WWII Veteran creates program for Post-9/11 Purple Heart recipients

REAch program has shipped more than 8,000 toolboxes to Veterans


In 1994, U.S. Army Air Corps WWII Veteran and former POW Clarence Robert “Bud” Shepherd opened a small warehouse in Burlington, North Carolina, to assist 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations, like schools, churches and daycares.

Shepherd refocused his attention on Post-9/11 combat wounded Veterans in 2012 by creating the Veteran Toolbox Program. He provided them with free toolboxes to assist with their transition into civilian life. Although Post-9/11 Purple Heart Veterans are priority for the program, all Veterans can apply.

Veteran Toolbox Program

Bud Shepherd

U.S. Army Air Corps Veteran Bud Shepherd served as a B-17 tail-gunner in WWII and held as a Prisoner of War.

“I always wanted to do something for Veterans, and I came up with the toolbox program,” said Shepherd. “We talked to some tool companies, and they were interested in getting involved. We talked to Stanley and Black and Decker about what we wanted to do and they came back with one word – absolutely! APEX tools, Wooster paint brushes, and Johnson & Johnson are also great supporters.”

The REAch Veteran Toolbox Program has shipped more than 8,000 toolboxes to Veterans, which contains about $600 worth of tools.

“This is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done in my lifetime,” said the 94-year-old.

Shepherd works six days a week, gets up at 5 a.m., and leaves work at 6 p.m. most days. But he’s no stranger to hard work.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1943, when he was 18 years old. He served in the 8th Air Force in England as a tail-gunner on a B-17. Enemy forces shot down his plane six months before the end of WWII. Shepherd was captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp near Berth, Germany.

“Once we got settled down, things went along fairly smooth because there was 9,000 of us, all Air Force people,” Shepherd recalled. “About 7,500 Americans and a few Brits. We were liberated by the Russians and I made my way back home.”

Watch more about Shepherd’s POW experience.

Bud Shepherd and Son

Tim Shepherd (left) son of Bud Shepherd (right) at the tool room getting 10 boxes ready to ship for the day.

“We hear from a lot of these guys and their families,” Shepherd said. “Last week we got an e-mail saying ‘You saved my husband’s life. He hasn’t been out of the house in three months but ever since he got his toolbox he’s been out in the garage or the backyard working on something.’”

REAch operates in Graham, North Carolina, but ships the toolboxes across the country.

“I go to the VA hospital in Durham, North Carolina, for yearly physicals, but my health is excellent,” he said. “These people down there that I deal with at the VA hospital, they are just good people… In my lifetime, I’ve been blessed, and I enjoy every minute of it.

Learn more about the Veteran Toolbox Program at: https://reainc.org


Tim Hudak

  joined the VA in December 2013 and is on the Veterans Experience Office team. Tim, a Chicago-land native enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school. As an intelligence analyst he deployed to Al Anbar province, Iraq with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363 in 2006 and 2008. After the Marine Corps, Tim used the GI Bill to earn a degree in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa., and co-founded the university’s first student Veteran organization. Tim is active in many Veteran organizations.


  1. David Salazar    

    I am a Marine Vietnam vet. I am 100% disabled I suffer from PTSD served in Nam from “67” to “68” I received a
    total of 3 Purple Hearts. I would love to get one of your boxed so that I can keep my mind of the PTSD by keeping busy doing things. So if you would consider me it would be greatly ad.

  2. William Eugene Tippins    

    I’m a Totally Disabled Viet- Nam Veteran. If you have any left, I could really use one. I also feel unqualified to receive this honor because my wounds are not visible. I have severe PTSD and Heart issues from Agent Orange May God Bless You. Thanks

  3. Mark Sutherland    

    How do I apply for the tool box?

  4. Lawrence Bergstrom    

    I am a Vietnam veteran from 1969. I am receiving disability due to agent orange causing heart disease and cancer.
    Your program sounds wonderful and a gift of this toolbox would be appreciated very much. I am glad the Vietnam Vet is finally being accepted. It wasn’t until 1986 when then parade in Chicago about my brothers and sisters that served, freed me from being shamed by those that did not understand.

  5. John L George    

    I’m a Vietnam Era veteran u could use a tool box

  6. Tom McFall    

    What a great program! I don’t need a tool box but just wanted to say thanks for what you do.

    I served in Vietnam, 1968-69 As a MOS 71542, Infantry platoon leader, 173rd Airborne Brigade, primarily in the Central Highlands.

  7. Butch Billing    

    I would love to have a toolbox, 100% disabled, service connected P/T thank you

    1. dewayne jackson    

      What is required to get a tool box, I don’t want anything that i am not qualified to have.

    1. Alan Berends    

      I don’t need the tool box. I just wanted to say thanks for all you are doing. Like America should be again, Americans helping Americans, not the division we see in the country today.

  8. Patrick J Crachiolo    

    Thank you Tim and Bud. I don’t need any tools but i could not pass up the chance to thank a fellow veteran. You both are the epitome of a veteran helping veterans. If I could, I would help you in any way.

    Great program you two.

    Patrick J Crachiolo
    USAF Vietnam Era

  9. Norberto Quiles    

    I am a retired veteran with 29 years of service, 24 of them in active duty. I reside in Puerto Rico where veterans are not treated with the same diligence as they are in the states. I would like to be considered for the tool box because it will help me to do thing around the house and family.

  10. Dennis Hume    

    I served in the Army during the Vietnam era at Fort Benning GA, Am not a combat veteran, but would like to be considered for a tool box if I could. Many thanks for the good work you do!

  11. Christopher Franssen    

    I could really use a tool box . I am a combat veteran . I served in the 3rd infantry division and was in the invasion of Iraq. Thanks

  12. Robert M Gilkes    

    I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and would like to be included in the Toolbox giveaway program project.

  13. thomas Howe    

    I have all the tools I need but am happy to see you helping vets that could use them. I do NOT want one but thank you for sending to so many that need them. Very good karma!!!

  14. M. Keith Nichols    

    Bud, thank you for your service and sacrifices you encountered with your service to our country. It is commendable what you are doing for all Veterans. Regardless of time or service, or the age of the Veteran each has a story related to their service, no matter if drafted or volunteered . I am a Vietnam Era service member, I served in Korea during Operation Paul Bunyon (1976) (a near war most don’t realize was on the brink of happening), I was in Bosnia in 1997-98 and Iraq 2004- 06. I do not suffer from PTSD, I am 60% service connected disabled, and I have been able to complete my academics with a the VAs support. I love my time in the Army, I’m no Audie Murphy but I did what soldiers do to serve, and am proud of what I was and did. If my wife would allow me to do so I would gladly volunteer again at 64 if my country needed me. If you see fit in sending a toolbox to me, I would be honored in receiving it. If not, know I respect you for what you have done for those who do receive your valuable thoughtfulness. This We’ll Defend!

  15. anthony Helton    

    USMC 1985-89 MCAS El Toro / USS RANGER , Co worker backed over my tool box with tractor : /


    I served aboard the USS Barbey FF1088 76-80. For the second time in my life I am without work.
    These tools might help in this situation.

  17. john g chambers    

    My son used, broke ,lent out or sold all my tools when I could use them now that Im old its hard to get around to use the darn things because of my grenade would Nam 65 USMC.Nice program you started. it was well thought out.If you sent one to me I would only put my poor wife to work as a handyman to save on her trying to kill me.C8266 LOL

  18. Michael F Granger    

    I could use on of these toolboxes great idea

  19. James Berry    

    Viet-Nam Vet from 1967 to 1970. 100% P&T with and & attendance. Welcome back brothers. We’ve had a difficult time/. But we’re alive and kicking as they say and try our best to get though everyday. Thanks for your service. I don’t think to much about how the VA medical treatment was years ago. It sure has changed. Changed for the better. I always recommend the VA hospital to vets that think its not worth their time and effort Just wanted to give some positive feed back for VA medical Its great.

