Free sports gear, tickets for Veterans and military kids

United Heroes League keeps military families healthy and active through sport


When a military recruit signs the dotted line and raises a hand to swear the solemn oath, their service and sacrifice begins. Often unseen, but never forgotten, are the children who make those sacrifices, too. While Mom or Dad proudly serves, these ‘little heroes’ endure long deployments, extended training exercises and many of the stressors inherent in military life.

Minnesota Vikings Tight End Kyle Rudolph with a group of UHL Military Kids

Minnesota Vikings Tight End Kyle Rudolph with a group of United Heroes League Military Kids

The United Heroes League (UHL) would like to honor these children with free sports gear, pro-sports tickets, access to free sports camps, and grants to cover the costs of sports association fees. UHL also provides once in a lifetime experiences to military families, including past trips to Super Bowl 52, the NHL All Star Game and in-person meetings with professional athletes.

Any active service member or Honorably discharged Veteran who deployed to a combat zone (as defined by DOD or VA), with children under 18-years-old, are encouraged to apply.

To date, United Heroes League has provided over $10 million dollars’ worth of sports gear, tickets, camps and grants to over 40,000 military families across the U.S. 120 athlete ambassadors from six different sports and over 30 professional sports organizations have joined the UHL Team.

Also for 2019, United Heroes League proudly introduces UHL Outdoors. Military and Veteran families can join NHL All Star and passionate military supporter Steve Payne for one of eight nationwide fishing events. The service member or Veteran, and their child, will join Payne and a host of professional athletes out on the water for a memorable day of fishing.

Military Kid goes fishing with UHL Outdoors

A Military Child goes fishing with UHL Outdoors

“You have no idea how much joy it gave me to watch my son light up opening the box to his first pair of skates on his birthday! I have never seen him so happy. He immediately took of his shoes and tried to put the skates on in the kitchen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” –Drew (USAF)

Based in Hastings, Minnesota, United Heroes League is a nationally registered 501c3 non-profit organization and maintains an average 90% giving rate.

To learn more visit, call at 651-319-0737, or email

Learn more about UHL’s eligibility and prioritization at

Disclaimer: The sharing of any non-VA information does not constitute an endorsement of products or services on the part of the VA.


Steven Clipp

Steve Clipp joined VA in 2017 with the White House/VA Hotline and is currently on detail as a communications specialist with the Veteran Experience Office. Steve, a Navy Veteran, served as an electronics technician in Fighter Squadron 31 (VF 31-F/14s) on-board the USS Abraham Lincoln. Using the GI Bill, he graduated from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.


  1. Manser    

    How about some war veterans living in Guam, are
    We allow to apply for these benefits?. We don’t have
    Sports activities out here. Please let us know

  2. Brenda Norris    

    My husband is a disabled veteran who loves to fish and we live at the lake. Of course we would love and appreciate anything you want to donate.

  3. Terrance Hill    

    How can I become a part of this.

  4. Marlena Smith    

    How can I get more information? I didn’t see a link to apply or sign up.

  5. Billie J Shaffer    

    How can we sign up and get more information?

  6. Steve Frost    

    So, how do I get in contact with a UHL agent?
    Steve Frost

  7. Rander Ligons    

    I want tickets sent to me

  8. Jesse Sanchez    

    Need NFL tickets to football games if offered. I’m a 100% Vietnam Era disabled vet.

  9. Gayle Holloway    

    This is a great thing. I served from 1972 to 1975 and wish this had been available to my children. Great job and exciting for these kids.

  10. Angela    

    So if. Reading this correctly it’s only for those who served from 9/11 until now?

    Great programs for those who qualify but sadly to much discrimination based on 9/11 time frames

    1. Ricky Brown    

      It’s is sad when programs like this program is helping veterans and there families with well needed happiness, then you go and say that they are discriminating . Not soo be grateful for those veterans that can benefit from the program. Shame on you Angela !!!!!!

