Free Steam games for Veterans and their families

Games to Grunts offers free games to Veterans, military, and their families


Most Veterans who have served in the past 20 years are probably familiar with video games. From barracks LAN parties, to marathon sessions of Madden NFL at the MWR while downrange, it’s safe to say Veterans like to play video games. Studies have shown that video games also help Veterans recover from some mental health challenges, providing an escape while boosting confidence, personal growth, leadership, and social connections.

Games to Grunts is a program of Operation Suppy Drop, a chapter based Veteran Service Organization 501c3.

Operation Supply Drop’s Games to Grunts program supports community engagement to Veterans, military, and their families through video games. Most of the games they offer are on Steam, such as TEKKEN 7, Cooking Simulator, and Vietnam 65′, but other platforms are also available, like free XBOX Game Passes. All of the games are available through digital download codes.

First come, first serve

Game publishers and others donate game keys to Games to Grunts, which in turn distributes the games. Because not all games are distributed with unlimited keys, it is a first come first serve model.

Eligibility is determined through, a third-party identify verification service that is also available to use on

To sign up, visit the Games to Grunts website and create an account,  or view the full list of games available.

The sharing of any non-VA information does not constitute an endorsement of products and services on part of the VA.


Tim Hudak

  joined the VA in December 2013 and is on the Veterans Experience Office team. Tim, a Chicago-land native enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school. As an intelligence analyst he deployed to Al Anbar province, Iraq with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363 in 2006 and 2008. After the Marine Corps, Tim used the GI Bill to earn a degree in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa., and co-founded the university’s first student Veteran organization. Tim is active in many Veteran organizations.


  1. OSD is a shame    

    Operation Supply Drop’s CEO is a crummy guy, he ripped the charity away from an actual combat vet that started it. The veteran Capt (Ret.) Stephen Machuga since started from scratch after this dude that dresses up like a Navy Seal and photo ops at the range fudged him over. In short, EABOD Glenn Banton.


  2. Lori Bare    

    Dumber question i have a few various Steam games that came with Loot Gaming Crates that we can’t use because our internet is satellite and very limited. The codes have never been used and the $10-20 value cards are just collecting dust. Any place to send them in so someone can use them?
    (I am the Veteran, my epileptic son that had crate subscription passed away from seizure in August.)

    1. Mark Montes Sr    

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re son passed.
      I wish I could hug you and tell you it’s going to be alright. You are loved

    2. Kevin    

      sorry to hear that, take care.

  3. anthony helton    

    Quick FYI I noticed 2 games listed with prices on them that are “Free to Play” World of Tanks and World of Warships you can down load eather and play for free from , just go to the page create a account down load and play it is that simple. If any of you want to Platoon in world of tanks look me up GREATSWORD_1

  4. Gerohan    

    How does this work don’t understand?

  5. Craig Ness    

    How do you install the games once you have the keys ?

  6. Big Stallion 5    

    Hysterical after you waist people’s time you play the let’s judge their complaints against ” no one had to do crap for you guys,” ” your’re not the only one that served” ” you ungrateful freaks it’s free”

    Maybe it’s better to actually examine what issues might surface by advertising and not having in stock the items to meet the influx of demands. I think that’s capitalism 101, though it’s free.

    Thanks for reminding us that if we are thrown a free meal or free steam game it’s because some idiots felt pity for us. How about though we signed up we can have the body limbs lost reattached.

  7. Timothy Richter    

    Wow. You fcking people disgust me, are you all veterans or some btch ass 9 year olds? I thought they scrubbed all of you whiny bastards out of bootcamp but I guess I was wrong. Whether you BELIEVE you are owed anything or not, the reality is nobody in this world owes you sht. Grow the fck up I can’t believe you’re all fcking adults.

    On to less jarring matters, thank you for all of your contributions Tim. I really appreciate the effort and hard work you put into this program. I really hope it helps a shit ton of vets out there.

    1. Your reflection    

      You sound like a sick, bitter fool. Why did you even look at this page if you thought it was an undeserved handout?

    2. Scott Certain    

      You need therapy dude. Do you need a hug? I’m thinking PTSD is what you have.