  20. Gerry McClure    

    I think what you are doing is a God send gift to all veterans and their families. I am the widow of a wonderful veteran who served a year in Vietnam. He passed in September 2012. The void I have in my heart will never leave me. He was Virgil Henry McClure Jr. He served as an MP. If I qualify, I would very much like a tool box, which would help out with my repairs I try to do myself. Thank you so much. its a wonderful thing your doing. God bless you.

  21. Michael Pinson    

    I love to hear when someone is helping Veterans. I am a Vietnam Era Paratrooper 1971-1974. I would love to have the tool box..!

  22. David Wayne Palmer    

    I am I 100% disabled Vietnam vet and I would love to have one of the tool boxes it would definitely help me to stay busy and keep my mind off of what it keeps wanting to go back to thank you very much I truly appreciate this.

  23. Kimberly E. Hutchins    

    THis is a good idea. It puts veterans in a mind set that says with the right tools you can continue to achieve. I am a retiree after 9/11 and a gulf war veteran and am also interested in the tool box.

  24. Robert Flesher    

    Thank you Mr. Shepard for creating this program to positively impact the lives of all who have served our country. I served during Operations Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan back in 2012-2013. As a result of my 8 years of service I am now 70% disabled, but luckily I’m still fighting the good fight unlike the many who sacrificed it all. I wish to apply for the toolbox, but have no problem waiting for older war Veterans to be issued theirs before me selected.
    Thank you!

  25. CARLO    


  26. Francis Casto    

    i served in Viet Nam the whole year in 1970. Then again in Iraq 2004-2006. Only 10% disability, don’t know if I qualify but would love to have a toolbox. Great work you are doing. Dis regard those negative comments, I think they are jealous because they don’t have the %^&* to stand up and try to help.

  27. J. Carthan    

    What an awesome program Mr. Clarence Robert “Bud” Shepherd put together for Veterans. You are a credit to all Veterans sir. We should all aspire to lead by your shining example.

  28. Charles Graves    

    why not all veterans, i’m a veterans , why not me too

  29. Linda Harper    

    I really admire what you are doing for vets. I have PTSD and I try building things from junk to keep the PTSD under control.
    I also like to color when I feel down. The thing about helping vets is, it touches our hearts to see that someone cares enough about us. Whether you send me a toolbox or not, I appreciate that you took the time out of your day to give something so nice to vets. I would be honored to receive one, but as I said if not thank you for blessing someone else.

    Thank You
    Linda Harper

  30. Jeff Morganstern    

    I would like to have the tool box your talking about! Thank you all who are involved with helping out with vets!

  31. marshall ely    

    this was/ is a wonderful idea. Hope there is enough to go around either way Thank you for you service

  32. William F. Conway    

    I just read about your program. I think it is a great program. I think the Purple Heart medal is the best looking of all the medals the military gives out but I am glad I did not receive one. I had two tours in Viet Nam and have a 20% disability. There are more deserving veterans that deserve the toolbox. I would like to enter my name in the program. Thanks to all the companys that contribute to this program. My thanks to all the veterans for their service.

  33. Dontrell R. Jones    

    I am a retired Army Veteran and I just heard about this program to get a really nice tool box. I think this is a really nice thing to do for us veterans and if possible I would like to receive one as well.

  34. Donald Hawley    

    I know there are more worthy Veterans than I who sacrificed it all. If you have given to most Veterans and have a box for me it would be appreciated. USMC 1963-1967 Infantry 0311. Thanks for doing this for the needy Vets and help them recover from what ever ails them.

    Semper Fi Don

  35. Thomas Lowery    

    I served in the USN during peace time. I learned a trade which helped me throughout my life. Now my time is growing shorter as the gray hairs begin to multiply. My disability is not a severe as many of those who have written above but I’m still active. Your Toolbox would be a big help around the house and under the hood. I think what you’re doing for the Vets is a great thing and I hope this program can serve many more Vets to come.

  36. Victor Martinez    

    Would love a tool box. Iraq, Afghanistan Veteran.

  37. David dalazar    

    I am a marine Vietnam veteran , I was in country in ‘,67’ 68 I am also a 100% disabled veteran that received 3 Purple Hearts, the tool box would help me with my PTSD.KEEPING busy so that I would not dwell with my PTSD. I also would like to thank you for what you are doing to help our veterans and may God Bless you and Thanks

  38. donald kenneth ball    

    great program i was in army 1966 to 1968 viet nam got out for 10 years went in army national guard after desert storm i retired the VA has treated me real well got retirement and disability

  39. Michael Tidwell    

    I would like to have a tool box.

  40. scott joseph horton    

    thank you for your service then and now. joined at 17 with a 110 gt score and my recruiter says ‘how about the infantry?’now im a vet from the early 80,s 11b and 11m bradley driver. a year in korea 3 months on the dmz doing ambush patrols ect… fort hood texas hell on wheels 2nds armor. so many deserving vets ahead of me but i could really put a tool box to good use .thanks again

  41. scott joseph horton    

    thank you for your service then and now. joined at 17 with a 110 gt score and my recruiter says ‘how about the infantry?’now im a vet from the early 80,s 11b and 11m bradley driver. a year in korea 3 months on the dmz doing ambush patrols ect… fort hood texas hell on wheels 2nds armor. so many deserving vets ahead of me but i could really put a tool box to good use .

  42. Thomas Shrader    

    I just want to say to all Vietnam and Korean vets….. You are not forgotten! There are those like me who thank you for your sacrifice and for your service. With respect, please ignore the idiot trolls who know nothing but how to sew discontent. As a spade is a spade, an idiot is just that, an idiot! My father and I are both jarheads. Dad served in Vietnam from 1958 – 1963 and I in peacetime from 1987 – 1989. Pops is just now exploring his options with the VA at age 79 and I have a service connected disability from my service! I have been in the VA system for 30 years and from what I have seen in Texas, Tennessee, NC and now Florida the Korean and Vietnam vets are a huge focus now at the VA and rightly so! I just wanted to tell you all that YOU Are Not Forgotten and again, I thank you all for your service! Semper Fi

  43. Kevin    

    I would like to receive a toolbox if there is any left. I’m a 100% disabled veteran and could use the tools to do projects to keep busy and fix things (or try before I hire a tradesman to do it). Its a way of learning and making yourself independant and keep my hands busy.

    Thank you SFC Kevin D Smith USMC and USAR.

  44. Darell Koenig    

    I am proud I served two years in RVN as a Huey pilot. My children and grandchildren are happy to say their OPA is a Vietnam Vet. I have survived prostate cancer and eschemia, and a back injury. Yes, I would do it again knowing the consequences.

  45. rene morales    

    served from 92-96 active marine corps. left with a 10% disability although it feels more like 50% some days worse than others. anyway still live by the code semper fidelis. thank you for doing what you do.

  46. Tony Joe Williams    

    I am a 2 tour Veteran of Operation Iraqy Freedom And Operation enduring Freedom.
    I am disabled but not to the point that I can’t work… I would really appreciate to become a part of the Veterans Toolbox program… please advise what would need to happen in order to make this happen … Thanks

  47. Robert Barret    

    I am Vietnam Veteran . Served from 67-71. It says all Veterans can apply so I would like a free tool box also . Thank you.

    1. norman barren    

      thank everyone no matter the stories you and everyone deserves a thank you for your service.

  48. Robert Barret    

    I’m a Vietnam Vet served 67-71 and will like to apply for a tool box because I like doing little thing around the house.Thank you

  49. Emilio Gutierrez    

    I would like to receive a tool box as it is stated just apply, Vietnam era.

