able to have a card to go shopping without me?

    1. G. Foster    

      Sadly you will still need to follow the criteria posted in the article. If you did not retire and or have an appropriate ID or are not a “service connected” veteran or a Purple Heart recipient, you won’t have access to the Exchange or Commissary. Some bases like Hill AFB allow base contracted personnel or Fed employees to use the small BX or the food court but none of the actual base amenities without proper ID. My son in law sometimes gets away with using a DD214 at these locations but not always. He served 6 years in the Air Force. Good Luck!

  133. Ralf Nadir    

    Contacted MWR about using their campgrounds. No response from them.

  134. Roger A Boyer    

    I am currently 90% service connected disabled. I have the old VA Photo ID Card. It does not say that I am service connected. Will I automatically get a new Card?

    Secondly my wife helps as my daily caregiver. How do I get her the letter?

    1. C G    

      Get a new ID card at your VA health center.

  135. Harold Milton Kriner    

    I’m 85 years old, residing in Germany, 3 years – 6 months Service with Honorable Discharge & awarded the COMZ Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Service!! Do I qualify and if so, how do I go about it? Thanks

  136. bryon neubauer jr    

    Will we be able to use the exchange and commissary OCONUS, like in Japan?

  137. CJ Kennedy    

    Would i be allowed to go on post in Germany also?

  138. Timothy Yochum    

    I have a 10 percent disability from the Air Force. Is there any way I can get the card so I can visit the VA clinic after I retire. I will retire from my regular job and want access to the VA clinic in my home town?

  139. Robert Wayne Beverly    

    I am a 100% service connected Veteran, USMC-Vietnam 66/67, living in Thailand. While I applied in Texas for VA care in 2010. I moved before any appointments were set up. All my claims have been handled by the VA Foreign Affairs Office and Foreign Medical Program. I have never received any ID of any kind. How do I get VA ID and this necessary ID? We do have a military facility in Bangkok, JUSTMAG, would I be able to use their commissary etc. if they have? I know the Embassy has but I doubt the card would be good for there. Keep in mind, the VA has no system in their 2 step verification for foreign phone numbers.

    1. C G    

      If you’re 100% you already qualify for the military ID and commissary.

  140. Rogelio Arc    

    Are the overseas military bases included in this program to access the Commissary and Exchanges with a valid VHIC?

  141. Timothy Towler    

    So service connected veterans with any type of felony conviction will not be permitted? I have a felony DUI.

    1. Sam    

      “Presuming the individual in question has served their time for the felony and is currently not on a felony want or warrant list, DoD physical access policy (Directive-type Memorandum 09-012) does not prohibit a convicted felon from accessing the base, escorted or unescorted,” officials with the Office of the Secretary of Defense told us in a statement.

  142. Linda Darlene McDowell    

    I am a widow of a service connected disabled veteran, am I able to get access to the exchange and commissary privileges?

  143. Byron M. Lomnick St.    

    I’m a service connected Veteran can my spouse obtain an ID and enter without me?

  144. Thomas R Smith    

    Does this mean the RV park at bases are available for “service connected”veterans?

  145. Glenn Holmes    

    I am wondering i am service connected and I have a VHIC card. Is this going to be available to people that are retired and living in Germany. I am civilian retired not military, but I am dod retired. I asked at the base entrance where I must get signed into by the bank representative to do my monthly banking and they have no idea what this is. I also have a government dod retired id. I have served my country my entire life. Please advise

  146. Eric Matheu    

    I am service connected and have my VHIC. Can my wife use Armed Forces Travel if travelling without me?

  147. Crs    

    Scroll up and READ, guarantee your question was asked.

    1. Neil    

      Great New, what about family members?

  148. Sidney Tuggerson Jr    

    This is really great for those men and women that service less than 20 years in the service

    1. bob reeser    

      This will be very helpful ,due to my wife being necessary for many needs of mine due to my handicap.

  149. Terry    

    Does this program also all access to the on base rental housing while in any given area for over night stays?

  150. David Stemm    

    Is this for vets living in europe(specifically Germany) as well?

  151. Nickolas Rolf    

    I periodically shop at Yokota AB where I was stationed here in Japan to purchase clothing and shoes that fit my tall frame. I have always been able to access the base with my blue retired military member ID card. How do I get a VA photo if I live in Japan where there is no VA facility? Since I will now be required to have a VA ID to access the base, does that mean that I will now be able to receive VA treatment at the medical facilities on the US bases throughout Japan?

