Celebrating the grand opening of the New Orleans VA hospital

The long-awaited state of the art facility will accommodate 70,000 neighboring Veterans.


On Friday, November 18th officials celebrated the grand opening of the Veterans Affairs hospital in New Orleans. The 1.7 million-square-foot hospital, sits atop 31 acres.

The cutting-edge campus will employ as many as 2,800 people. This includes 220 doctors, along with hundreds of medical students and residents in-training for 172 different positions.

Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards, himself an Army veteran, said “we ask so much of our veterans. We ask them to risk everything. Literally everything so that our nation might remain free. And because we ask everything of them, the least we can do is to give them the very best care and respect in return.”

VA is extremely proud to open another location to honor the service of our Veterans. And a new location means new opportunities for health care professionals. In New Orleans and across the nation, VA eagerly seeks passionate and motivated individuals to join our organization and give back to Veterans. Consider joining us in New Orleans or any of our VA locations. Search now for career opportunities in your area.





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  1. Danny Powell    

    Another VA facility that is no good to me and millions of other VETS!! Just another beauracratic attempt at the status-quo and protect the empire!
    I am a combat VET with 37 years of service and all these facilities and the billions spent on them are of NO value to the millions of us that live TO FAR AWAY! Just close them ALL and let me take my retired ID card with my VA eligibility to my local hospital, clinics and doctors. I am told I must go to Augusta; that is 80 miles away. NO WAY.

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