  50. Richard Rinaldi    

    I could sure use a tool box as alot of my tool are broken this would be a big help around the house

  51. Don T Hough Sr    

    I to am a Vietnam Veteran that would love to receive a tool box. These new tools would be a nice replacement for the out-dated tools that I have. I can still use my hands pretty good to do odd jobs around my house and my sister’s house. She is more disabled than I am. Don’t know how much time I have before my back goes out. If not a tool box, a lot of prayers will be appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.

  52. SFC Shinaberger, Brian    

    I am still in the Army for another 4 years then I will retire, if my doctors don’t make me retire before then. I am a Wounded Warrior and I do a lot of home projects at home and sometimes for our office at work instead of waiting for base maintenance support because they don’t always show up and it takes to long once they actually come. Receiving a toolbox would really help my out and it would mean a lot since a lot of Soldiers like my self get dismissed and treated like there is nothing wrong with us just because we weren’t shot or injured in the way to qualify for a purple heart. I was injured and also diagnosed with PTSD and its been a hard struggle dealing with it and realizing I need help. So if you have an extra one that you wouldn’t mind sending to me I would be very grateful and appreciative, but if I don’t qualify that’s ok I’m used to it and thank you for your time and consideration anyway. I just want to say thank you again for your consideration and for what you do for us Veterans I truly appreciate it very much and it feels good knowing there are people like yourselves out there that are doing great things for us and still appreciate what we do and the sacrifices we have all made; have a wonderful day.

  53. Carl Crawford    

    I would like a toolbox also if one if there is one available it would be very much appreciate i am also a Vietnam veteran if not i thank you for the chance to apply for one what you are doing very nice of you, Thanks for the chance to apply. I was there in 1969-1970 and would go back again if it would help keep a child from going.

  54. Betty Trimble    

    My husband (Air Force) and I (Navy) are both Korean vets. Neither of us qualify or need a toolbox. John because he can barely hit a nail, and me because a computer is my toolbox. Just had to say that you are doing an amazing thing here. Thank you! To the several people who said they’d love to start woodworking, here’s a freebie for them. Most lumberyards have a large assortment of cut-offs and mistakes. These pieces are thrown into a bin for recycling or selling in bulk to whoever needs them. Don’t ignore a rare wood business. They, too, end up with pieces that aren’t suitable for their regular customers. Yet these beautiful woods can be made into anything from earrings to bolo ties to jewelry boxes. I bought a really beautiful stitch ripper set into just a tiny piece of wood. The gentleman who made it told me that was a vet, and that making pretty sewing items to sell in his wife’s quilt booth was what helped keep his sanity. Take woodworking lessons at a community college or adult program. Look up your local woodworker’s group – there is always one around. Don’t let anything stop you from getting started!

  55. John Bittner    

    Would like a tool box for my home and auto projects. I am an 86 year old disabled veteran who served in the Seabees.

  56. David A. Edwards    

    Hello Fellow Veteran,
    I am a Vietnam Area Veteran. I was honorably discharged after serving thirteen years with the AF. Because of a fractured wrist, I am not able to improvise working tools. I build Ramps for those who need it. Please help me replacing some of the tools recently stolen from my truck.
    Thanking you in advance.

  57. louis toussaint    

    Would love one of the toolboxes…sure would come in handy working in my little shop…served in vietnam in 1968..

  58. john t. Gaffney sr    

    I served on board the USS connole between 1972-1975 I currently am on disability and would really appreciate a tool box. So I can repair things around my house. This is a good thing you’re doing for vets. Thank you

  59. Vernon Green    

    I served in Korea in 1963 and 1964. I recently was awarded a 30 percent disability which was service connected and I could really use some new tools. My resources are limited and I have to do most of my own repairs. I thank you for your wonderful support.

  60. Roger Lynn Jackson    

    I am a disabled Vietnam Vet that also lost my wife to cancer this year. I think this could help me with my disabilities and my recent loss. I agree that the vets with more critical needs should come first.

  61. Glen Arnold Kane    

    I don’t write very well but I am a WWII and Korea veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart.

    1. Terry Sayle    

      Dear Sir,
      This program you started with the toolboxes is one heck of a way to help Veterans but to say thank you for your service. I am a disable veteran served in Vietnam 1967-1968.

  62. Jennifer Thornburg    

    Served 21 years and working but not making very much. I have 7 kids and sure could use this but I see there a lot of more deserving vets here. if you have an extra I raise my hands.

  63. James Ludwig    

    I also would like one of your toolboxes, A Viet Nam Vet Purple Heart Recipient and 100% disabled, Thank You.

  64. Oliver Moffett    

    THANK YOU MR. SHEPHERD FOR BEING so kind to us vets.IT a blessing to have my own tool box,i’m a disabled vet.Thank our LORD JESUS for touching your heart to bless us vet.

  65. Robert Bruce Stewart Jr    

    I served 24 years in USAF from 1951-1975. Rated 50% disabled. Some one recently stole my tools from my garage. Could really use a new tool box with tools. I flew 4,000 hours mostly in B-52s many of them from Guam over Vietnam.

  66. Ronald L Hill    

    I’m a 25 year veteran serving all over the world on 5 ships. I’m 75 and my wife recently got 3 goats & wants to breed them next year…so we have made a Goat Shack for the current 3 & planning a larger one for the new ones. My wife is very handy and uses my tool however, several have been misplaced (?) A tool box is really needed at the Hill house. Respectfully Ron Hill

  67. Shelley Meyers    

    What a great program, thank you! I am a Vietnam era veteran and retired from the Air National Guard in 2014. I am attempting to remodel an old house and would love a set of tools, if you deem me eligible.

  68. Marlan Dale Shannon    

    I am a Vietnam bet I was awarded a Silverstar I have I have ptsd

  69. Dave Zebrowski    

    I am a Viet Nam Veteran with 100% service connected disability for Agent Orange I am 68 years old and would love to have a military tool box.

    Thank you for your consideration

  70. John Sizemore    

    I need a tool box, thank you

  71. Michael J Rousseau    

    As a retired navy vet, I think that this is a wonderful program.
    Keep up the great work.


    I am a Vietnam Veteran (11B). I don’t have a purple heart (than the lord) but am handicapped. The tool box would be nice, BUT please put me at the bottom of the list, as there are MILITARY HEROES in more need than I am. This is a great program and please continue your good work.

  73. richard m borders    

    army vet 1967thru1969 would love to have the tool box thanks

  74. William J King    

    Bud this is a fantastic program. It’s helping many veterans in more ways then can be described. I live in Florida and if there is any way I can be of assistance please let me know. I am not affiliated with any tool company but may be of help in other ways

  75. Robert Garcia    

    Disabled Vietnam Veteran and Purple Recipient. I would appreciate one of the tools boxes. As the tools will come in handy in working on the home and on my car. Thanks!

    1. James Abernathy    

      I would truly like to have one of the tool boxes to help around my house. I am a 100% service connected disabled Vietnam veteran.

    2. Mary Welch    

      What a wonderful program Mr. Shepherd! THANK YOU for your inspiration and encourgement to veterans and most of all, THANK YOU for your service! May you always be blessed.

      1. Mary Welch    

        THANK YOU to ALL Veterans. God bless each and every one.

