Veterans find fun, therapy on Santa Fe ski slopes


Adaptive skiingNew Mexico Veterans had fun in the snow recently as they attended this year’s winter program with New Mexico VA Health Care System and the New Mexico Adaptive Sports Program. About 15 Veterans came out to the Ski Santa Fe mountain to learn from the many volunteer Adaptive Sports ski instructors.

Some Veterans were in tandem with their ski instructors as they went down the ski slopes, while some of them tried out the ski bikes, and others were strapped down to mono-skis as they zoomed down the slopes.

Kelly Nunez, occupational therapist at New Mexico VA Health Care System said “it was a great day on the slopes with the veterans. I just loved seeing the smiles on their faces as they skied the slopes of Santa Fe.”


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  1. Ernie Martz    

    Non VA Community Care for my cancer and heart has been outstanding in excellent clinics at UC Health Care, Ft Collins, Colorado.
    Well managed and outstanding care thru Cheyenne VA.
    This is the best thing VA has done for veterans!
    Well done

  2. James Tobleck    

    To bad the President of our country doesnt call vets like me with his pick for VA leadership looking on and ask the Directo what happened to the drunk doctor 43 years ago. Missing file for the first 12 years, zero treatment like NEVER REPLACING MY KNEE.

  3. James Tobleck    

    Censorship again you bums in Washington

  4. James Tobleck    

    Dont you mean censorship? Ive called the lazy bastards at the IG only to never get a return call so i can prove malfeasance, incompetence, outright wrong doing through conspiracy over my miss handled disability case to benefits them . What are you and the others afraid of ?

  5. James Tobleck    

    Three years delay for colonoscopy, 5 + years for prostate and someone must have really hated me hiring tiny person with a 1 incb long finger to examine me at 265 lbs. Now not being able to fnd my prostate still counted as an exam by the VA. I have nothing against small people but incompetent VA beauracrates who didn’t think theres a problem ought to have the cancer they quite possibly are allowing to grow in my body. The new VA program which requires me to go to Detroit John Dingell hospital a death trap ,super high in incompetent treatment, infection just so beauracrats claim me as a treated patient for bonuses no matter the bad outcome. My last two VA doctors told me NEVER allow treatment there. I have 2 great hospitals in Muskegon Mi to replace my knee 43 years now.

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