Hurricane Florence Updates – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


These hotlines are managed by the VA Health Resource Center. The call center will connect Veterans and employees in real-time with the resources they need in a disaster.

Veteran Disaster Hotline Number: 1-800-507-4571

Employee Disaster Hotline Number: 1-866-233-0152

VBA Hotline Number: 1-800-827-1000

Pharmacy Customer Care: 1- 866-400-1243

Vet Center/Counseling: 1-877-WAR-VETS

My HealtheVet: Wherever internet is available, My HealtheVet provides Veterans with access to copies of their VA health records, Secure Messaging to keep in touch with their health care team, and VA prescription refill. For emergencies, always call 911.

Download the VA Disaster Assistance brochure (PDF file)

VA Medical Centers, Clinics and Facilities

For updates on operations the following VA facilities and associated clinics, please visit the websites below:

State Medical Center Social
Virginia Hampton VA Medical Center Hampton VA Medical Center on Facebook
Virginia Salem VA Medical Center Salem VA Medical Center on Facebook Salem VA Medical Center on Twitter
Virginia Richmond VA Medical Center Hunter Holmes McGuire Richmond VA Medical Center on Facebook Hunter Holmes McGuire Richmond VA Medical Center on Twitter
State Medical Center Social
North Carolina Durham VA Health Care System Durham VA Medical Center on Facebook
North Carolina Salisbury VA Medical Center W. G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center (Salisbury) on Facebook W. G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center (Salisbury) on Twitter
North Carolina Fayetteville VA Medical Center Fayetteville VA Medical Center on Facebook
North Carolina Asheville VA Medical Center Charles George VA Medical Center (Asheville) on Facebook
State Medical Center Social
South Carolina Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center (Charleston) Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center (Charleston) on Facebook Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center (Charleston) on Twitter
South Carolina Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center (Columbia) Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center (Columbia) on Facebook Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center (Columbia) on Twitter

VA Benefits

VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration has developed mechanisms to help Veterans receive their benefit payments if their normal mail cannot be delivered.

If are you displaced by Hurricane Florence and receive a paper check, you can update your address or sign up for direct deposit on eBenefits or by speaking to a benefits specialist at 1-800-827-1000.

For information on VA Benefits facilities see the chart below

State VA Benefits Regional Office
Virginia Roanoke
North Carolina Winston Salem
South Carolina Columbia


National Cemeteries

Several VA national cemeteries are closed due to the extreme weather conditions of Hurricane Florence. Learn more

VA Mobile Facilities

VA is getting ready one Mobile Pharmacy Unit, one Mobile Vet Center, and one Mobile Emergency Nutrition Unit to Richmond, VA VAMC and Salisbury, NC VAMC to offer medical care, pharmacy assistance, counseling services and benefits referral to Veterans and the community affected by Hurricane Florence.

VA Health Resource Center

The VA Health Resource Center serves as the disaster response contact center for both Veterans and VA employees in the event of regional or national disasters. HRC assists Veterans in updating temporary or permanent addresses or phone numbers, supports the caller on the Veterans facility’s operational status, provides information on how to reschedule appointments or receive medical advice, and offers Veterans information on emergency prescription refills and additional emergency resources. Please contact the VA Health Resource Center information line at 1-800-507-4571. Pharmacy Customer Care 1- 866-400-1243

Federal Response

For more on the federal government’s response, visit Federal Disaster Assistance information


  • Visit to learn about preparedness kits, family emergency plans, and more.

Impacted areas have a total of 1,349,363 Veterans, (647,001 enrolled in VA health care) and (24,483 whom are VA employees).

VA has taken the following steps to respond to Hurricane Florence (now downgraded to tropical depression):

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) reopened the Hampton VA Medical Center with no reported damages. Redeployment of Hampton-evacuated patients is complete.

  • 215 patients evacuated from Hampton to other VA Medical Centers including: Martinsburg, WV; Salem, VA.; Richmond, VA.; Salisbury, NC, and private institutions on September 12
  • Patients transported primarily via dual-use vehicles – buses adaptable for ambulatory and wheelchair bound patients

Community based clinics (CBOC) in the path of the storm

  • Virginia – Open
  • North Carolina – Open with exception of the following: Morehead City CBOC closed due to water intrusion and sewer backup; Brunswick CBOC closed and awaiting damage assessment; Wilmington HCC scheduled to reopen September 24
  • South Carolina – Open

All Vet Centers in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina open

Charleston Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (CMOP) has resumed normal operations with two shifts providing services to veterans

  • Heritage Pharmacy Disaster Relief Plan remains in place; Veterans who require emergency supply of medications can access retail pharmacies

Vulnerable Patient Outreach (Post storm)

  • North Carolina/Virginia: 96%
  • South Carolina: 99%

VA has several deployed mobile units and personnel conducting operations in the impacted areas. VA also has several mobile units on standby awaiting orders if necessary. Resources include:

  • 1 Mobile Vet Center (MVC) onsite in Havelock, NC
  • 1 Canteen Mobile Enhanced Nutrition Unit (MENU) onsite in Havelock
  • 2 Mobile Medical Units (MMU) onsite in Havelock, NC (one is telehealth capable)
  • 2 Logistics Support Vehicles (LSV) onsite in Havelock, NC
  • 1 Multi-Use Vehicle (MUV) onsite in Havelock, NC
  • 10 Two-Person Shelter Outreach Teams (Nurse and Social Worker) deployed to various shelters in impacted areas between 0700 and 1900 daily
  • 1 Telehealth Strike Team on standby (190+ volunteers)
  • 40 of 46 Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System (DEMPS) positions on the ground in Fayetteville, NC and Durham, NC to backfill employees
    • 8 VA Police Officers
    • 1 Office of Information and Technology Employee

National Cemetery Administration (NCA) implemented its emergency preparedness plan for cemeteries in the impacted areas
Cemeteries closed:

  • New Bern, NC – Closed (Open for visitation; anticipated opening September 24)
  • Wilmington, NC – Closed

NCA continues to work with families to reschedule burial services.

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)

  • All VBA offices are open except the Camp Lejeune out-based office in North Carolina which is expected to open September 24

September benefit payments have been processed and October payments will be issued at the end of the month for an October 1 pay date.


Timothy Lawson

Timothy Lawson has been a member of VA’s Digital Media Engagement team since April 2016. He graduated from American University’s School of Communications in 2016 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Tim is a Marine Corps Veteran having served as a Marine Security Guard posted at embassies in Algeria, Russia, and Peru.

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