    1. Alex Chaney    

      If you are retired military all you need is your retired ID card. This doesn’t change anything for retirees. This just adds access for service connected disabled veterans.

    2. C G    

      You don’t need a VA ID if you already have a military ID. The VA medical system is separate from the military.

  152. Michael John Tarayos    

    will Authorized Disabled Veterans be able to purchase event and entertainment tickets at the base MWR ticket offices.

  153. Jon S.    

    Headed to Philippines this coming Jan , they said that there’s a VA facilities in the country , Can I use my VA card to get access there?

  154. Ryan    

    What about a base overseas like in Germany?

  155. Freddie J Blevens    

    I took care of my husband who passed away from a service connected disability so that makes me a caregiver…so why wouldn’t I be eligible?

    1. C G    

      You are not currently a care giver if your husband has passed away.

  156. dan    

    either this article is incomplete or it’s misunderstood. nowhere does it state that one has to have a service-connected disability but that one needs to have a veterans healthcare identification card (updated cards have more printed info as to veteran status) for commissary/bx/px privileges. service-connected disability or purple heart is approved under a specific dod policy but there was no explanation as to the additional benefits so it was a moot point since bottomline these base shopping priviledges is for all vets with a vhic. also, all veterans that have either a general or honorable discharge have access to va healthcare and identification card. please be more clear.

    1. Jojo    

      It’s incomplete..I had the same concerns as you..hence the comment I left above. For those who think all info was included in the article, I just assumed they already have access to the facilities (retirees, or svc connected at a rate to have the privilege).

  157. Richard T Baker    

    If there is not a designation on the VHIC because there is no disability who would we talk to at the VA Medical facility to get that put on the ID to have access to base facilities?

  158. Autry Clayton    

    Are we eligible to fly on a hop?

  159. Randy Deyoe    

    So if i am fully retired with 24 years of service and have an ID, do i still need an ID from the VA hospital?

  160. Rene' C. Custer    

    Where on your card does it state that you are service connected? My husband is 12% disabled from the Gulf War and I am Honorably Discharged. We both have the new cards; we have been in the VA system for several years now. Are we eligible to go on base and access the above mentioned services? Thank you for helping me understand!

  161. Al Waschka    

    Will this program provide access to FamCamps?

  162. Jared Scott Murphy    

    As a Service Connected VHIC will I be able to access the base pharmacy and use the recreational facilities such as on base camping for RV’s?

  163. Kermit Pavlo    

    Will this allow me into Area 51 to buy an alien anal probe?

    1. Jojo    

      Funniest comment here…

  164. William S. Perry    

    If your VHIC card says , VA Health Care Enrollee, below your picture, are you authorized to use the base commissary? I am a Vietnam Vet & waiting to request a presumptive condition from agent orange.

    1. John Barry Dreher    

      Once and for all, it has to say SERVICE CONNECTED. It does not have to say a percentage or name of an illness.

  165. Richard Johnson    

    Does the MWR benefit allow us to use base campgrounds?

  166. David Harrison    

    Will the Hale Koa hotel be part of the MWR privilege?

    1. Raul Quiles    

      I am veteran with with out service connected but that served with honorable discharge l could acces to this program.
      I have my va health card.
      I wait for you soon response
      Raul Quiles

      1. Leo    

        You need to have a service connected disability in order to be eligible. And I heard that the wording “Service Connected” needs to be printed on the VHIC (VA Healthcare Identification Card). All veterans should have access regardless if a service connected disability exists or not. Hopefully, all veterans will have access soon.

      2. John Barry Dreher    

        Must say SERVICE CONNECTED !!!

  167. Samuel Boggus    

    OMG people please read the darn article! All VIC cards specify is Service Connected……….if you have one or are 0-100 Percent then you are good! Go get your card and go shopping!

  168. Samuel Boggus    

    OMG people please read the darn article! All VIC cards specify is Service Connected……….if you have one or are 0-100 Percent then you are good! Go get your card and go shopping!

  169. Timothy Brown    

    Fantastic. Will homeless Veterans with Mental illness be allowed to pan handle outside of the commissary and Exchange? Will homeless veterans be allowed to construct tent cities on base? How will base Security handle mentally ill veterans that are homeless and refuse to leave the facility?