    3. Gregory Morrison    

      I am a retired US Army SFC, I retired after 20 years of Active duty. I am 100% ..I retired on December 1, 1988 can I receive one. Gregory Morrison, Arlington TN

      1. Jerome Rillera    

        How can I get one of these tool boxes tell me what I have to do please I’m a combat Vietnam veteran thank you I look forward to your responses

  76. ralph huff    

    im a disabled vet from the viet nam era i had heart suregery 5 years ago and its hard doing thing around the house, i would very much appreciate it if i could get a free tol box , at least its something for free i could get

  77. William Steinbrook    

    I am a Vietnam veteran and this tool box would help me tremendously!4

  78. Jean Howell    

    Hello. I was in the Pre Gulf war from 1989-1991. I was stationed @ NAS Keflavik, Iceland in the US Navy and was very proud of my time serving there. I was discharged before my service was up. I wanted to go longer but became diagnosed with PTSD among many other diagnoses. I did not receive any special medal like you did. I commend you for being so brave to sacrifice as much as you did and even now you keep giving of your service in this way. It would be an honor, privalage and great therapy for me to receive one of these tool boxes. I make many things from scratch with what I do have which isn’t much. I have been told that I am very talented with my handiwork. I don’t pursue a job with this talent because it’s my therapy for my PTSD. I am 100% disabled and have been for over 24 years. If you do choose me to receive a toolbox I would be so greatly honored, but I ask that you help those you feel really need and deserve them first. Thank you for your honor and thoughtfulness.

  79. Joseph L Failla    

    A Korean vet in need, Thank you

  80. harold mitchell    

    i service 1 year in vietnam 1969/70 I am now 100%disable would like to have a toolbox.

  81. Urval Hardiman    

    Urval Hardiman September 5,2019 at 11:33 am

  82. THOMAS J. Mc Gowan    

    Vietnam Vets served our country when asked to do so. I am 100% service connected Vet and sure could use the tools for my therapy.

  83. Urval Hardiman    

    Yes i would to have a tool box

  84. Stehpen Ferguson    

    Thank you Bud. I would like to apply.

  85. Gary A VanDervort    

    I served during the Vietnam Era. Many of our brothers did not come home from over seas.Those of us that did have had to try with numerous adversities. Most all of my tools I had before I enlisted are gone. Any replacements would be greatly appreciated. God bless you all for what you are doing.

  86. Charles Browning    

    I am a retired 20 year Vietnam Veteran and a Bronze Star recipient. I am 90 percent Combat disabled, l have a 10 Service related disability for a total of 100 percent disabled.
    I am still very active doing odd jobs around the house and for neighbors. I would love to have a toolbox.


    I am a Vietnam Veterans on disability and draw social security and a small VA check every month just enough to live on like all veterans are doing if you have any extra I would like to have one to kinda do some up keep on my car and home myself to save me some money thanks for helping veterans.

  88. Rene Estrada    

    I am a Vietnam veteran and can use this tool box to do some of my own repairs and help my neighbors, instead of having to call a repairman for lack of tools. How can I apply for one?

  89. Delberto Medina    

    Disabled Viet Nam Veteran and Purple Recipient. I would appreciate one of the tools boxes. As the tools will come in handy in working on the home and on my car. Thanks!

  90. Roger G. Fuller    

    I am a disabled Viet Nam vet. I would sincerely appreciate a tool box to help me putter around the house. Thank you for your consideration.

  91. David Tardif    

    I can’t believe that tool boxes are given away free ! I recently had my tools “disappear” from a job site I was on. I think I know who did the theft but cannot prove it. Too many guys on the job. It was a cloth type denim bag that I’ve used for years in construction and electrical work. Just replacing a few tools has set me back a lot and it would be greatly appreciated if I were to win this lottery of a new box and tools.
    I spent 8 years in the service from 1972 to 1980. Loved every bit of training and the jobs that were required of me. If I had to do it again I would gladly enlist. It taught me so many things being around different people and different walks of life. All I can say is, “What an experience”.
    I hope all veterans will get their benefits when getting out of the service. It has made a difference to me after getting laid off 10 years ago.

  92. Ted A. Roland    

    Thank you for all your great work helping Vets. I too served in USAR as a combat Medic for 6 years. My dad served in WWII and retired as Command Sgt. Major. Would love to have a toolbox. Thanks again for your service.

  93. Ray Balzano    

    I’m a 20yr veteran of the queen of battle 11-B INFANTRY! I have seen many combat zones in many countries. Numerous injuries to many to list.
    I pray everyone gets one and would love one myself and everyone builds something beautiful with the toolbox.
    Thank you

  94. Ray Balzano    

    I would love a tool box. 20 year veteran of the queen battle INFANTRY 11-B
    Bad knees, bad back , can’t hear, ptsd ! The list is numerous. I’ve fought for this country in many countries as have many soldiers. I pray we all receive one and build something beautiful with it.
    Thank you.

  95. Morton E. Shafran (ret.)    

    This is a wonderful program to help around our house. I am a veteran (Navy) of the Korean War, and I do believe Purple Heart victims should get first assistance, but if yuou have any left over, I’d like one. Thank y ou..

  96. David Michael Joseph    

    Please submit your fax # to me for Identification to submit my DD214.
    Vietnam Vet (1966-71) fully 100% disabled (Combat Vet) Tet Khe Sahan survivor. (1967-68)

  97. Jeffery Scott Evisizer    

    I am a veteran fro Desert Storm and would love to receive a tool box. My first duty station was in Guam (beautiful place btw) on board the USS White Plains AFS-4 and my second duty station was in San Diego (32nd st.) on board the USS Harry W. Hill DD-986

  98. dave smith    

    I am a 66 year old Vietnam Vet how would like a tool box.

  99. William McNabb    

    I am a vet with many disabilities through the VA. I appreciate all you are doing for our fellow vets and thank you for your efforts to help out those who need it. I am not asking for anything but after reading about your program I wanted to say thank you. God bless.

  100. Mark Overlie    

    I am (finally!) currently disabled after working to receive VA a medical care for Gulf War Syndrome. I am also finally able to begin pursuing a career learning to be an electrician.
    I could really use the tool box and tools to help get me on my way! My education requires me to purchase tools initially and along the way. Minimizing that would be very helpful to avoid further student loan debt.
    Thank you for reading this. Sorry it got long.

  101. John E Langhals Jr.    

    What a wonderful program. I am a Korean 85-year-old veteran. I have some tools left from the 1960s when I worked at NASA. They are quite worn and if possible I would be proud to have a toolbox. Take care of those that made the sacrifice for us first !
    Thank you call me Jack !

  102. Frank J. De Agostine    

    I salute and God Bless all who have made this program possible for our Veterans. It’s good to see people like yourselves putting together this unique program. God knows we can’t depend on the government to assist us Veterans any further. I’m a former Marine during the 50’s and did not see any action but had the honor of associating with several of the men that made it back from Korea’s Frozen Chosen. Semper Fi

  103. Glenn E Davies    

    ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL. Vietnam Vet 65-67, 69-70.

  104. Allen Johnson    

    Just a Vietnam Vet saying thank you.

  105. Scott Morton    

    I am interested in learning how to be issued one of your tool boxes, I am a 100% disabled Veteran that served in 5 combat tours. I find it therapeutic working with my hands, and helping others.

  106. Donna King    

    My husband is a vietnam veteran with purple heart
    Has PTSD and porphyia cutena agent orange skin disease
    Please consider him for a tool box
    Thank you for all u do for the veterans

  107. Terry a behrend    

    I’m a Viet vet. US Navy from 1965 to 1971. Went to school-now I’m a retired family physician. However I am still not well off. I would REALLY like to have a tool box.
    Terry A Behrend

  108. jerry sinkovec    

    I could use a tool box kit to help maintain the house, but never got a purple heart. The more deserving who received one should get them first.

  109. Gabriel Gunther    

    I am a disabled Vet and would sincerely appreciate a tool box.


      Hello, and good morning I am a disabled Gulf War Veteran and I am a female I sure would love one of those tool boxes for myself because I do a lot of small odds and end jobs and always need a tool and don’t have it and have to wait for the hubby to get home to get it for me so if I have a tool box of my own I won’t need to wait. How do I get one thank you so very much this is such a wonderful idea

    2. Camille johnson    

      Good morning, I am a recent retiree of 27 years active service. I have recently divorced and I would love a tool box in order to do small jobs around the house since I am now living alone.

      This is a phenomenal program, grateful to have come across this.

