Veterans Day 2017: Message from the Secretary


On Veterans Day, the nation honors our Veterans and their unique role safeguarding our freedom as a people.  Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln envisioned the honoring of our war dead, in what later became Memorial Day, and caring for the living of those who engaged our enemies on the battlefield on what today is Veterans Day.  That promise includes both the Veteran who walked a post, stood on the deck of a great ship, or flew in the skies, and the families who provided them so much support.

At VA, Lincoln’s promise, and that of our nation’s leaders since that time, is ours to keep 365 days a year.  Today, President Trump has focused our attention on providing timely, high quality care and benefits to our Veterans and their families.

We are proud that support for our Veterans does not know the barriers of partisanship or special interest – the nation is united providing our Veterans with what we as a nation promised.

While we know that much work remains, my confidence grows that we are on our way to meeting the challenges that lie ahead.  The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen, continue to serve in all corners of the globe, in operations too numerous to list – in combat and peace – constantly renewing our faith in their ability to achieve their mission of protect our fellow citizens.

Our Veterans from every era have earned our devotion and the VA stands committed to providing the care and benefits to them and their families.

On this day, we remember those who have sworn an oath to honor and defend this great nation.


David Shulkin

Dr. David J. Shulkin served as the ninth Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Prior to his confirmation as secretary, Dr. Shulkin served as VA’s Under Secretary for Health for 18 months, leading the nation’s largest integrated health care system, with over 1,700 sites of care serving nearly nine million Veterans.


  1. Adana Koltuk Yikama    

    I think you should also have a lawyer

  2. Aileen M Dodge    

    It’s all BS!!! Those that are allegedly processing claims and appeals, Those that receive the NODs and a request for a DRO 2nd time around or a REMANDED Claim. All they do is the same thing that was done before sending it back to the regional office who then sends it to the Veteran and it becomes a 20-year loop of a claim process. Yet these individuals who work at the VA tell the secretary and put the statistical numbers in to reflect that MORE CLAIMS are being PROCESSED and HANDLED! And what happens to the Veteran? Well, those who have expedited case due to having a terminal illness once the VA finds that out your name goes on the TERMINAL CLAIMS LIST ( Meaning the VA knows they can hold off on your claim and you most certainly will be DEAD before your claim is even close to being finished)! And for everyone else, they know that at least 75% of the Veterans will either die of old age or just decide the stress behind the claims and appeal process is too much and will be the death of them if they don’t just give up!!! And so they do!!! And The VA goes on and continues to (redacted) all over all Veterans by the historic and chronic failure of living up to the legally binding contract it has with every American citizen that enters the Military and holds up their legal end of the Contract made with the U. S. Government!!

  3. Dmongami    

    It’s hard to understand why these issues still exist when every time we are to vote they make promises just to get votes and after that they forget who are still fighting out there and still waiting on claims approval. If you ask me, there shouldn’t be any waiting. All should be approved!

  4. Nicholas. Coconato    

    I guess if it is a hard claim they don’t have the time to work for you.I filed 2000 , it in court now , to see if I could reopen it. They are on on 2014/Claims. Mine was file 2015.

  5. Nicholas. Coconato    

    I filed my claim with VFW because the hardware broke after denial I go to VFW to file for malparcpic, I was told he .can’t do that. Then tell me get out of his office . He would lose friend at Hines.

  6. Terry Wilson    

    “”Malum In Se “”” Today I celebrated “Veterans Day ” picketing in the City of Detroit…” The V.A. “Lies” to veterans everyday in hopes that the veteran will “Die”!! Before any type of payments can be made for any form of “”PTSD”” Etc.

  7. Terry Wilson    

    I’ll be “picketing until I die!!””””MALUM IN SE”””” it’s wrong!!!!

  8. Terry Wilson    

    They(V.A. DON’T CARE…THEY WANT VET’S TO DIE!!!! Before payments! !!! PTSD!!!

  9. Richsrdbiscoito    

    Why does VA take two years to process an appeal with dro review. Claim is fdc with nme provided after VA made cue

  10. Ron Everly    

    VA working on this and that all the time and seems just like smoke and mirrors! Give to new veterans and ignore the elder veterans. Most complaints veterans have is timely claims and appeals. VA never has an answer other than we are working on it.

  11. Jonathan Seagull Feilke    

    The VA DOES NOT TREAT vets properly. The VA HAS NEVER treated vets properly. The VA WILL NEVER treat vets properly… until All the “personnel” whom interact with veterans *** START * CARING ***
    Why? Because they DON’T. PERIOD

  12. Luis Lalama    

    get a lawyer and suit those individuals

  13. Corinne Walker    

    My ex-husband who was a Viet Nam veteran passed away June 19, 2017. I am his beneficiary of his Fiduciary account and I’m still waiting for the Milwaukee Hub to contact me. They say they will call me back but they never do, so what should I do?

    1. Terry Wilson    

      “””Malum In Se “”…I to am a veteran “still fighting after 42-yrs (1974)”” and even though the BVA has issued a “favorable decision after all these years ” …the local V.A. (DETROIT) won’t reply/acknowledge period!! Th

    2. Renee Mccloud    

      Write and tell the VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin every thing with documents and mail it to him or your state representative right NOW. Be Bless.

  14. DJKolojay    

    If they are ( servicemen and women) so special to our nation than why don’t the VA take care of ALL them that fought the battles .I got medals from Viet nam but VA won’t help me!!!!!! Thank you to all the vets out there I know what it’s like to serve!!!! Just a blue water Viet nam vet who still fighting after fifty years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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