Help meet nursing needs for our Veterans


VA nurses play a critical role in the health and wellness of our Veterans. Their hard work and compassion lie at the heart of our world-class standard of care. Today, a combination of factors, including a generation of retiring nurses and an aging population with increasing rates of chronic disease, has generated a shortage in nursing talent across the country and particularly in rural areas. As nursing roles continue to be in high demand, VA proudly offers unique opportunities for registered nurses to advance their careers and experience the joy of serving those who have served our country.

A career with VA gives you access to resources that can elevate your career potential:
Education support and training programs to continuously evolve your skills and increase your knowledge
• Competitive benefits package, including medical coverage and retirement options
• Healthy work-life balance, including variable scheduling and generous paid time off
• State-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking research opportunities

Our nurses’ licenses are valid in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Wherever life takes you, you can continue your career with VA. Explore our available positions and apply today.


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  1. Bettye Gary    

    I have repeatedly tried to hire on va hosp only get run around not part of pack.

  2. Hutch Dubosque    

    “Help meet nursing needs for our Veterans” Sounds as if the VA is really interested in hiring qualified Nurses. Yes, there are hundreds of Nursing positions open all across the Country. Only one little problem that this article forgot to mention. The VA isn’t actually hiring Nurses, Technicians, and Doctors; they are, instead, lowering Staffing levels through attrition, or outright terminations. So, tell me, what is the point of this little article?

  3. James Deckert    

    Can you send this to a nursing student please.

  4. Lloyd Underhill    

    I am a veteran and a Registered nurse with critical care, admin and leadership experience. I have applied to multiple jobs over the past 5 years. I have heard nothing from the VA. I am hopeful this means you intend to be more proactive?!.
    I would be overjoyed to provide care for my fellow veterans.

    Lloyd Underhill, RN.

  5. Kert Blodgett    

    It would be great if the VA would hire MA’s to help the Nurses out. My wife would love to work at the VA but she cant.

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