      On to less jarring matters. Go Fk yourself.

  8. Ralph Ciampa    

    Hello, most excellent program, would really help. Since this is perhaps the pilot for such programs, it seems to be a success. Perhaps in the near future this will be offered again, with more games, and more availability!

  9. Rebecca Joppich    

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This program is allowing me to finally play a game that my husband and 5 other close friends (some of which ARE vets) have been playing for a year. I’ve become a bit of a hermit and now I hope to reconnect with those friends.

    ET3 Rebecca (Becky) Joppich

  10. eBiL kL0Wn    

    Surprised at the number of vet gamers out there like myself. I only saw this a few days after release and everything is already sold out and the site seems almost incapable of handling the traffic from vets. Not really surprised as I come to expect this. Interesting idea though, it makes me think, hey i’m a vet, i’m a gamer, and i’m and indie game developer….trying to think of a way to make mine available to all of you when i finish it….not through this absurdity but through steam and for vets…ponders…

  11. Aaron Cordial    

    I do not have a gaming computer. But this is awesome.

  12. SteaminSeaman    

    Everybody is bitching about free stuff…..Yup, they’re grunts. And you thought the math problem at the bottom of this page would prevent that…hahahaha

  13. Dave    

    Video games for rehab such as Madden or whatever else baffles me. With guys dealing with issues like social anxiety isn’t this driving them closer to a deeper reclusive life? Why not take the path of getting off your ass and actually engaging in real life?

    1. Terry Lynn Shipps    

      You havent ever been on the gaming systems have you ? You can socialize there just as you can going out to bars and getting drunk and then in trouble.

    2. D Wils    

      You git! Go find a seat somewhere else no one wants your shitty opinion. We’ll try and stay off your lawn.

    3. gaydave    

      social anxiety lmfao. TF, stop bitching and appreciate what theyre doing to serve us.

  14. thomas waldsmith    

    I tried the xbox game pass but it says sold out. Its a free pass how can it be sold out?
    This was a waste of time not to mention sad seeing all the whiney A holes taking shots at each other in the comments. We are all vets, stop being so intolerant and critical of one another. What a waste of time and energy you all should be ashamed of yourselves for being bullies. Walk a mile in another’s shoes before you judge and push them over the edge. Lets all take a knee and show some kindness for our fellow vets.

    1. Josiah    

      Anything I have actually head of is sold out

      1. anthony helton    

        I wonder how they figure it is sold out , On STEAM it is a digital down load of the soft ware not a physical item there fore they can produce infinite copy’s Perhaps they are referring to the individual licencing of each copy ?

  15. Tony    

    Appreciation people! How can you all immediately complain to someone’s effort to better serve us!?

    Thank you Tim for opening the door for vets to free games. I’m very excited for this new offer as I’m currently building my own pc!

  16. Jeff    

    Has the alleged company been vetted? With broken links to their own claimed social media like facebook, instagram and twitter delivering “page not found” are they just harvesting our data to sell to scammers and other marketers?
    The FAQ is a joke and would be more useful not having it at all.

  17. Redeyejedi    

    This is pointless. I’m not sure why the games are “sold out”. These can all be digitally downloaded. The games that are left are garbage. And the games that would’ve gotten aren’t that great anyways. They should do research and see what games veterans actually will play.

  18. Jeffery    

    Is this just for Xbox and not PS4?

    1. Betty McGarry- Srivastava    

      Jeff, Steam is a online computer gaming account! 🙂

      1. Jeffery    

        Ok thanks. Just that it was showing Xbox stuff.

  19. Old Joe    

    Most everything I found interesting is constantly “sold out”. It sort of makes this pointless. There is also no way to contact the organization to cancel accounts and the FAQ has no info on how to do so.

  20. Chealie Wilson    

    How often or on what date are the codes dropped for us to get?

  21. Preston Eagle    

    Thank you! I grabbed Tekken and was literally one of the last people to get Soul Caliber thanl goodness. It is limited tonone key per ID.ME thank goodness.

