VA to provide Veterans better materiel support

Partnership with Defense Logistics Agency to speed acquisition


VA will now have increased ability to provide materiel support to Veterans through a strategic partnership signed Aug. 12.

The agreement between VA and DoD’s Defense Logistics Agency allows better acquisition over medical and surgical items, cleaning supplies and equipment, construction materials and equipment, and other items.

This first step gives VA networks across the country increased access to DLA’s broader supply catalog; improving productivity and efficiency.

“The adoption of a single health care logistics system by VA and DOD highlights the commitment of both organizations to improve military and Veteran health care by increasing the access and quality of care they receive,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie.  “This is a huge step forward in our efforts to transform VA into a modern, high-performing organization by simplifying operations and leveraging DOD’s supply chain system to support our Veterans.”

Centralized system

The agreement combines resources from VA and DOD to create a centralized ordering system for VA, reducing risk, waste, fraud and abuse in purchasing medical equipment and supplies.

The secretary said VA needs to be a part of the “national security continuum,” which extends from when a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or Coast Guardsman leaves for basic training to when they leave service. He added VA needs to be a partner to the military services to provide the best support to military members, who then become Veterans.

“VA must be a part of that integral equation,” Wilkie said. “With this, we are joined at the hip.”

Wilkie said the agreement will help reform ordering process to provide better care to “those who we are sworn to serve.”

The DLA director said the partnership will be value added for Veterans.

“This is all about our Veterans,” said Army Lt. Gen. Darrell K. Williams. “We are committed to your vision of greater materiel support to Veterans Affairs.”

In March, VA’s Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center became the pilot site for DLA’s Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support commodity ordering system.

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Adam Stump

Adam Stump is a public affairs specialist with VA’s Digital Media Engagement team. He is a retired Air Force Veteran who served 20 years, including two deployments to Afghanistan for detention operations and special operations.


  1. Chad Childers    

    The VA is definitely trying to get better with various issues. Still a long way to go though

  2. Rita Marquez-Lohr    

    Can this extend to the Foreign Medical Program (FMP), so that when a doctor recommends medical equipment and we pay on credit card to order it, that we are even more likely to be reimbursed by FMP?


    Does this include a walking -over-the shoulder- oxygenator rather than a cumberson over weight unit?

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