    1. Michael arentz    

      Thank you for addressing this. Curious minds want to know. I’m taking it only if it happened while they were serving. And is on their ID card.

    2. Michael arentz    

      Thank you for addressing this. Curious minds want to know. I’m taking it only if it happened while they were serving. And is on their ID card.

    3. Leo    

      @Tim – Do they do that now at VA facilities? Such as hospitals and clinics. I live in Tampa, and I have never seen anything like you just described. Also, we should have a bit more respect for those with mental disabilities. I’m one myself. I’m sure security will have everything under control.

  170. T Wagner    

    According to this article, you only need the VA med card to access the exchanges. It doesn’t say you must have a service connected disability – or did I misunderstand it?

    1. Don E    

      You misunderstood it…

      “Veterans eligible solely under this act who are eligible to obtain a Veteran Health Identification Card must use this credential for in-person installation and privilege access. The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED).”

    2. Jojo    

      Can you please repeat this entire post again, in hopes that some of us will not feel the need to rack ‘n’ stack our entitlements..smh

    3. Jojo    

      You didn’t misunderstand it. As as example it lists (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED).” As written, that indicates you could have those things in parenthesis OR NOT. You do need at least 0% svc connectin though. Read the article at…it was written better.

  171. Brian King    

    I just hope that we will be able to use the class six and lodging.

  172. Charles W. Hudson    

    I have a VHIC card, but under the pic it only says “VA Health care enrollee”. Is this sufficient for access to the exchange and commissary?

  173. Glenn Diaz    

    I have a 10% service related but am not on VA healthcare (my employers insurance is better). Can I get a VIHC, even though I’m not on VA healthcare? Last time I called (5 yrs ago) they told me (rudely, btw) that I made too much at my employer to qualify.

  174. Doug Reed    

    Seems to be another VA “benefit” given to only a very select few, not even -close- to being -all-, honorably discharged vets..Such a shame that the VA does not support -all- “discharged for other than dishonorable” vets equally. But congrats for patting yourselves on the back! Spin this story like it’s for all, then expect the vet to drill down to the details, only to find out, once again, good luck to you.

  175. Marc Lacrimosa    

    So I have service connected I’d card. When traveling to a base to use the PX or commissary can my wife go with me?

  176. Christopher Cochran    

    Does this also open the use of the military resorts, base/post hotels, and or rv camping locations? If so I am assuming that spouses and immediate family would be able to join? MWR use include movie theaters, pools, bowling, rentals? NCO club?

  177. Lonnie Snyder    

    I was tried and convicted in a court of law for involuntary manslaughter in a road rage incident I did not start, and just finished serving nine months in prison in New Mexico. BUT I DIDN’T DO IT! I’m 67, broken down and harmless. Are you sure it’s in the US Air Force is the singer in the band. Is it still mean I can’t get on base to go to the commissary Here in Enid, Oklahoma?

  178. Anita L Davis    

    I am a surviving spouse of a veteran who passed away from a service connected illness and had 100% disability status. I currently receive a monthly benefit and also have ChampVA. Do I qualify for this? I have also recently remarried. Would my current husband also have access if accompanied by me if I qualify? Thank you.

  179. Mike    

    I have a VHIC card and a 60% service related disability but the car does not say that. Should t ask at my next VA hospital visit for a new card? Would they have a record or do I need to take paperwork? Thanks

    1. C G    

      Yes, get a new card. They have your info in the computer.

  180. James Dumas    

    I enlisted in 1972 a served for 4 years. Honorably Discharged after the Vietnam war.
    Raised a family, all my sons are active duty now.Their families live on bases, when I go and visit them and my grandchildren I CANNOT get on base unless they meet me at the gate and sponsor me.
    How disrespectful and embarrassing

  181. Pete G    

    It’s great that our disabled vets get better benefits, also retired vets, but I think the rest of us are a bit left out. Any vet who has served, and volunteered, should be able to at least use the on base services, we are not civilians, no matter how long we served the fact is we did, especially those with an honorable discharge. All who served should get benefits, and as I do agree cost needs to be controlled the benefits should be scaled, those who fully retired or are injured should get more but the vets who have served and departed service without injury should not be neglected.

