VA provides free recipes and cookbooks for Veterans

Video recipe and walkthrough for an easy healthy breakfast without much effort

The recommendation to not skip breakfast is just plain good advice. After all, you need enough fuel to make it through the morning, right? It is recommended that you eat breakfast within a few hours from when you wake up. Remember, when you’re sleeping, your metabolism is asleep as well, so you need to jump start your metabolism with a healthy breakfast. To learn more about preparing healthy breakfast meals, visit VA’s Nutrition web page at

You may be surprised how many healthy breakfast ideas require little effort when preparing. Helen Sanders and Rossmery Villavicencio from the Tampa Veterans Affairs Medical Center explain how you can easily prepare this tasty breakfast of eggs, toast, oatmeal, and fruit without much effort and cleanup.

Let’s get started!


  • 3 large eggs
  • Bunch of green onions
  • 2 slices of wheat bread
  • 1 cup of oatmeal, not instant oatmeal
  • 1 cup of fruit

How to prepare

  • Crack 3 eggs and pour into a mixing bowl
  • Scoop out 2 egg yolks, leaving one egg yolk
  • Chop green onion and add to egg bath
  • Mix well
  • Add butter or olive oil to skillet
  • Pour egg with green onion into skillet and scramble
  • To prepare oatmeal, follow directions on oatmeal box
  • Toast 2 slices of bread
  • Drain water or syrup off of fruit
  • Serve with a cup of coffee or tea

To maintain or achieve a healthy diet and body weight, consider joining the MOVE! Weight Management Program at your local VA health care system. Veterans should visit with their local VA nutritionist for a personalized plan.


Brett Robbins

Brett Robbins is an Army Veteran serving as a communications specialist detailed to Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Experience Office.


  1. Saptarshi Bhattacharya    

    What a beautiful post author. Thank you.

  2. Tamal Bose    

    Thank you author. Your share is so informative. Keep it up.

  3. Rajib Dalui    

    Thank you author. Keep it up.

  4. John Jacop Aster    

    So many people with nothing better to do.
    “…we all signed up ..”, really? Guess you forgot about the draft.
    “MREs”, what about the C and K rations?

  5. Raul Donoso    

    How. Please send a cookbook to me.

  6. Squilliam Testiclees    

    I heard “Chef” Google has all the recipes. As well as “Chef” YouTube has all the video walk through’s

  7. Ray    

    Love the venom and hostility being spewed over a recipe……..lmao

    1. Sandy Manuel    

      How do we get the free cookbook?

  8. Valerie Curtis    

    I’m pretty upset that the VA has not picked up on Plant Based way of eating. Plant foods, minus any meats, dairy, added sugars or oils, are the way to go. They reduce inflammation, plaque in arteries, can REVERSE heart damage and even Type 2 Diabetes. The research is everywhere. It’s kind of the same as with smoking. 55 years ago the Tobacco companies and their lobbyists were able to buy our Government, even when there was verifiable research that showed smoking caused cancer and was unhealthy. Today there is IRREFUTABLE research that meat (and fish), dairy, and added sugars and oils are not necessary in a diet. In fact, they cause harm. It’s difficult to realize that the foods you love are killing you.

    1. Ed Bosque    

      So, you’re conflating eating meat and smoking. Can you provide sources for your IRREFUTABLE research? You know nothing of our carnivore ways.

    2. David J. Garvey    

      At 73, this old Marine doesn’t care if my fellow vets are vegan, pro-meat, pro-margarine or any pro or anti category. Nor do I care if one is male, female or any other condition whether forced so, genetically or social.
      What really pisses me of is when one proposes and idea, that other vets jump down that originator’s throat RE: recipes, viewpoints or even pro/anti butter or pro/anti margarine.

      Serious shared experiences and living a good life are what is important. The self-centered not-picking to prove who is smarter or tougher or braver are not.

      Regardless if your position or preference . . .
      Semper Fi

    3. Pepper    

      Would love to see this too Valerie!

    4. Squilliam Testiclees    

      Where do you get the essential Omega’s then?

    5. jennifer    

      If you wanna starve yourself, keep it to yourself.

  9. Mark Mathers    

    VA cookbook and no recipe for SOS? What’s a vet to do?

    1. Valerie Curtis    

      Brilliant, Mark! Check out Brand New Vegan and Clean Food Dirty Girl websites for some excellent SOS recipes.

    2. Ed Bosque    

      Dude. I’ve been laughing for 10 min now…

    3. Stephen Pedrazzi    

      1 Lb. Ground Beef
      2 Cups 2% or Higher Milk
      4 TBSP Salted Butter
      4 TBSP All-Purpose Flour
      1 TSP Salt
      1 TSP Black Pepper

      1. Cook the Ground Beef and season to taste with salt & pepper in a medium sauce pan, drain excess grease and save for next step.
      2. Using the same sauce pan melt the 4 TBSP of butter, then add the 4 TBSP of Flour. Mix together until the Flour is absorbed by the Butter, then add the grease if you choose for flavor.
      3. Stir in 2 Cups 2% or Higher Milk into the Buttery Flour mix, add salt and pepper and heat slowly until all the clumps of buttery flour and milk thicken and bubble. Add Ground Beef and stir until consistency seems good to you and add more milk if you prefer less sticky SOS.

