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Adaptive Sports Grant Program

The Adaptive Sports Grant Program is facilitated and managed by the National Veterans Sports Programs and Special Events Office (NVSP&SE). The mission of the NVSP&SE office is to provide opportunities for Veterans to improve their independence, well-being, and quality of life through adaptive sports and therapeutic arts programs. VA awards grants to qualifying organizations to plan, develop, manage, and implement programs to provide adaptive sports opportunities for disabled Veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces as authorized under 38 United States Code 521A.


VA offers $15 million in grant funding to support adaptive sports for disabled Veterans

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Grant Application Process


To be eligible for a grant, an organization must be a non-federal entity with significant experience in managing a large-scale adaptive sports program. As per 38 Code of Federal Regulations 77, criteria for inclusion is defined as programs that are (1) affiliated with a National Paralympic Committee or a National Governing Body authorized to provide Paralympic sports, (2) an adaptive sports program of a National Governing Body that meets additional requirements, or (3) an adaptive sports program in which at least 50 persons with disabilities participate or the eligible participants reside in at least five different congressional districts.

Of note, federal agencies are not eligible to receive grant funding through the Adaptive Sports Grant Program. Federal agencies are encouraged to partner with non-federal entities to jointly create national, regional, and community-based programs that provide adaptive sports activities for disabled Veterans and members of the Armed Forces.

Application Process

VA issues a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) through the federal government’s designated grant portal (grants.gov). Please see the “Apply” tab for detailed information on the application process.

Authorized Activities

  • Adaptive sports activities that are authorized under the Adaptive Sports Grant Program:
  • Instruction, participation, and competition in adaptive sports;
  • Training and technical assistance to program administrators, coaches, recreation therapists, instructors, VA employees, and other appropriate individuals; and
  • Coordination, Paralympic classification of athletes, athlete assessment, sport-specific training techniques, program development (including program at the local level), sports equipment, supplies, program evaluation, and other activities related to the implementation and operation of the program.

Current Grant Recipients

Learn more about our current grantees:

Amount of grant funding

In fiscal year 2018, the VA awarded up to $9 million in adaptive sports grants with up to $8 million for adaptive sport activities and up to $1 million for equine therapy for mental health issues. VA Adaptive Sports Grant Program has received an increase in funding for the next fiscal year awards. This includes up to $15 million in grant funding with a portion of that funding earmarked specifically for equine assisted therapy.

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How to apply

To apply for a grant through the VA Adaptive Sports Grant Program, a proposal based on the instructions provided in the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) must be submitted during the announcement period.  The VA Adaptive Sports Grant application period and funding priorities are subject to change each fiscal year.

To receive information about future VA Adaptive Sports Grants, join the VA Adaptive Sports Grant listserv or email Sports4Vets@va.gov

The VA Adaptive Sports Grant application package is posted and submitted through www.grants.gov. The VA Adaptive Sports Grant Instructions for Application, NOFA, VA Form 10096, VA Form 10091, and Frequently Asked Questions are posted for download on this page. These documents will be updated during the grant application period, as applicable.

Before you apply:

Important Information

Required Forms

More information:

Frequently Asked Questions



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Grant Recipients


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