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A Second Chance: Veterans Treatment Courts

When a Veteran returns home from war, they trade adrenaline-soaked firefights for mall shopping and combat patrols for classrooms. When life screeches to a relative halt, there tends to be a common question among Vets: Now what? The false sense …

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Better Care Through Hospital Comparisons

Last November, I talked about the introduction of Hospital Compare, which allows the public to view and compare hospitals based on measurable statistics, like surgical death rate and hospital readmission rate. The theory went like this: if hospitals were compared …

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The Middle Ground

With all the challenges associated with coming home from war, like post-traumatic stress and chronic unemployment, the bittersweet absence of combat can be the most troubling and confusing. Almost to a man, my Army platoon misses the sting of battle …

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“Miracles on a Mountainside” – More than a Motto

Founder and Director, National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

It started as a dream. But in the 25 years since I organized the first National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, I’ve seen countless Veterans transformed by the hope, courage and strength they’ve gained through the simple act of skiing.

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VA Exceeded My Expectations

U.S. Army and Iraq Veteran

VA is trying to reach out and adapt to the growing female Veteran community, and needs feedback, both good and bad, in order to make these improvements. It is certainly not perfect yet, but as long as we stay engaged. . .we will be there to make sure VA provides us excellent care for generations to come.

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IAVA Addresses VA’s Social Media Outreach

Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America; Iraq Veteran

VA has made significant improvements to its social media presence and utilization in the last few years [. . .] However, VA still has a long way to go when it comes to the adoption and optimization of social media.

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Getting the Facts Straight on VA’s Outreach to Vets

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is a great organization for Vets, but what in the world is their executive director, my friend, Paul Rieckhoff talking about? “I would also argue the VA does a pretty crappy job of …

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Caring for Women Vets: A Response to “My VA Care”

VA Chief Consultant for Women Veterans Health

I worried that a woman might come to a VA facility, have a negative experience, and be instantly turned off and go away; that she would never receive the excellent health care she deserves. The story that Staff Sergeant Jennifer Hunt shared in her guest post is what my colleagues and I are working every day to change.

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Frank Buckles, Last Doughboy, Laid to Rest


Photo Collection: Women in Uniform, WWII – Present

(Update: The White House Blog has cross-posted the photo collection!) In honor of Women’s History Month, VA is celebrating the accomplishments female service members have made while serving our country. In doing so, we reached out to women Veterans and …

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