Veterans getting more mail through reduced errors

5,000 Veterans are updating their contact info each week online


More Veterans now receive important mail deliveries from VA without delays due to a new service. 

Veterans make approximately 5,000 address submissions or updates weekly through profiles. VA checks these against VA Profile’s new address validation service. The service started March 30 and confirms deliverable addresses. VA Profile automatically updates contact information across VA systems. 

VA reduced mailing errors from 17% to 6% in only three weeks. Approximately 750 more Veterans a week now receive their VA prescriptions and letters at their correct address. This is especially critical for Veterans limiting their visits to pharmacies and VA facilities. That also means less returned or undeliverable mail.

How VA uses mailing addresses

VA uses one mailing address and one residential address for each VeteranA mailing address is where the U.S. Postal Service and special carriers deliver. A residential address is where a Veteran physically lives. VA uses the residential address to calculate distance from the nearest VA facility. 

For prescriptions, VA Pharmacy mails medications where Veterans can safely receive the package.

Thank you for making sure my medicine comes to the house not the PO Box that is on file, especially during this time when we are in quarantine!” – South Carolina Veteran.

l like my meds arriving to my home address, especially now with [social] distancing. – Florida Veteran

By self-managing customer profiles, Veterans receive VA material without delayThere are approximately 9 million Veterans enrolled for VA health care and approximately 5 million receiving disability benefits. Current contact information is important to ensure Veterans receive VA prescriptions and other information.  

Even if an address change is temporary, updates to mailing address (and residence, if needed) are a good idea. VA recommends making updates 4-5 days before departing to or returning from a new destination. This way, care, prescriptions, and other information can follow Veterans wherever they are. 

How to change

Veterans can view, manage or change addresses by logging onto or contacting local VA Medical Center. Veterans should check their profile regularly. This ensures addresses, email and phone numbers are up to date. Veterans can also choose how they receive notifications from VA. This includes notification by text message. 

For instruction on how to update VA information, click here.

This story is part of the Secretary’s Priorities series, which was outlined to the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Military Constructions, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies on Feb. 26, 2019, by VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. 

The Secretary’s Priorities are Customer Service, MISSION Act, Electronic Health Record, Transforming Business Systems, and Suicide Prevention. 

These stories are designed to give a closer look at the improvements VA is making in how we relate to, interact with, and ultimately serve our Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors


Kiran Dhillon

An insatiably curious storyteller, Kiran is the communications lead for the Multi-Channel Technology Directorate with VA’s Veterans Experience Office. Kiran joined the Department of Veterans Affairs by way of the Department of Defense and the U.S. Peace Corps.


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