    2. Steven Clipp    

      Hello Angela. Any active service member or Honorably discharged Veteran who deployed to a combat zone (as defined by DOD or VA), with children under 18-years-old, are encouraged to apply. (Active duty service members have priority but Veterans from any era can apply) Visit for more info.

    3. DAVID M PERKINS    

      Know how you feel, Vietnam monument got buried along with those who served up until 9/11. Provided people remember active military/recent veterans & their kids should get help. I am little old to have kids under 18. No need too apply for second class registration program. VETTIX on has somethings/tickets for all veterans.

      1. Michael Kavanaugh    

        David… not all programs have the funds to help everyone. Every program has its limitations. There are many volunteers who are donating their time, as well as others who are donating their hard earned money to help at least some of the veterans who have needs. Other programs specifically help Vietnam Vets or Korean War Vets. Be thankful that people are stepping up to do what is right instead of criticizing and put that time toward finding the programs out there to help you.

  11. Charlene Gilliam    

    I too have grandchildren, do we qualify?

  12. Carlos A Franco    

    Thank you so much, everyone coming together to make our life style great touches our family s heart. My daughter is a basketball fanatic, she loves UCLAand wants to go to their camp, would college interaction be part of your future connections?


    Yeah. I volunteered and I feel left out also. I’m disabled and living on SSID. I’ve had too have a heart transplant and both hips replaced but I don’t qualify as being service related. I’m screwed all the way around.

  14. Dwight A Brown    

    I am definitely interested in this program

  15. Tyrone Yazzie    

    How can I become a part of this for my kids. I am disabled as well.

  16. Michael A. Massey Sr    

    Very interested in this program for my son

  17. R Wall    

    My husband is a vet, our two daughters are in All Star Cheerleading. Its a very expensive SPORT, and might not seem as such however our daughters work out and practice daily. The town we live in well the STATE has not alot of things for kids to do to stay out of trouble. The drugs and crime are terrible. As I know they are everywhere. Anyway, would the program offer some type of scholarship for this type of sport? Thank you

  18. Wendel Young    

    How do I apply for sporting tickets.

    1. Joseph Soares    

      How do I get tickets for NFL I am a disabled veteran of 22years of service

  19. Marilyn Ghering    

    My husband is a retired veteran but our children are grown. Are our grandchildren eligible for these benefits? We have 8 under 16. Thank you. Marilyn Ghering.

  20. Charlotte Dash-Ruffin    

    I’m interested in football tickets.

  21. JASON MURRAY    

    I would love to sign up!

  22. Valerie Brownell    

    Several civilian insurance companues ate offering help/reimbursement of gym membership costs. Are there any programs currently in place to aid Veterans in this respect?

  23. Deirdre Wasp    

    I am so interested. I am a disable Veteran.. I have been disable for a long time. My baby has missed out on a lot. Please get back in touch with me.

  24. John Ornelas    

    Where can I apply. This program looks amazing

    1. Steven Clipp    

      Hello John. To learn more visit, call at 651-319-0737, or email Thanks.

  25. Florence Chandler    

    How can I get assistance to purchase a total gym by Chuck Norris. Ihave bad feet from my service which hinders me from any walking or running exercises.

  26. Liz Meisekothen    

    Would definitely like to be a part of this program.

  27. Robert Haga    

    This is more of a question. Is this program just for those veterans that have served in a combat zone or all veterans? Thanks for your reply.

  28. Adrian Leija    

    I am fully interested in doing this for my kids, please get back to me.

  29. Marsha Edwards    

    Hey both of my kids I have custody of. The oldest who is 14 I have had since birth. No I didn’t birth them but I have had the since birth. Do I qualify?

  30. Gee    

    This is not fair to those who’ve volunteered but did not go to a combat zone. We were still soldiers who were ready to fight for our country at a moments notice. This world is so biased

    1. Iraq War Veteran    

      You feel left out. I am sorry to hear that.

