VA modernizing systems to improve the Veteran experience

VA’s Office of Information and Technology (OIT) released its 2017 Year in Review to celebrate the tremendous progress OIT has made in the past year toward creating a modern VA and an enhanced Veteran experience.

The year in review details OIT’s pivotal shift from its transformation efforts of 2016 into a new era of modernization aimed at streamlining VA services and improving the Veteran experience.

“I know modernizing an agency of our size and geographic breadth is no easy task,” said VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin. “But it is not a task that is out of our reach. If we set bold goals and miss, we’ll make much more progress than we would by setting smaller goals and exceeding them.”

The year in review includes information on IT initiatives, such as VA’s new White House hotline and REACH VET — initiatives designed to field requests for information and eliminate Veteran suicide through early engagement of at-risk individuals; and Lighthouse, a new tool that will enable Veterans to manage their own health experience holistically on a secure, streamlined and interoperable platform.

Other modernization efforts detailed in the report such as VA’s cybersecurity overhaul, and improvement of the electronic health record, offer a glimpse into the future of Veteran health care and benefits delivery.

The accomplishments detailed in OIT’s 2017 Year in Review represent a departure from methods used in the past and signal a bright, innovative future for the standard of care for our nation’s Veterans.


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  1. Jim Redmon    

    Is this all not lovely? I recently spent an entire day trying to get the VA to prescribe a heart medication and as usual to no avail. My progress with mental health professional was making great progress, then I learned the Ph.D. had left employment. No ONE called or sent a letter for continued help. I didn’t trust the va earlier and now I despise the va.

    1. K R Weidner    

      wish I could say I have never had such an experience, but I have! The VA is so big that it looks like it is beyond anyone’s
      ability to fix anything much for very long. The idea was a wonderful one but along the line it became too big for anyone to manage very well, now it kills as many vets as it helps. What a sad out come to a great idea.

  2. David Nahm    

    The hot line is great! I have used it twice and it was amazing how red tape was cut and inefficient protocols melted away. Thank you Mr. President.

  3. Robbie Baker    

    I am a widow waiting for a response on my husbands pension.

  4. Alan Swanson    

    I. Recently contacted VA Battle Creek to make an appointment in Grand Rapids for hearing aids and was presently surprised that I got a return call the next day to set an appointment. The office in Grand Rapids was wonderful and did more that I could have asked for. I think the VA has come a long way in improvements and give them a thank you.

  5. Herm Swanson. VA 5595    

    An Atomic Marine (Hood 1957). Never contacted by anyone ever. Medical conditions denied. 2018 Still fighting VA for results.

    Not just me but my 2 Marines sons are suffering illness that WERE NEVER IN MY FAMILY BEFORE THE BOMB (neither are mine.).

    Why not get to the gritty and solve real problems for Veterans?.

  6. Jim parrish    

    Believe it when I experience it!,

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