      Kind regards,

  110. Marie Stimpson    

    Good morning! I am a Veteran of 30 years and 4 days and retired now. I would love to learn how to get a toolbox from you. I have PTSD and am helping others and volunteering my help with outside work and cleaning up their yards. With my PTSD I find it relaxing with mowing, trimming trees, and weed eating people yards. I would greatly appreciate and be honored to receive a toolbox. Thank you for your service and have a great day and a better week!


  111. Janice Schwartz    

    My husband was in the United States Army Second Infantry Indian Head organization in Japan and a recipient of a bronze star. He later was assigned to a group of proud men during the Vietnam war. I would like to nominate him to receive one of your proud tool boxes. He is 87 years of age and very proud of his Army background. It would be an honor.

  112. Johnny E. Adams    

    I would love a box. I served in the Navy during the Vietnam era. I congratulate you for the job your doing to help others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  113. Ben Bloomer    

    I am an ARMY veteran of 12 years and am partially disabled. It’s a pretty great thing that Bud wants to give back to fellow soldiers. You people that criticize this guy because you don’t qualify for his program should be ashamed. I don’t care if he says he is only giving “gifts” to 35 year old Korean vets or only light wheel mechanics. That is his right and his money to spend. My Dad served in Vietnam, my grandpa in WWII, and my great-uncle in WWI. None of them had their hand out and whined about not getting their share. They were proud of serving their country. I have a disease that causes brain tumors and deal with pain every day, but I hate people trying to feel sorry for me. That only makes you weak.

  114. William h wise    

    I’m a Vietnam veteran and have looked for ways of helping all vets. I don’t live close to a V S center of hospital so volunteering wasn’t a n option. I like the idea of the toolbox program, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist. Thanks look forward to heR I t from you.

  115. Travis Johnson    

    My best wishes for your safety during and after Hurricane Dorian.

  116. darryl woodall    

    I would love to have a tool box, I am a Navy Vet, I severed from 1982 to 2002 n I have PTSD, I work at the prison in my town n they have 2 pods/ cell that houses over 80 Vet, please let me know how to get a tool box thank You

  117. Roberto    

    This is great! This good man is focus on one specific group of veteran. At least there is hope for one group, those in the post 9-11 epoch. For the others someone else will come…

  118. Orvis C. Addleman    

    Bud, I am curious to know if the name Orvis M. Addleman rings any memory for you. My dad would be about your age and he was also in the U.S. Army Air Corp. in England. He was a mechanic on the B-17 as I recall. I realize this is a long shot but one never knows until they ask. He was from Pennsylvania.

    Thank you for your time and thank you for your service!

    God Bless

    Orvis C. Addleman
    Retired U.S. Army

  119. Algie Cook    

    Thank you Mr. Shepherd for you do for every vet aro uh and the world. We are our number one priority.

  120. Michael C Riley    

    I think they are your boxes you made them and you should distribute as you see fit. But let’s not forget the PTSD who are suffering from the change from one lifestyle to another.

  121. Ron A Worthan    

    Thank you for your continued service. I’m proud to be considered to be a fellow veteran. Ron. A Worthan

  122. Michael Arent    

    You have no idea how much the attention to post 9/11 veterans affects those of us wounded in Vietnam. We are the forgotten. What we endured after returning from service in Vietnam should never be accepted. Just take a look at the statistics of the number s KIA in Vietnam and number of wounded in Vietnam. There is no comparison to the post 9/11 veterans. It is now when we are retiring that we need some support and are truly feeling left behind.

  123. Martin Ferrell    

    Hi, My husband was just shy of 20 years in military before being medically discharged. My husband suffers from several medical conditions with PTSD being the most serious. He lost several soldiers overseas and at night the whole bed trembles as he screams like he’s still in war. My husband was in desert storm and Iraqi freedom. He’s told mevthings that he’s seen and been through. He has seen a psychiatrist for 5 years now and sufferers everyday with physical and mental pain. My husband doesn’t go outside and our house is very dark on inside. He keeps the windows covered with curtains and blankets. I’m doing everything I can to help him I love my husband very much and it hurts me to see him in all this different pain. Please consider this toolbox for him I believe it could help give him new hobby. Thank you for your help!

  124. Ronald E. Lacy    

    WOW, what can I say, YOU are an amazing man, and to be still alive and healthy at 94? You really are blessed.

    I served 4 years in the Navy and got out JUST before the big Vietnam build up. One year after getting out I went into law enforcement, in the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay to be exact. I was a deputy sheriff with Alameda County, which covered Oakland CA and Berkeley CA. Oakland was the headquarters for the Hell’s Angels and the Black Panthers, and Berkeley was the headquarters for most of the ANTI War, anti Vietnam movement, which were secretly the first BIG anti government and anti America movement.

    I personally had run-ins with the Hell’s Angels and with the Black Panthers, had to work 3 riots in Berkeley between 1967 and 1999. Just to name a FEW of the issues we had there. Later I had run-ins with the brass of our department. I left there after 12 years a very angry man, and went to work for a small department in the mountains. My wife and I had been making $2,500 per month together, but when we moved my wife could not find work and they only paid me $900 per month, a total loss of $1,600 per month. But after 3 years I met the Lord Jesus. Later when I learn a lot about PTSD I realized that IS what I was suffering when I left Alameda County.

    I am really excited to hear about you and what you are doing for the veterans. May GOD Bless you…
    IF you are a praying man, please pray for me. I was very healthy until 3 years ago! I am now 75 years old and have LOTS of health problems. I have been going to private doctors and to the VA. I have had like15 tests over the last year, and NO ONE has been able to diagnose my problem.

  125. Edna Bolin    

    What about Vietnam vets with PTSD? They have not have not nor will they make transition.

  126. Sasula    

    The story said Purple Heart recipients are given priority, but all veterans can apply. What a terrific story!

  127. Susan Austin    

    I am a nothing veteran apparently. Told when I enlisted “early entry” at 17 I would be among “Vietnam era” service members until I tried to use my GI bill education benefits when I learned my recruiter was just making book. I have not been acceptable a vet for ANY benefit I’ve applied for. I live on SS disability (not service related) but somehow don’t qualify for VA health help. No Purple Heart…. FRAUD alert.
    I can’t afford tools and my house is circa 1765, need a tool to open a window!

  128. Mark Decaro    

    However, important to know that there a lot of combat vets out there who should have been entitled to a Purple Heart(s) and other awards but their commands never wrote them up nor recognized them, especially those in the early stages of the wars from 2001 to 2005 and then you have after that services awarding people Bronze Stars for admin work and passing out PH for nothing, and brass writing themselves up. I think this should be based more on verification of where you were and what you did, a lot of vets that went to war were shafted back then.

  129. Carol L Stricklin    

    I am a female Post Vietnam Veteran 7.5 yrs active duty Arny and 15yrs AK ARNG now a disabled. I have stage 3 COPD on oxygen therapy. Before I request a toolbox can you tell what are these tools. I do not want to request something that I have no use for when a deserving veteran can use it. Thank you and reply requested

    1. John Hinkley    

      I mean Ms female lady person, what does sex have to do with this program? Anyway, if you did a bit of research you’d see a picture(s!) of what is included.

      Don’t waste people’s time if you already think you don’t need it. Ms female ma’am, yes ma’am


      1. Brittany    

        John Hinkley your rudeness is uncalled for. Maybe use that energy for something more proactive instead of talking down to others????

  130. Mark McWilliams    

    Thank Guys, Those are Awesome!!
    How would one get a tool box or take some to vets in VA Conroe, TX


  131. Daniel Nauenburg    

    GREAT JOB, what else can I say. I am a retired Vet and I am happy to see this kind of love for one another.

  132. Danny Wayne Heath    

    I am a Vietnam Marine Vietnam Era with a Purple Heart and COC with 2 stars.
    Is it possible for me to receive this tool box which I know would get me out of this chair more often.