      The loss, the sleepless nights, uncontrollable anger and emotion, the struggle to keep job, the financial burden, the alcoholism and addiction, the terrible darkness that makes one think the unthinkable…

      I would happily give it all to you so so can get a free baseball.

      1. Bowling Green Vet    

        God such a typical rogue mentality. I’m sure with your username comes the accompanied thank me for my service uniform everyday. Get over yourself.

        1. Iraq War Veteran    

          I actually dislike the socially obligatory and meaningless ‘thank you for your service’ that accompanies the very generic username. I also dislike people crying ‘not fair’ when they have never missed a kids birthday or 50 cent hot wing night after the 9-5 shift back on base. Stop whining about wartime Veterans having one or two limited programs that do not include you.

        2. gary owe faas    

          Bowling Greenie Vet, Are you sad now??

        3. Jessica    

          Thank you for coming to this comment section and MAKING PERFECT SENSE Iraq War Vet! Combat Service or STFU & GTFO.

  31. Victor Charles Green    

    This is what it’s all about! All The Way!

  32. Harold b Cornish    

    Great I love fishing, workout equipment and sporting events.

  33. C D SIMION SR    

    It is so wonderful to see that today’s Veterans are getting their families cared for. Unlike the Vietnam Veterans who gave their lives and others gave their all, only to be treated horrible by the people who they fought for. I am very happy for the kids today and all of the kindness that is shown for them and their families. A Vietnam Veteran.

  34. Donald SILLER    


  35. María Carmen Jimenez    

    This is something I am interested. We love going to sporting events such as baseball, football, hockey, soccer, etc. My husband is a medically retired veteran and we would love to build new memories with our two children and make some new memories. Thank you

  36. Kimmie Kim    

    Hi, I have 2 toddler daughters and would love some sports equipment to introduce them to physical activities. I am a OEF/OIF/OND Navy veteran.


    Good evening,

    Is the program offered nationwide or only Minnesota?

  38. Amy Beckford    

    This is an awesome way to keep kids busy from thinking about mom, dad, or both parents being away for so long. Thank you.

  39. Johnnie Melissa Burmeister    

    I would like to get football tickets if possible.
    NFL. Saints
    College. Alabama and lay

    I live near atlanta ga… Thank you

  40. Matthew Verdugo    

    Are grandchildren of a deceased 100% disabled service-connected veteran eligible?

  41. Ray E Jackson    

    I am a disabled Army veteran of Vietnam, and I cherish the time I gave to my country for 4 years. I am now raising my precious grandson who is 9 years old. He loves baseball and wants to be a catcher, but I haven’t the money to buy him his own catcher’s equipment. I was hoping you could help me purchase one for him. If not, I understand there are other kids who don’t have a father or grandfather who needs the help more than me, but it never hurts to ask. Thank you, and keep up the work for the kids.

    Ray E. Jackson, US Army, Sgt
    Military Police

  42. Jacob Kulzer    

    These guys at UHL are the real deal! Great Americans that support our Military and Veterans Families. I’ve known them since it first started and can attest they are as good as it gets. Thank you for highlighting this great organization.

  43. James Allen jr    

    I’m a veteran that loves sports but can afford to go my wife and I.

  44. Barbara Bachmeier    

    I would like information about financial assistance offered to veterans for the purchase of bicycles. I would use one for physical fitness activities and some commutes around town. But bikes are expensive and I would need some help! I am an 80% service-disabled veteran with an honorable discharge. I contacted Semper Fi, but they cannot help me.

  45. Patty Shinnick    

    Thank you for your support of our children. It is truly appreciated.
    Does the UHL offer assistance with sports that are geared more toward our “girly girls”—gymnastics, skating, dance, horseback riding?

    Kindest regards/

  46. Clifford Barnes    

    Thank you that’s awesome l just donated fishing equipment for veterans and their families

  47. Michael Williamson    

    How can I get more info and where do I sign up?

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