  10. Mark Mathers    

    Some recipe! Incomplete ingredient list. It’s far easier to separate yolks before putting them in the bowl.
    Maybe the cookbook will be better. One can only hope.
    Dang, these captcha solutions are getting harder. Need a calculator for this one. and the box only displays 2 of the 3 characters. Looks like a government project.

  11. Mark Mathers    

    Some recipe! Incomplete ingredient list. It’s far easier to separate yolks before putting them in the bowl.
    Maybe the cookbook will be better. One can only hope.

  12. Michelle Murphy    

    How do you obtain a free cookbook for a veteran? The title indicated free cookbook, but I don’t see anything in the article.

    1. Ed Bosque    

      I know, right? It’s the simple pleasures in life… good friends, the friendship of a faithful dog, a warm fire, and free cookbooks.

    2. Agnes Rodriguez    

      I too wonder how one gets the free cookbook for my veteran son?

  13. Frank Mitchell    

    WTF are you people angry about?

    1. Ed Bosque    

      ‘Cause we want our damn free cookbooks.

    2. Candida Hamilton    

      That’s what I was thinking Frank! I thought I had missed something …

  14. SAW    

    Margarine was invented during the 1870s in France when the Emperor Napoleon III was looking for a substitute for butter for troops in the field on his many military campaigns.

    These days, margarine is made from oils, usually canola, olive or sunflower, which are mixed with a solid vegetable fat base (which is what turns it into a semi-solid spread) along with water, skim milk, emulsifiers to keep everything blended, along with added vitamin A and D.

    It offers a spread that is either predominantly poly-unsaturated (if made from sunflower oil) or mono-unsaturated (if made from canola or olive oil). Most margarines have less total fat than butter with some 70 per cent or less – you’re eating more water and less oil. It contains around 20 per cent saturated fatty acids.

    It is not plastic!

      1. Roland Umphrey    

        It is plastic & it will kill you. Butter is healthy.

    1. joan marie acquistapace    

      I have yet to find a ‘canola’ in nature…..

  15. Marsha Aperans    

    You didn’t mention Gluten. Everything now has the Gluten taken out even if it doesn’t have any. I eat my eggs, fruit with it juice and I eat sugar. I eat Wheat Bread. Most everything we eat now has been processed one way or another. If it isn’t real I don’t want it. I’ve tried diets and they don’t work for me. I just cut back on what I eat. Some of these people want all of us to be Vegan! Yuck (Yolk) I’ll eat my meat, cheese, milk (Whole) thank you very much. I’ve been told to eat low fat cheese. They put oil in low fat cheese. Real cheese has milk not oil. I use Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil bake most things. I bounce weight wish but let’s see I have heart problems, high blood pressure, Hyper-Thyroidism (which I had nuked) so don’t have one so have trouble losing weight anyway. I try. I chase my dogs around all day for most of my excerise. I’m 50%. Sending prayers and hugs to all my fellow Vet Male and Female. The solve has space for only 2 numbers

  16. Michael G. Kumke    

    Thank you for the free recipes and cookbook.

  17. Michael G. Kumke    

    Thank you for the free recipes and cookbook. .

  18. Mary Andrasko    

    Hello Veterans, Some of us are fully-abled, some are partially-abled, and some are fully-disabled. No matter which, let’s try to support each other and skip the criticism and snide comments because we don’t know the ability of the person asking a question. Someone told a nearly blind veteran to go read for themselves….seriously? So I’m providing the link for those who would like to have it readily available, no matter their abilities.

    For all those looking for the cookbooks, this is the link:

    You may have to copy and paste it in the browser.
    Happy browsing!

    1. Ed Bosque    

      We were expecting, you know, “books.”

  19. Dennis Wilson    

    I created a dish and so far the worst problem I have is I didn’t make enough.
    I call it Honey But Chicken you can put as little as you want but then you wish you had made more but try it and see for your self.

    You take one whole or pieces you have already cut up and put it in a pan and start to cook cover it to help the chicken cook a little faster When the chicken is almost done take 1/4 cup of honey 1/4 cup of butter and then dice up a whole Orange with out the peels and sprinkle over the chicken when done You’ll wish you made more the honey and get the juices and bast your chicken with the juices. Its easy to do then cook up a squash to go with your main dish and maybe a slice of bread.

  20. Andrew Scroggins    

    I don’t know how you manage to stay alive, Tanis, since you are so picky about what you eat. And get off your high horse because several of the things you mentioned are flat out wrong. You don’t like margarine? Fine. But it is most certainly not poison or plastic–ridiculous. And oatmeal! You even bad mouth oatmeal, which is one of the healthiest things one can eat. If you want to avoid GMO foods go ahead and do that, but you aren’t necessarily eating healthier because of that. I see you bash refined flours as well. That’s a common thing uptight “foodies” make. Why don’t you grow your own grain and process it yourself in your back yard grist mill. Sugars–not good in excess but not the deadly poison some kooks would have you believe. You even demonize fruit cocktail. It is not “processed crap.” If you’re worried about the small amount of sweet syrup it has then pour it off! It’s so tiresome to read the gloom and doom BS that airheads like you write in a feeble attempt to appear smart and holier than the rest of us unwashed mortals. In my opinion what you need is regular doses of Meta-Mucil. It will probably help with your constipation. Lame… you that is.

