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How to Receive Veteran Mortgage Loans

Wife of a Veteran

Veteran mortgage loans are not a difficult procedure if you come prepared and know what to ask for. Learn how you can receive a Veteran mortgage loan.

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Quincy, Massachusetts: Healing Vietnam War Wounds

Booz Allen Hamilton employee and former Naval officer

The city of Quincy dispenses the medicine these Vietnam Veterans have always needed – the welcome home and the personal “thank you for your service” that they never got before.

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Addressing Reports on the Houston National Cemetery

You may have read recent news reports about the Houston National Cemetery allegedly censoring religious speech during burial services. I don’t know all the details yet, but I do know that meticulous care and professionalism is inherent in the work …

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PBS Frontline: Vets, the GI Bill, and For-Profit Schools

When the Post-9/11 GI Bill went live in 2009, student-Veterans were not the only group who noticed a more generous payout. Universities across the country were happy to accept straight-up tuition payments without going through scholarship and loan hoops. But …

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Update: Office of Rural Health

Director of the Office of Rural Health for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

With 41 percent of enrolled Veterans living in rural areas, the need for improved access to quality health care for rural veterans has led the VA to transform the way health care is delivered.

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Loss of VA Benefits: Is It True?

Air Force Veteran and local VA volunteer

“If a Veteran who is 100% unemployable due to a mental health disability performs volunteer services at a VA facility, is there any chance at all that VBA would recognize the Veteran’s volunteer service as evidence that the Veteran is employable and would revoke the Veteran’s Unemployable status?”

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Historic Cemetery: St. Augustine National Cemetery

VA Acting Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer of the National Cemetery Administration

One of the hallmarks of VA’s 131 national cemeteries is how different they are from place to place—even within the same state. St. Augustine National Cemetery in Florida’s “Ancient City” was my next stop along the Atlantic coast.

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Breaking Down Stigmas on PTSD Awareness Day

Infantrymen don’t get post-traumatic stress. We’re tough and we train for combat, and mental stress affects only the weak and unprepared. The only things that can hurt us are bullets and bombs. Before I left for Iraq, I believed every …

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HIV Testing Day: Step Up!

A prick on your finger. A swab of your inner cheek. A test of your urine. These simple and painless tests could save your life. For HIV Testing Day on June 27, you should say yes to the test and …

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Easy Steps to College Success

University of Missouri student; Iraq War Veteran

So you’ve entered college and are trying to start the next chapter of your life? Here’s a quick list to make the most of your post-military college experience and to start setting yourself up for an early success.

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