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Living With The People In The Mirror

U.S. Army Veteran

Your personal enemies in the mirror are more fearsome than any soldier or terrorist in the world. Use the strengths of your allies to defeat your enemies in the mirror. Remember who you are.

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“Where were you before you became homeless?”

We’ve all walked past them—lying in doorways under boxes or bundled up on the corner asking for food and spare change. In the U.S. today, homelessness is a serious issue for Veterans and non-Veterans alike. But all too often, the …

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VA Joins White House in Reaching to Military Families

VA Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs

War takes a toll on families. Therefore, to ensure the families of service members and Veterans have programs that meet their needs, the Department of Veterans Affairs has joined the White House and other federal agencies to strengthen services for family members.

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VA Improves Services Through Employee Innovation

Founder, Craigslist

A VA employee, Renford Patch, wrote some software which helps determine if a Vet has hearing loss, how much loss, and feeds that into the claims process. It greatly simplifies and accelerates what was a complicated paper process.

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Applying for Health Benefits Gets a Little Easier

Filling out long and confusing forms isn’t a process that endears most people to government agencies—and it’s for a good reason.  Forms and applications usually require information not readily available, or it might be difficult to know exactly what to …

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Operation Desert Storm: 20 Years Later

On the evening of January 16, 1991, I was with my parents and brother at the Pierre Bossier mall in Bossier City, Louisiana collecting autographs. Several members of the Houston Astros were there as part of a regional winter PR …

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The New Mission: Transitioning to Higher Education

Veterans Education and Transition Support Program Coordinator, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; U.S. Air Force Veteran

In my work, I find that I keep helping future student Veterans with the same issues over and over again. This post is designed as a success-booster for those Veterans who aspire to complete a college education after they’ve completed their military service..

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Post-9/11 GI Bill Changes: How They Affect You

If you’ve been following the news recently, you’ve heard about changes in legislation to the Post-9/11 GI Bill.  Recent reports have done well to describe the changes, but we’d like to break down the differences you can expect for the …

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Countering Negative Stereotypes of Veterans

VA Public Affairs Regional Director; retired U.S. Navy Reserve Captain; Iraq Veteran

In the past several decades, we have seen Veterans face an obstacle that is weaving into the American psyche–unjust stereotyping.

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Major Richard Winters Passes at Age 92

Early this year, the Veteran community lost one of its very best: Major Richard ‘Dick’ Winters passed away at age 92. He was the XO for Easy Company, 2/506 of the 101st when the unit conducted a combat jump into …

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