  22. Josh Yates    

    Hey Tim, interesting. I really like the concept of Games to Grunts, a portal to allow Vets to download games for free. Unfortunately, I visited G2G portal and all the games are locked with a label “SOLD OUT”.

  23. Thomas Kolb    

    This is an amazing idea. I think this is a great way to support our troops and veterans. Great job and please keep up the great work!

    Thom Kolb
    SFC, USA

  24. David Kline    

    This is BS. You sold out of all the good ones and left crap for everyone else. If you’re going to do something for veterans, make sure you have enough for everyone and limit it to one per person or something. Also get PS4 games, this xbox and PC crap isn’t what everyone has. Geez man it’s not a check in the block like oh look at me I did something for vets, actually fuckin do something right for people who bled for you.

    1. Gerald Baker    

      Just remember this company owes us nothing! Be grateful for what they offer! A lot of places don’t even recognize us.

      1. William Madera    

        Minus ensure freedom, but I understand, they are entitled. 1 out of 750 people enlist, we are a rare breed.
        On to the notes posted. If you are going to advertise something then deliver, otherwise its, oh whats that called, oh yea fraudulent advertisement. Or as I call it, outsourced Amazon.
        But to reply fully to your comment, I guess in your concept the equation is balanced, (owe us nothing = gives us nothing). But you are owed, you made the sacrifice, but the fight continues, now to the VA battle front, every little inch over inch over the years. Don’t sell your sacrifice so cheaply.

        1. Jack rustle    

          Entitled to nothing but your pride. Volunteers don’t mean you get a darn thing. Read the whole article first come first serve is very clear, I understood it ..

    2. Travis    

      So a volunteer organization takes everything off donations from private citizens and you bitch that they don’t have the games you want available at the singular moment you looked. Check the rest of the site and realize the donation schedules, consider that you are not the only one to ever serve, consider donating to help others in your community, or just wallow in the idea that everything should be handed to you without effort. Self centered is not a value any of us were ever taught, you must have missed the briefings.
      As for the site, I’m thankful that military and the non-military volunteers are paying attention to new ways to get military/veterans connected to a social community, instead of focusing on themselves.

      1. Cindy Panicali    

        Bravo…I feel the same way. Kinda’ like the illegal folks at the border and those who show up (without ever adding funds to the system) at the various welfare offices who think we owe them a life.

      2. Earl Mabry    

        I would like to thank G2G for providing this gift to veterans. God Bless your company and may you continue to see abundance in your software business.

        As a First Sergeant of the U.S. Army, Soldiers do appreciate your gift to us no matter what games you have provided. Please don’t become discouraged by those that have printed such disappointing statements. Soldiers are grateful when they see organizations say thanks to all of us that have served our great nation. Some are just not understanding that it was the thought that is the gift, not the software they received.

        Thanks to your company for providing us that are here needing a break from what is going on around us at the locations we serving. Stress relievers help morale, morale that is high keeps us safe, and safe execution of the mission gets us home. Hooah!!!!

    3. Brad    

      Why do you have to be so mean? Is this the way you talk to people face to face, also? Or is it only when you are hiding behind the keyboard on a forum?

    4. Mookie B    

      Game Stop has games you can buy…

    5. Scott Morrison    

      David Kline,

      I am Scott Morrison CCO for OSD, I served 28yrs in the US Army, Games to Grunts is only one of our programs. We did not post this to the VA newsletter. The program was not created for 100,000 vets to hit it at one time. So OSD has thousands of Veterans in our ranks that fought wars and “Bled” for the US. Why do you feel like you are entitled to something more than anyone else? If you would like to contact me I can mentor you to be a more giving Vet rather than a taking Vet. I feel what Vets like you do not understand is that you Volunteered for the military, got paid to do the job and are owed nothing more than the benefits given by law to you. all else is just good Americans and organizations supporting Vets out of the kindness of their hearts.

  25. Michael Hill    

    I do believe video games help vets of all ages with stress. I’m almost 65 and when I feel stressed, I go get lost in a game, I forget about the reason I sat down to play. No it’s not the real world but I can get into to it and just relax. It works for me and has for some time.

