Women Who Have Served: A Photo Montage


March is Women’s History Month and after browsing stories of the fearless women who’ve paved their own path, I couldn’t help but think of a magnet my mom brought me that said, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” Some would argue women who have served or are currently serving in the military have taken a gamble, but I say we are undoubtedly history makers.

In honor of those who have served before me, with me, and those who have served after me, I say we celebrate our accomplishments. In doing so, we’re planning to create a Flickr photo set dedicated to female Veterans. So here is what I need from you—photographs from where you served along with descriptions of the photos. Your photographs should be accompanied with your name, branch of service, and a sentence about what you’re doing now. Please send all information to newmedia@va.gov and we’ll compile the photos and publish them in the next week or so.


Kate Hoit


  1. Rebecca Litchfield    

    The VA does have a program for the homeless. If you know a homeless veteran please have them go to their veterans office and get the help they deserve. I know this because I work at a VA office and are a veteran myself

  2. Cyndi    

    I truly admire this post. In addition to honoring the women who have served in the military, we must not forget about all women in the workforce in general. We all help each other out by closing the gender gap that still exists in this country. For this reason I like to follow blogs and watch web TV channels that talk about women accomplishments. Besides sending in your pictures to the site, send them to http://womenentertainment.net/.

  3. josephbuddy    

    Those grandmas were touch looking and ass kicking. They really deserved recognition and organize tributes for them… I hope you could gather lots of photos of veteran women.

  4. John Chris Carracher, PsyD    

    Remember Col. Jean Hixson?

    I do. She was so much more to me than my 5th grade teacher. As far as I am concerned she deserves a special place and honor in the history of American military women. Here are just a few things I know about her that will always stand out.

    1. She served as a WAAF ferry pilot during WW II. Afterwards, she remained on active reserve with the USAF until she paased away.

    2. I believe (sorry my memory isn’t what it used to be) she was the first woman to break the sound barrier and the second person to break it.

    3. She remained an active participant in the “99s” since its beginning …

    4. She was among the first group of women to pass the astronaut physical examination for NASA. If it were not for the politics of the day, there was a good chance that she would have been chosen over John Glen to become the first American-and first American woman-to go into space.

    5. When Christa McCaulif-a fifth grade teacher-was chosen to go into space, I immediately thought of Col. Hixson. When she was killed, I remember experiencing a profound sense of loss.

    6. As my 5th grade teacher. she patiently put up with all my stuff; and both she and my mother would laugh together over lunch about some of the things I tried to get away with.

    7. She gave my mother her support, friendship, and strength at the time she needed it the most … and for that I remain eternally grateful.

    I miss her …

  5. maryellen garrett    

    was in USMC 1977-1978, stationed in 29 Palms

  6. Lee Scott AirForceNurse1 (Veteran too!)    

    This is a nice piece of Women Military Nurse serving US! Thank you for serving our country!

    Lee Scott AirForceNurse1 & Veteran to from the Navy, Army & Air Force, and retired Air Force Reserves (1LT) “Mustang” from NCO to an “Officer & Gentleman RN” — Thank to the Air Force, Army & Navy who encouraged me to reach for the “Stars”! Also, thanks to all the VA Medical Centers from Tampa, Florida to Fresno, California for your excellent service helping me in my time of need! Inteli-Mate dot Com agrees too, and I miss working at the Fresno VA too!

    Lee Scott

  7. Karen Redding    

    After reading the comments from women who were not in the military, I have a comment. I was in the Air Force, my husband and three sons are military & my daughter is in the Peace Corp. I really think that women who keep the family & homefront on track deserve the most respect! They work hard at jobs & at home. They have nurtured & supported our military family members at great cost and I don’t think that is recognized enough. Personally I would like to say thank you to all the Mom’s, wives, sisters, grandparents and daughters who give us their support! God Bless all of you!

  8. Winter Knipp    

    Who do we send our pictures to?

    Winter Knipp

  9. Karen    

    I personally have not been in the military, however my father served during WWII and both of my brothers served during the early years of Vietnam and my ex-husband a door gunner during the height of vietnam and now my stepson is in Afghanistan serving, I feel nothing but great gratitude for their courage and dedication and respect to their country and their brothers and sisters in arms. My biggest regret is that as a country we show so little respect for them that we provide questionable health care and financial pay for a job that most of us couldn’t or wouldn’t do. My deepest thanks and gratitude to all of them.

  10. Kate Hoit    

    I just wanted to say thank you for the comments and those who have submitted photos. It’s greatly appreciated!

  11. Glenda    

    I am so proud to have the honor of saying that I served. There are few things in life more honorable and upstanding than being a Soldier. Thank you to all of the women that paved the way for us to have the opportunity to serve, thanks to those who still serve and a bigger thank you to those who lost their lives while serving. The Army still lives in me and always will.

  12. Chris Harding    

    Excellent Picture! :•)

  13. Aixa    

    Hi I have one that I could fine..it is me straight out of boot camp with my mom. Is that ok?

    1. Kate Hoit    

      Aixa: Yes, of course!

  14. Crystal    

    I just tried this new email address and it came back un-deliverable.

    1. Kate Hoit    

      Crystal: Did you double check the email address? newmedia@va.gov

  15. leslie wohlfeld    

    thanks for the link and the request for photos for womens history month. i sent in two. will it also be posted on the main va webpage?

  16. Lee Rivas    

    Hooah for Women’s History Month. At the same time…let’s not forget the many homeless women veterans we have. I encourage the VA to focus on developing educational and training programs to eliminate the number, not only, of female homeless veterans but also our increasing number of male homeless veterans.

  17. Melissa Kelly    

    I’m married to a man who served in Vietnam and did 20 years on Submarines during the Cold War. I have great admiration for ANYONE who serves, but I think women have to have a special kind of courage to make a life in the Armed Services. Thanks to all of you!!

  18. violeta garcia    

    I’m trying to send my picture from 1980 US Army to the address that is in the letter newsmedia@va.gov, but it is not the address,,

    1. rose    

      Try”newmedia.gov” without the “s”, thank you for your dedicated service mam. 🙂

    2. Mrs. Eileen G. Curras widow to Hernandez, WWII    

      I am a widow to a World War II Veteran and I have a minor on my household. I have been unable to claim my benefits as a widow since my SSI and SSD has been denied. I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient who was diagnosed on February 26, 2000. I need to claim my benefits and due to the attitude of the State of Florida I have been unable to claim those benefits. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has received a negative attitude from the State of Florida by addressing a label to the condition as a “Pre Existing Condition” and now is pursuing a Supreme Court Case. All of this is simply delying the services I need to take care of my chil and she is a child until December 2011. I need help. Finally I got an appointment to see a Neurologist today at 2:00 PM. I can only be reach to my email eileencurras902@hotmail.com. I only use my cell phone for emergencies.

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