Borne the Battle #192: Mike Erwin, Army Veteran, Team RWB Founder


Through founding Team Red White and Blue, Army Veteran Mike Erwin discovered that he didn’t have to be in the military to continue serving. There are many different ways to serve our nation.

Erwin’s mission as a social entrepreneur is to build non-profits that help make communities and our country better.

The goal of Team RWB is to enrich Veterans by helping them have:

  • Better physical and mental health
  • Stronger relationships
  • A sense of purpose

Veterans can join Team RWB through the app. In the app, they can search for any physical activity they are interested in and see what events are nearby them. The app also encourages Veterans to improve their physical health through different challenges throughout the year.

Deciding to focus on other projects, Erwin took a several-years hiatus from his executive director position at Team RWB. In that time, he co-wrote and published Lead Yourself First: Inspiring Leadership Through Solitude. When he wasn’t writing, he founded the Positivity Project, a non-profit organization that teaches youth the power of positive relationships; he also co-founded the Father Vincent Capodanno High School before returning to Team RWB’s executive director role in 2019.


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Michelle Cannon is a podcast intern with the VA’s Digital Media Engagement Team. She is a graduate student at Liberty University studying Professional Writing.

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