  182. Thomas Spengler    

    I think many of these people have a brain disease. He keeps answering the same question over and over and over.
    I guess I just get frustrated because I spent two tours in Viet Nam and wrecked my knees climbing out on ropes in the ship yards to take down the radio antennas, but did not have major knee problems until I was out two months. My pay was $259 a month for an E5 over 4. So I don’t think I got much pay either. We would sit in Danang Harbor and shell around the city every night for months so the Viet Cong would not attack the city. Then go out on gunnery duty for the troops during the day. Since I was not killed or hit on the ship (although the ship was hit) and have not died of cancer, guess I am just one of the lucky ones. But the VA would not even give me a flu shot.

  183. Lyle J. Kroll    

    If you are a contractor of Government civilian with base privileges and have a veterans mark on your driver’s license, can you still use the Commissary with those credentials? Just curious.

  184. Larry Jason Carr    

    I have a proper ID card showing service related disability. Will I be allowed to use campgrounds on bases?

  185. David​ Griffin    

    100%? That’s ridiculous, stop pretending to gaf about veterans. You already don’t give anyone 100% rating who clearly deserves it, and instead keep them at 90%.
    Neither should veterans need to have been wounded or disabled to be recognized and respected by the DoD. It’s pathetic. Neither does this little token gesture make up for lack of real benefits and care for the disabled veterans. We all served. We all deserve a DoD who treats us properly and recognizes our sacrifices and service, even after discharged without being disabled. Commisary isn’t a charity, it operates at cost, meaning it doesn’t matter how many people have access, stop trying to make it an elitist activity for the deadbeats who never get a real job in life.

  186. Derrick Parker    

    I have a va health ID card with a 10% disability, do I have access to the commissary and px and shoppete?

  187. Terrell Stevens    

    What about access to Commisary and BX/NEX overseas? In Rota, Spain there was a special card/ID you had to have in order to even go into the stores.

  188. Robert Woods    

    Seems to me like Medal of Honor recipients should be on this list.

    1. C G    

      They already have this benefit as do 100% disabled veterans. This announcement is about newly eligible veterans.

  189. Al Womac    

    My VA card doesn’t show my eligibility status. Does that hinder me from getting into an exchange?

  190. Traniece Ward-Henning    

    I’m going to need everyone to just pay attention to the fourth and fifth paragraphs. It explains everything. As long as you are eligible and obtain a VHIC then you have access as a veteran. I.e means in example, that is not limiting your status to what is listed. If you have not committed any crimes that interfere with your benefits then you should be good to go.

  191. Ben Sorrell    

    I have a VHIC Purple Heart card, and just tried to book a flight on AFT for late January, 2021; they don’t have me in their database yet. Will I have to wait until Jan 1 to book…or later? How long will it be before these organizations update their information?

  192. John Tompkins    

    I see the americanforcestravel website in the post but I don’t see anywhere on their website that says that it’s coming soon. They do talk about DoD civilians getting access soon but not disabled vets. Any idea if this is going to be a thing? Thanks

  193. Hal Warren    

    I have my VA Medical card and it has all of the information mentioned except there is nothing on there about disability or Purple Heart, etc. I do not have a service-connected disability so is that why there is nothing there? Am I still eligible for this program?

    1. C G    

      Correct, you are not currently eligible.

  194. Matt Graham    

    Do I, a service connected veteran, have to be present for my wife to shop at the commissary or exchange?

  195. Rob Nez    

    I have a 60% rating and was medically discharged after 14 years, not medically retired. I am so happy this book was passed. Thank you to every organization that lobbied on our behalf. And thanks VA for spreading the word.

    Also- fellow vets if you need the updated VA ID card to show your service-connected, you can quickly call 1-877-222-VETS (8387) and order one for free. I received mine in the mail within a week.

  196. RONALD BRANCH    

    What installations will not honor disabled vets under this new DOD order? The closes to me is Kings Bay, GA. Will they be open to allow us into the installation?

  197. Robert James Daniels    

    Can we buy beer, liquor, and cigarettes with this new benefit?


    Thank you VA and President Trump. I have had VA medical care for a Service Connected Disability now for more than six years and I have nothing but praise for the care that I have received. I appreciate all the benefits that I have received.


    Thank you VA and President Trump. I have had VA medical care for a Service Connected Disability now for more than six years and I have nothing but praise for the care that I have received. I appreciate all the benefits that I have received.522

    1. C G    

      Trump had nothing to do with this.

