Holiday greetings from VA Secretary Shulkin

“I wanted to take a moment and wish all of our Veterans, families, caregivers, VA employees and volunteers a happy
holidays,” VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin said in a message recorded this week.

“I also want to send a special thank you to all of our service members and their families who can’t be together during this holiday season. Our thoughts are with you — we’re so grateful for all you do. It has been a successful year for us at the Department of Veteran Affairs, and while we have much to do, we are moving in the right direction. We are committed to providing all of our nation’s Veterans with world-class care and working harder than ever to achieve that goal. Thank you and again have a happy holiday.”


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  1. Kenn Anderson    

    I am glad that you wish for those employees that haven’t been ostracized by management to have a happy holiday, but for those of us that never get heard or I should say listened to and actually have anyone looking into what is going on, I guess we are still being placed somewhere out in right field where we aren’t in the way and shining a negative light on the golden boys that never are held accountable for their actions. Not that this will ever get responded to or probably even posted, but I got it off of my chest.

    Merry Christmas and Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year

  2. Ronald Louis Marcotte    

    I been in the VA system for 28 and the VA has been trying to kill me slowly by their and company ignorance and their VA retarded policies that they use to deny veteran services. I’m 100 percent disabled war vet which means nothing to the VA they don’t care they treat all veterans equally why denying services. Not paying emgency and choice card bills. But for the last two years has doubled there efforts in killing me faster. I guess they expected me to die by
    Now. I currently see Las Vegas VA I been to eight visions all over the United States. Las Vegas
    Leeds national veterans suicide rate I wonder why that is could it be because Las Vegas is so incompetent . Two years ago I was so fed up I ask to see the director Kerns nice lady from my patient advocate. Seven months later because I would not drop my request. I asked my service officer to go with so I would have a witness of what went on in the meeting denied but told to go
    American legion and VFW denied. Ended up going alone director Kerns said she couldn’t help
    Me with my medical concerns she was right nothing has changed except them trying to kill me faster. I finally got then to send me to the wric in San Francisco VA spend a week their as a in patient. Las Vegas got the medical information to treat me 24 months ago . They still refuse to treat me or to send me somewhere who will.

  3. Robert C Gothard    

    The best Christmas present you could give Veterans is to start paying Veterans Choice doctor’s bills. I have been cut off from receiving pain procedures. They can start again when some bills are paid. I can’t get anymore meds because i am at max, they say. I had a 7 day trial of a Boston Scientific implant that was amazing, but can’t get the permanent until the Veterans Choice program pays the bills. No wonder 22 VETERANS a day commit suicide. If I didn’t have my wife and the Lord I know I wouldn’t be here.

  4. Robert A Stehlin    

    If the President of the United States of America can return Merry CHRISTmas to this great country than I believe all of his Department heads can do so.

    Merry CHRISTmas to you Sir and a very Happy New Year.

    Bob – USAF Veteran/Vietnam – 1961-1971

  5. Patrick Bryan    

    This wannabe Secretary needs to voluntarly resign from the VA and allow someone who cares about overseeing the ENTIRE VA to take over, All Veterans even with the VBA need to be treated equally and fairly, Please step-down Save Veterans from SUICIDE due to the unjust delays in the VBA and BVA and Veterans Court.

  6. Yancey M. Brown (USN)    

    PLEASE add the additional illnesses to the AO presumptive list that you had planned on doing last Nov 1, 2017. Don’t wait until it’s too late for the aging Vietnam vets.

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