  133. Clifford Miller    

    *excellent* You definitely have been blessed by the man above. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, Desert Storm and Gulf war Vet. Also. I did 12.5 yrs. In the Army and 15.5 yrs. In the Navy. I’m 100% disabled with colon cancer for the past 4 yrs. But still young at heart ! I’m a night of the Knights of Columbus here in Columbus, Ohio. I’m the chairman of an event I’ve started called “Coats for VETERANS” of which we are giving new coats, hats, scarfs and gloves. We have alot of VA organizations participateding also on the November 16 event. Were expecting around 2500 veterans to attend. We’ll have tv and radio coverage. Wish i could get your tool box for the event and my rehab work i do. Thank you ! Cliff Miller

  134. Gary    

    If they can help only one Vet either is was ww2 through today it’s a awesome thing!! I am thankful that someone is here today to help when a brother or sister comes home when there was not that support before.

    Thank you all

  135. Kathy Patton    

    This is fantastic. Thank you for doing this. Sir, Thank you for your Service to Our Amazing Country.

  136. Daniel C Rojas    

    Thank you Mr.. Shepherd, for once again reminding me, a disabled, decorated, Vietnam Veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart, that I don’t need apply for one of your toolboxes. Although, Mr. Shepherd, I fought and bled for this country, I served in a war that was LOST. A war that sent patriotic young men and women to there death. A fabricated war that was not meant to be won. A war that was fought PRE-9/11. A war that my country wants to forget. A war that changed the course of America.
    Oh! You wouldn’t know what it feel to have your country ignore you. Hoping that we would all just go away or disappear. Well Mr. Shepherd, you can keep your fricking TOOLBOX!!! I don’t want one. One Hundred Thousand (100,000) of my Vietnam Brothers have already chosen to not to receive your fricking TOOLBOX by taking their own lives! So Mr. Shepherd, you keep your priorities straight and go ahead and hand out your TOOLBOXES to the Post-9/11 Purple Heart Veterans. It is well documented that the Vietnam Veterans have never a PRIORITY for America.
    Daniel C Rojas
    A Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry
    Republic of Vietnam
    1969 – 1970

  137. Diane M McGowan    

    I am a female vet who got out in 2002. I was injured in a training related accident and basically forced to retire after a medical board decision. Since it was not combat related I did not receive a purple heart. I have struggled with mental illness for many years now and still see my dr weekly. Thank God for other vets particularly female vets who understand some of the issues that I face. Thank you for your gift to the vets. It’s a great idea.

  138. William Gallant    

    I believe this is a very good idea and wish I could receive a tool box. I am not a purple heart awardee. I never flew in a B-17. My father received several purple hearts from Vietnam, having served in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years. His older brother was a B-17 tail gunner with the 8th in Northern Africa and on the first day with 35 to 45 knot crosswinds they attempted to takeoff and the aircraft flipped on edge and skidded into a fuel depot caught fire then the bombs exploded. Posthumously awarded Distinguished Flying Cross. I served 9yrs U.S.Navy.

  139. Steven Wilson    

    Vietnam veterans get very little and did not get the offer of a toolbox. We had to purchase our own if we wanted one. Once we were dismissed, it was “adios” forever. I used to go to the Pensacola VA and they missed that I was diabetic. I kept telling the doctor that my feet hurt terribly. Had an Xray with no broken bones. So, went to a private doctor and he did the labs and it was determined that I am type 2 diabetic. Anything from the VA. Seriously???? I would love one of those tool boxes. So thankful that those with purple heart awards get this beautiful toolbox.

  140. Jhan T Allen    

    The VA has a lot of good programs but we need to help the homeless vets with education to all of these programs the VA has to offer when I see homeless vets I point them in the Direction of the VA so that they can get help

  141. George Johnson    

    Why “ Post 911 “m Why not WWII or Korean Wars?

  142. Ken Dee    

    Great idea. But all vets no matter what war should be included in all progrms. Viet nam vets were treated worse than any other war vets. Spit on and degraded. like we as Viet namers, wanted to go there in the first place . Our country called and we went!!.

  143. W Curtis    

    Being a 62yo veteran I do hold a slight bit of resentment of treatment towards me through the 80s and 90s but this program is wonderful for the post 9/11 veterans. To me the Purple Heart shouldn’t be a qualifying requirement as some people reading this believe (it’s not if you read the article). High priority I’m good with (which it is) but when you have older veterans rearing that ugly jealousy head then there’s a problem. I’m 100% disabled but I am retired. I got my own tools. I get plenty of freebies from the VA. I don’t need “my” toolbox. Let’s honor our brothers and sisters that have been at war longer than any veteran my age. Support them! Great program. The resentment I held back then was actually towards the VA but in the last 15 years or so I’ve seen a complete attitude change towards veterans at the VA. I’m always treated with honor and respect now. Now.

  144. Gary Shaw    

    How do i get a tool box gary shaw

  145. Bernard Banks    

    Many Vietnam and Korean vets for various reasons still haven’t transitioned. To assume because of our age that we have by now is an erroneous oversight and injustice.

    I haven’t, and been struggling for years. I could definitely use a toolbox. I just landed a job to start in Oct, that require having tools, which I have none of, and I’m a Vietnam era vet with a DD214 to prove it.

  146. James D. Dugas    

    What must I do to get the tool box?

  147. Steven Pyles    

    This scam is not only misleading but very discriminating in so many ways.

  148. Larry Buthmann    

    Why just post 9/11 veterans? I am a Vietnam veteran (actually served 3 tours on the ground) and was deeply hurt by the reaction that we got when we returned home. Now you, a veteran yourself, decided to exclude us from your program too. It’s like pouring salt on an open wound.
    I don’t need a toolbox, it’s the principle. Honor ALL veterans!

  149. Jeff Lydon    

    edit: First half of my reply

    Outfits like This one, mean well… and Yes I understand that the average Vietnam Veteran isn’t transitioning to work in the civilian sector, but in general we need to rethink the way we approach “eras” of veterans. There are a ton of Non-Profits focused on post 9/11, or a particular detail like Purple Heart recipients, this is a mistake, we should make all programs avail. to ALL veterans. Most won’t take advantage, that much we know, but I don’t want to deny any veteran any benefit in any way.

  150. John Morgan    

    Vietnam Veterans really Never got ANY RECOGNITION, now Did They?

    Healing Gestures should Indeed be for Everyone.

  151. Ilko P Major    

    May God bless you all!!!!
    GO ARMY!!!!

  152. Debra Wassel    

    Many people from Nam era still work. It would be a nice gesture to give one to a Nam vet, because that was the time military were treated poorly, and they didnt get anything close to what vets get today. There wasn’t alot of veteran pay for PTSD, many men ended up living on the streets, suffering with no help provided. They became drugs and drug users. That is the treatment they got. X

  153. James Long    

    A great way to get vets active!

  154. Ron Williams    

    Hi Chair Force guys!!!! 😉 Army here and you KNOW we had it rougher than most of you…MRE’s, bivouacs, staring down an M1A1 when your 19 and all (that sucked…walked back and forth with an A1 16 with blanks looking stupid guarding a stick across the road) plus a couple more M.O.S.’s. I do not need a toolbox as I am an A&P now but I have extra tools, not a lot, mind you, but willing to share with my brothers. I wouldn’t mind donating some cash too as long as I know it is going to deserving VETS. Let me know. Thanks!

    1. Ron Williams    

      Trying to delete message…you guys did SO MUCH more than I did. Embarrassed to be such a dumbass. Please delete my post but I would still like to donate….

  155. David B Boston Sr    

    I would like to sign up for the Veteran Tool Box program. Can you let me know who I can contact. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran with PTSD 100% Disability.