  200. Dale K. London    

    I’m a service-connected disabled vet but I live overseas and am in the Foreign Medical Program rather than VA Health. I called the VA and asked how I could get a VHIC and their answer was: “Go to your local VA hospital.”
    I live in the UK. The nearest VA hospital is over 3,000 miles away.
    Please tell me this is NOT the best the VA can do!

  201. Sonny Luciano    

    Will I be able to utilize on post/base hotels?

  202. Donnie Prescott    

    how do I get a DOD creds being 100% rated?

  203. RICK RANDALL    

    What about eligibility to Class VI

    1. Shawn Whalen    

      I’m 100% how can I get a FOR card?

  204. Kevin Allen    

    When will the health card be authorized to enter the USO at airports?

  205. Lisa C Posey    

    I’m am a surviving spouse off 100% disabled veteran service connected. I have a spouse military ID card. Am I included in this change?

    1. John Barry Dreher    

      You are fine. You don’t need this card.

  206. Daniel Edward Rhyne    

    Can I get access to the Exchange and commissary if I’m a protected veteran without any disability, no POW status, or Purple Heart? I was going to look into getting a VHIC, but now I’m not sure if I’m eligible. I do however have my Armed Force’s Service Metal and protected Veteran status.

    1. Jessie    

      What is a protected veteran? If no PH, POW or SC then no.

      1. T. Wood    

        Short answer, no. Protected Veteran Status is governed by Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA). This act protects veterans from workplace discrimination by employers affiliated with the US government.

        Don’t hesitate to enroll in the VA healthcare system; call the number listed above in the blog or apply online. If you’re determined to be eligible, you will be able to receive a VHIC.

    2. RugbyVet    

      I have a VHIC emblazoned with a “Service-Connected” legend. I’m already making use of online access to AAFES, NEX, MCX, CGX and VCS.

      When the new law goes into effect on 1 Jan 2020, will my status on DEERS be automatically updated or must I do something proactively to gain access to MWR and commissary privileges?

    3. Rugby Vet    

      I have a VHIC emblazoned with a “Service-Connected” legend. I’m already making use of online access to AAFES, NEX, MCX, CGX and VCS.

      When the new law goes into effect on 1 Jan 2020, will my status on DEERS be automatically updated or must I do something proactively to gain access to MWR and commissary privileges?

      1. Brian    

        Your DEERS eligibility doesn’t change as you aren’t using an ID card issued by them, i.e CAC or DoD retirement card. You are instead using your VA card to access commissary and exchange privileges.

    4. Bill gee    

      No. You should (redacted).


      I live in Germany. Do overseas bases provide the same access privileges?

    6. Steve Barnard    

      It’s my understanding as long as you have signed up for the Veterans health care it’s the same card correct?

    7. El Golfo    

      You have to be enrolled in the VA system. Did you apply for your VA access within three years of getting out? If not, you have to apply for VA access under a service related disability.

    8. Joel Ames    

      What is a protected veteran?

    9. Lydia Byer    

      Best Christmas Present Ever!!! I miss my commissary privilege. I can’t wait!

    10. Matt w    

      I’m pretty sure I’m in same boat, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able get vhic card

      1. backman v derrick    

        i spent 4 years in AF 1966 to 1970..i do use VA but no disabilities.its not fare i and others like me cant use the neighbor just joined the national guard can use NOT RIGHTm FAIR..i was in Philippines.that was like war zone

  207. Jim Young    

    The future is to purchase online using a credit or debit type card, have your items home-delivered. Kinda like a resupply mission.

  208. Kathyann Hooper    

    I have a VHIC card n doesn’t state my status n I’m new n I don’t have ‘Service Connected’…n I read that Veteran disability from 0 – 90% qualifies? Do I qualify or not?

    1. William Parker    

      I’m 10% service connected and it does say “Service Connected” on my card. If you are service connected you probably need another trip to the service office at you nearest VA medical center to get it clarified.

    2. Dan Haros    

      Yes you qualify as long as you have your VHIC

    3. Anthony Scott    

      I went in and got it updates to say service connected. Got my card on 5 days.

  209. Benjamin Lee Brooks III    

    If just Honorable Discharge but have no PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED, then cannot get on base access to exchange or commissary ?

    1. James P Carragher    

      There are many questions asked about “service connected”. My card states under my photo, “VA health Care Enrollee”. Is that sufficient or does my disability need to be listed? Thank you in advance.

      1. C G    

        They don’t put your disability or percentage on the card. If you