How Veterans can reschedule a cancelled VA health appointment

Links to reschedule appointments cancelled due to COVID-19


What should you do if you need to reschedule a VA health appointment that was cancelled due to COVID-19?

If you need help rescheduling an appointment that was cancelled due to COVID-19, we’re here to help.

Some appointments can be made online.

Do not delay getting in-person care. Make sure you’re taking care of the medical needs you would have addressed before COVID-19, like renewing prescriptions and having regular check-ins with your care team. If you feel like something is not quite right and you would normally see a doctor during non-COVID-19 times, call your care team. It is far better to have someone on your care team review your symptoms than wait until it’s harder to treat them.

Ways to make an appointment

If you or VA canceled an appointment due to COVID-19, you can contact us anytime to reschedule. The fastest way to schedule an appointment is to contact your VA health care provider directly. Here’s how you can do that:

You can also request some types of appointments — such as primary care and mental health — online through our VA appointments tool:

We encourage you to consider a phone or video appointment for routine needs. Once you make a telehealth appointment, you will receive further instructions about how to join. Learn about VA Video Connect:

Concerned about coming in?

As our facilities expand in-person services that were paused due to the coronavirus pandemic, we want you to feel confident knowing your safety and wellbeing remain our number one priority at VA.

At VA, safety is more than a checklist. It’s part of our culture and the foundation of everything we do. This video tells that story.

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for in-person care.

No substitute for in-person care for severely ill

We continue to maximize virtual care services as we know these services have been valuable to you.

However, for those who are severely ill or require intervention for life-threatening conditions, there is no substitute for in-person care. VA is ready, and we’re able to handle your immediate health care needs right now.

A virtual appointment — phone, video, secure message — is a great way to check in with your care team to review your symptoms and discuss appropriate care plans.

Masks and screening when you check in

If you go to a VA health facility for an in-person appointment, you’ll need to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. You’ll also need to complete our COVID-19 symptom screening when you arrive.

These measures are only a few ways in which we are working to keep you safe. We earned a trust score above 90% in a recent Veteran survey. We will continue to earn your trust by providing safe care, always. Please ask facility staff if you have questions about your safety or your care.

Dr. Susan Kirsh is the acting deputy under secretary for Health for Access. Mia Powers-Higgins is project manager for the Office of Veterans Access to Care.


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  1. Richard Colburn    

    When can I get my eye exam reschedule?

  2. J Dill    

    I am having trouble finding an affordable dentist. Are there any dentist in the Orange Park, FL/Jacksonville area that you can recommend? Also, what is the address and phone number of the new VA Health Center in Middleburg, FL?

  3. adrinna robinson    

    Hello Sir or Ma’am
    I ‘m writing this letter to let you know that your Cumberland County Va hospital is not very good. My husband had an appointment this morning for the first time after waiting six months to see a doctor. The doctor was more worried about getting off the phone with my husbands then about is health issues. When we were talking to him about the issues he just keep telling us that they don’t do that at the clinic and didn’t want to make an referrals for my husband .Is is so had to say but we well be seeking an outside doctor to help my husband with is health issues .
    That clinic needs to learn how to treat there vets better and treat them with respect

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