  156. Renato R Sumalpong    

    So if a vet doesn’t have a purple heart he is not qualified to received the tool box? I guess if your PTSD is not Vietnam or Middle East era you won’t be considered to receive the toolbox. I guess Beirut campaign era doesn’t count either.

  157. Eleazar Zetina    

    I know this make a big difference to all of us who have served this beloved country with men and woman of the same believe for the love of country. Thanks

  158. james masterson    

    Terrific program, Bud. And thanks for your service. Tail gunner. Wow!!!
    I go to the VA in Lyons, NJ. What a beautiful facility, horse country, a stone throw from President Trump’s retreat in Bedminster, NJ.
    Great people, great service. I go every six months, couldn’t be happier.

  159. Richard Finley    

    Vietnam veterans seem to not qualify for any reason. A Purple Heart is what it not a token gift. Hope some day America will consider Vietnam veterans as honorable and deserving as all other veterans

  160. Leslie waggoner    

    Where and how do I sign up for the Tool box program?
    Leslie R. Waggoner Purple Heart Recipiant Vietnam

  161. Kenneth Payne    

    The veterans tool box program website is not working.

  162. Jose Manuel Gonzalez    

    MY experience as a veteran es that I’m always having to BEG for, or am otherwise being denied, something and the VA’s the worst of them all.
    Glad to see someone actually doing something for Vets but, sad to see . . .
    “Thank you for your service” with an asterisk and the asterisk is “MY AZZ”

  163. Lsmsr Fontaine    

    My wr was Viet Nam, would have LOVED such a tool box, but I “transitioned” so very long ago. I am proud of this extremely thoughtful gesture and it serves to all the care and concern for our brothers in arms that so many carry with them. Salute.

  164. Phil Blahut    

    The above site has been shut down. I am not able to access it.

  165. Cindy Trammel    

    I am a Navy vet with a nerve disease that effects my muscles. My life is VA visits and being in my recliner, unable to do very much because of pain. Our house could use some work, but with three women and very few tools we can’t do much. I need a way to get my head and pain working on something else. I am in great pain that can’t be relieved by medications. Please give me a chance to accomplish something with my life as it is now. Thank you for reading this. Cindy Trammel.

  166. Russell Wheeler    

    The link for

    NoGo at this station!

  167. David Aldrich    

    I applied for the tool box program and when I submitted the documentation I got an error that said the account was suspended.


    Your toolbox program does not work. It says “Account Suspended” 🙁

  169. Anthony C McInerney    

    i clicked the link and got error

  170. Dan Tucker    

    Huzzah for the man with a plan. It’s so nice to see and hear of a ‘go giver.’ Someone who sees and recognizes a need and responds to it with a positive result.
    I’m not eligible and, fortunately don’t need the program – I’ve got lots of tools. But I know how important and invigorating those tools can be. What a way to give back and give a hand up – both mentally and physically!

  171. Gregory S Goff    

    How do I apply for a tool box?

  172. John V Aguilar    

    You know, many of us are still coming home, Raul. That said, I think it’s a wonderful thing being done for these
    veterans. John V Aguilar

  173. Danny Karren    

    I was in Vietnam and was sprayed with agent orange. Had cancer three times. I feel so blessed that I was able to serve. I wish that I was close to help with the tools. There is a principal in life. The things you share will multiply that which you withhold will diminish. All can smile, give a word of encouragement, lend a helping hand. God Bless You and America.
    Thanks Dan

  174. Marilyn L. Bundage    

    Can VA widows get a toolbox? I do everything myself around my home.

  175. terri Moore    

    wish the links worked but they dont. I’m a Vietnam vet (woman) and could really use a toolbox. definitely want the purple hearts to get them first though. thanks for caring and sharing and supporting our vets.

  176. Linda Brinson Bowman    

    My name is Linda Brinson Bowman. I am the wife of Sgt. Larry Bowman who was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. My husband was the security security officer that found the firefighters that were trapped in the doors of the North towers which needed his key to go up the stairs of the building. I was on the phone with him which was on his hip from beginning of the attack on the towers to the end of when the building came down on him. Being a single person now with the title of Widow I do a lot of my repairs on my home. My dad taught me a lot also I have the knowledge on maintenances on my car. My dad was a 50 year veteran mechanic that owned his own shop where I learned how to take care of me. Sort to speak.

    But my question to you is because I don’t have a Purple Heart … Larry does with his life The senator, Senator Jeb Bush in Tallahassee, Florida He approved a bill to be passed in Larrys name called Sgt. Larry Bowman’s Act. He definitely deserved that bill so … I’m asking Can I Receive one of your tool boxes? Because of finances I do a lot of my repairs myself. My husband gave his life to bring so many people out if that building all the time me begging him to leave the building. So I would like to have one in his honor sir. I will use it religiously and proudly.

    I’d also like to mention that my son is now serving in the military .. Total (16 years now I think) The army now but after graduation being Corps Commander in the 10th thru 12th grade in high school he was in the Marines. After Larry’s death because of my health and mental status and my son being my baby and the only one that could talk to me on the death of Larry. It was an awful time and they allowed him to be discharged. He returned in 2004 but into the Army. His name is Joshua J. McMiller. The best kid ever.

    I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and share my story with other Veterans and survivors ….. Maybe a little too much but I feel it’s necessary to tell my story of such a DEDICATED SOLDIER INDEED … A GREAT GUY …. A GREAT DAD … And A WONDERFUL HUSBAND. I’m still grieving firm his death because he definitely was my Soul Mate indeed and I will love hm for the rest of my Life.

  177. Denton Ortman    

    I have a friend who was in Iraq, 100% disabled. How can I get one of these for him… or must he apply for himslelf.

  178. John Wettstein    

    I can’t believe a Veteran would criticize another Veteran because he’s helping other Veterans transition back to civilian life.

  179. Kerry French    

    And so women are left out because most of us don’t have purple hearts… ok. got it.

  180. Roger Zarzycki    

    I would love to have a toolbox with nothing in it.

  181. Robert G Balcom    

    Thank you to Mr. Shepherd for your outstanding support to combat wounded veterans. You are an amazing person and an inspiration to all.

  182. Antuan McMillion    

    How do we apply for a chance at a toolbox. I tried the .org link, and it didn’t connect. So, if you have any idea as to how we can get through feel free to reply to this message, and if that’s possible.

  183. James Martin Wyrick    

    I don’t meet your standards for being included in this program. I was medically retired in 1989,shy of 18 years service. I was wondering how many young disabled Veterans I could steer in your direction if I had a toolbox for kind of a show and tell. I use VA and Tricare for life at MAMC for my medical needs and make it to the hospital at least once a month every month. Just a thought???? God bless you for what you are doing for America’s young Veterans.

  184. Nathan Enyart    

    What if you served during peace time and disabled. Before 9/11

  185. Charles C. Brooks    

    Honestly, everyone can benefit form some quality tools. Both old and new veterans can rediscover themselves or a purpose with a tool in there hand. I know I’d love to have some quality tools and I’m sure there are thousands like minded. Thank you and God Bless everyone associated with this wonderful program.

    Charles Brooks

  186. Roger Berg    

    I’m 82 and a Vietnam Veteran (1965-66). I have an old metal tool box that is ready to fall apart. If your program includes old vets like me, I would be happy to receive one.

  187. Holly Johnston    

    That is awesome and I would be honored to own one since I am learning how to do my own projects.

    God Bless!