    1. Johnnie George    

      I play Black Ops have friends all over the U.S

  26. AT1 West    

    I guess they only had one or two licenses for the good games. What a crock.

  27. David Fisher    


    Thanks for serving. I think we chewed the same sand in AL Anbar. I was in Camp Ramadi in early 2009 to 2010. I appreciate what you’re doing for our fellow Veterans!

    Dave Fisher
    SGT US Army Field Artillery (VET)

  28. Ian    

    It does not allow me to get a code after I verified my military status on utilizing my USAA credential. Is this an identity scam?

  29. Scott Hamley    

    “Most Veterans who have served in the past 20 years” ? Don’t be so naive, veterans who have served 30 to 40 years ago or more were avidly playing video games, I programed one in BASIC in 1983. Stop age gaping it is very rude to the wiser generations you so flippantly dismiss as relevant. My father, a Vietnam veteran played Battle Zone excessively in 1980. I played multiplayer Doom online in 1993, I played my first LAN party in 1996. The gaming world doesn’t revolve around your myopic gaming life experience.Next you ll tell me your generation discovered the transistor. I would pown you in Cross Out (on steam) or any other first person shooter, I was a steam member when you were in diapers,son. Please don’t pull your out stress card either! Google PONG 1970s Oklahoma Trail 1980s for a history lesson.

    1. Brad    

      Why do you have to be so mean? Is this the way you talk to people face to face, also? Or is it only when you are hiding behind the keyboard on a forum?

      1. Randy Brown    

        Battle Zone II is the best game I ever played.

  30. Travis    

    Doesn’t work. It appears to be only for active-duty military.

    1. Jim    

      I agree. I’m an 60 year old VET ( ops) related. Buy we seem to be forgotten. Everything thing is for the young. Now I know how the Korean War VETs feel

      1. Steven Armstrong    

        Gotta agree with you, Jim! Even those of us who hung in there to Desert Shield/storm are left out in the cold. All vets are equal, but apparently, some are more equal than others!

  31. Jackie Elizabeth Ward    

    This is a wonderful program that is being offered. I want to thank all of those who donate the keys. The games are generally very expensive. Thanks a million from a Veteran on a tight budget.

  32. John DC    

    Does not connect. I have an I.D Me Account and this thing says I do not. If you are going to list these offerings verify that they actually work first.

  33. Clay Harper    

    I truly believe that video games help people with stress and illments if their lives. I’am diagnosed with ptsd and I play games with friend which are both military and non and family online that I haven’t seen in years to decades. Video games have come a long way from pong, lol, to some of the most realistic games I have ever seen and if it wasn’t for some of these games it would’ve been hard but it has brought me closer to family and friends again and I thank everyone for it. Thank you.

  34. John D C    

    Tried this. Got ID. Verified even received a verification e-mail. When I log into site it says I am not connected.

  35. Perry F. Bruns    

    Quick note:

    The football game is part of the Madden series, named for famed football coach and commentator John Madden. “Maddon” is the last name of, among others, baseball manager Joe Maddon.

  36. George Wesley Carney IV    

    I think the games do help relieve stress. It did for me when i had a game system or a computer but unfortunately i dont have either one now. Either way it does help..

  37. Christopher    

    So how do you access the free games?

  38. Tracy L Schuppan    

    System is overloaded, no real answers. Kind of a waste of time.

  39. jason trent steward    

    interested in games, but I cant afford a xbox. im 100 disabled with ptsd and other conditions. how can I get these games free of charge? Jason steward

  40. JOHN MONROE    

    I must admit to being curios since I am totally disabled and spend a lot of time at home

    1. Dre Lengyel    

      Use some of your 3k plus a month to buy a used one off eBay.

  41. Concerned Vet    

    First of all Tim, you spelt Madden incorrectly. C’mon man… you wrote a video game article and spelt arguably the most famous franchise in video game history wrong. Second of all, although the Game to Grunts website means well, it does not offer quality games. If studies show that video games provide a number of rehabilitative advantages then why doesn’t the VA offer some games that are worth playing to Veterans? Look forward to your response!

    1. HH    

      Concerned Vet, you spelled “spelt” wrong…twice

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