  188. Philip Marsala    

    Sounds good to me, I could use a new Tool Box

  189. Larry Montgomery    

    Thank you so much for doing this for Vets

  190. Kregg Nettles    

    After reading your heart felt story I’m not sure if I qualified. But I served my country for 23 years. I went to Iraq on the first wave, I’ve never really built anything that amounted to anything. After being in Iraq i had to learn to build things i really need for the safety and comfort. Now I’m from New York City, I wasn’t much of a country guy building all that stuff. But I was amazed on how well I handle a hammer and a screwdriver. I had to build a secured location for me and my battle. Being that we both had a loud snoring problem our commander and first sergeant wouldn’t let us sleep in the bay area with the rest of the soldiers. We felt separate,but unsecured at times. I had to build a shelter or shack that sound proof and from IED’S. Well we both survive, our pride was hurt a little, but everybody love coming to the Bear Den, because we had everything even A/C in there. After spending a year in there I couldn’t wait to build my first man cave and I’m still building other things as well. Thank you for letting share my story.

  191. Albert Kokemor    

    How can i get a toolbox. I served 2 years in Vietnam

  192. Jeff Lydon    

    I tried to reply 3 x, no posting…

  193. Steve Roberts    

    This is Steve Roberts. I was just reading some of the things you were doing for our Purple Heart Veterans. As a disabled marine I want to thank you for thinking of us. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sorry I can’t help but the v a has cut my disability check by two thirds and budget is tight. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  194. Jenifer Bubla    

    What about tool boxes for female Vietnam era
    Veterans? Non Purple Heart recipient.

  195. John Adams    

    Just more publicity BS. Why not pre 9/11. Don’t want your figgin toolbox, just can’t stand the discriminators

  196. Ronnie Dean    

    At first I was glad to here someone was doing something good for veterans. Then I kept reading. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran besides being hassled by the VA trying to get proper treatment I received nothing from other veterans organizations. You assume to much when you make the statement that me are already established in civilian live and we must be doing ok. Because we are not Post 9-11 veterans. How dare you. Did you have a silver spoon shoved up your ass. Vietnam Veterans are still not able to adjust to civilian life but nobody seems to care not even your veterans organization but buddy you’re ready to jump on the post 911 band wagon. Like I said I’m glad there are veterans organizations out there taking care of post 9/11 veterans but a veteran is a veteran regardless of when he served all veterans deserve the right to be taken care of, no veteran has the right to be taken care of over any other veteran. We are all brothers in arms and deserve the same privilege of being taken care of equally.

  197. Tom Cogdell    

    This is awesome! When I came home in 75, no one other than my family was glad to see me. Veterans were treated like scum. I am proud I served, and I’m proud that our veterans and military finally get the recognition they deserve. The toolbox is an awesom idea and a very beneficial one. God Bless You.

  198. Tony Natoli    

    God bless you folks…

    I’d love to have that box but I’m privileged to have inherited a lot of my Dad’s plus many more I’ve purchased over the years..

    This sounds like a great program… maybe distribute this offer to various technical schools like Community Colleges, UEI, Lincoln Tech and a host of others.

    As a Vietnam Vet, I must agree with Ms. Minger… I think your priorities are proper as well. I’m proud to be part of the generation that brought many issues to the surface for the need to help transition service men and women back into civilian life.

    Thanks for what you do!

  199. Robert Harvey    

    How do I get the free toolbox

    1. Elmer Davis    

      Disabled vet could sure use a toolbox with tools

  200. Philip Stewart    

    “Although Post-9/11 Purple Heart Veterans are priority for the program, all Veterans can apply.”

  201. Lyle D. Cornwell    

    I am a 100% Disabled Viet Nam Vet & I would like to have one of those Tool Boxes.

  202. Christopher mirra    

    I have tried numerous times to load the web page for the freetoolbox and I keel getting the same problem … Page can not be reached. Why is that. Is it not available now

  203. Susan Grandy⁰324    

    My husband died March 25,2016 of complications of Agent Orange. Can I recieve a toolbox as his surviving wife. I sure would appreciate it. TY Susan Grandy He was in the Marine Corps from June of 64 – June of 68 and fought in ChuLai, Vietnam 65-66.S

  204. Ralph H. Wyman    

    Can a retired vet be put at the end of the list for a toolbox if there are any left?

  205. Jose Ramon Gonzalez    

    Im a Purple heart recipient..how can I get one for my un organized tools..

  206. James C BROWN    

    Your program sounds great i am a vietnam vet with a puple heart and would love to check about the tool box

  207. Edwin Hernandez Garcia    

    Spc. Hernandez Garcia OIF Army veteran, MOS 92 Foxtrot.

    1. Brent Ostwald    

      When did you serve? MOS 92 F…was that a traffic analyst? I was ASA (509th RRG 224th Avn Bn) RVN.

  208. Raul Batron    

    What about is the Vietnam beys?? Nothing coming for us ??

  209. Glenn Lego    

    Not only so, but many Korea and Vietnam veterans have transitioned into the next world.

  210. Paula Minger    

    Very nice that it’s for PURPLE HEART recipients

  211. Dan werner    

    Why “POST 911”. Why not Korea and Vietnam?

    1. Paula Minger    

      Your right, for over a decade all PRE 9/11 Veterans have been denied benefits we give a POST 9/11 Vet w PTSD who never dep,outed. But this? I can see. Plus he makes sure they have a purple heart which eliminates a lot of fraud

    2. Raul Garcia    

      The focus is for service members transitioning into civilian life, which, if I were a guessing man, most Korean and Vietnam veterans have already done.

      1. Kathie Johnson    

        All the Vietnam veterans in my family which there are 3 of us never received any transitioning out help when we were discharged not even my eldest brother who had a purple heart.
        Why didn’t anyone think of this after Vietnam for our veterans who barely made it home in one piece. A lot of us are still having a hard time and still fighting to survive.

      2. Wayne Mullis    

        The war never leaves you! Vietnam 70-71.

      3. Mike Tierney    

        Some have never left these wars. Still trying to figure out “why”?

      4. Bob Stevens    

        Naa, just like most his age. As a Vietnam vet my self I have to say we were shunned from the VFW till most of them had passed away.

      5. Ronald E. Lacy    

        Raul I know men who are Vietnam veterans who ARE STILL having issues related to PTSD.

      6. gene chylinski    

        I am a Vietnam Veteran with 2 Purple Hearts Medically discharged. I don’t need these, and am glad the Post 911 Vets receive them. Still it does continue to make us feel more like Zero’s rather than Hero’s as there are other Benefits the Post 911’s receive that we aging Vets are not entitled too. JMHO

    3. Wesley C. Schaffran    

      If you feel that Korea and Vietnam vets can use the same service then do something about it. Don’t just sit there and be a keyboard warrior. Vietnam vets didn’t get a warm welcome home like we do now. I fully believe they deserve all these things as well. This program is Bud Shepherd’s and he can do what he wants with it. Do something similar for Korean and Vietnam vets if you feel that strongly about it.

    4. Bill    

      Thats exactly what I was thinking Raul Garcia…Its for transitioning service members. If your post Korea and Vietnam you are past transitioning.

    5. K. Gagnon    

      Your Right! Why not the VietNam Vet who had to transition without much support from VA or other organizations!
      Realizing that the good deed would be hard for all, but why not the Older Generation which is quickly leaving us?

    6. GV Mase    

      Was stated that post 9/11 Purple Heart recipients are the priority, however all gets can apply.

    7. Filip Carroll HMC(FMF) RET Amputee    

      I don’t ask why or why not, a simple “Thank You Bud”! You sacrificed and find it healing to give back! You “Lead US by example and your Deeds, Thank You, !!! I guess the question better asked is ‘How can I be of service to those less fortunate or those that haven’t been reached through conventional programs. I receive positive energy from working on projects and accomplishing them. Confidence in the skills I can still perform. Thank You Bud! May your act of kindness rekindle and inspire other Veterans to emulate your selflessness and true compassion to your fellow American.

    8. Steven Rawson    

      If you read it it says in the 2nd paragraph that ALL VETERANS CAN APPLY, it’s worth a try is it not???

    9. Terry Smith    

      Vietnam Veterans have been excluded from many things. It seems that they still don want us to come home. We are the forgotten veterans.

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