    1. T A Martin    

      Do you hate everyone, or just women?

    2. John Smith    

      I hate to inform you, but margarine IS only 1 molecule away from being plastic! I wouldn’t eat that crap. Why do you feel the need to be so nasty to someone.?!? Worry about yourself and stop bashing other people!

    3. Amanda H    

      Well said! I appreciate people like you that are not afraid to speak up against those types. Makes me feel a little less alone in the world! I think it’s great that the VA has expanded their focus to include things like this, they’ve come a long way in the variety of services and assistance they offer. Nothing is perfect, but I am grateful for the VA. I wouldn’t be here without their help.

  21. Girard Jergensen    

    Several cookbooks in PDF are downloadable from the link about learning more: .

  22. Martha Frances (Hughes) Woods    

    I was unable to find directions on how/where to request this free cookbook I’m about to turn 88 and have AMD in both eyes leaving me with only partial vision, so I must use a magnifying glass to read and I may have overlooked it. Could you provide this information, please?

    I was a mechanic for airborne navigational radar in the WAF from June 1951 to July 1953/

    Thank you.

    1. Ann Fletcher    

      Check with one of the volunteers at your local VA or someone at your VA clinic. They should be able to help you find the link to down load the book.


    If you’re looking for the FREE COOKBOOK , it’s at the end of the 1st Paragraph under the video of Breakfast. It’s in blue print. Click on it and it opens to cookbook .

    1. Ed Bosque    

      Those aren’t “books.”

      1. Carla Patton    

        Ed, you are a GRUMPY person; this is not how we speak to our brothers and sisters in arms….we stick together; you can’t be a veteran, speaking with such anger.

        I truly hope you feel better tomorrow…..

  24. David Michael Joseph    

    Would like a copy of your cook-Book.
    David M.Joseph
    1st Marine Division:1st Marine Air Wing
    Vietnam served (1966-1969)
    100% Combat Disabled

      1. Mark Mathers    

        The ones I downloaded are in PDF format.

  25. S. Schenk    

    Read the article and you will find it!

  26. S. Schenk    

    Maybe bunk is what you need. Stop whining! The VA can only do what the government let’s and funds them. SMDH

  27. William Garrison    

    I am seeking information on possible free cookbooks. I’m a diabetic and most recently had a mild heart attack. If you could point me in the right direction it would be truly appreciated.

  28. PAUL D. BALGE    

    August 28, 2019

    Paul Balge

    I don’t see anywhere to get the FREE Cook Book.

    Thank You,

    Paul Balge

  29. Robert Johnson    

    The breakfast recipe detailed above looks like an interesting start.

    With a bit more effort, some bell pepper, tomato and mushroom slices could be added for additional low cal variety, without increasing the clean up chores. Herbs and spices could be added to up the flavor without increasing the sodium levels.

    Also, when in season, a piece of fresh fruit would be preferable to canned fruit, from my perspective.

    Perhaps some other ingredients could be listed as options for those who want to experiment with the recipes.

    A good start in my opinion.

  30. Linda Goudelock    

    For anyone who cares, that breakfast is loaded with artery clogging cholesterol. And it’s way to much food for one person

    1. You’re    

      Lol, that’s just dumb. Eggs, and oatmeal, yeah, that’s a bad breakfast -said some random person without a degree on the internet

  31. LAM    

    I would love to see low carb and keto recipes please. I need to drip some serious lbs!

  32. Rich Horowitz    

    Interesting heavy breakfast but not for a diabetic/cardiac diet!

  33. Ken Picone    

    I have to agree with other posts; where are the cookbooks? If they exist post a link and if they don’t; they don’t. Just don’t say they do.

  34. Vanessa Fields    

    How do you get the free cookbook? Also, what’s a replacement for oatmeal?

  35. Corinne Poling    

    I think the recipe sounds quite tasty. Also I would skip the bread since there is already grain for oats, simple protein,carbs,veg and fruit could sub freeze dried,fresh or frozen . I would add yogurt or some salsa to the eggs. Yogurt for oats. Have done so on occasion. Have 3cups of soaked steel cut oats,4ounces freeze dried unsweetened strawberries,1 can of water packed crushed pineapple and 1/3 cup unsupported raisins in fridge right now mix all in large microwave safe casserole dish with lid add enough liquid total for 2 cups this includes pineapple liquid and soak for 24 hours and then on high 1100 watt commercial microwave for 2 minute increments until done to desired texture. Will keep in fridge covered with lid for 5 days and can also be frozen for 3 months.

  36. Hershel Eacret    

    I tried va move program it a joke never lost any weight so I decide to go on a keto diet lost 26 pounds in about month so for now on I know what works for me 🙂

  37. Lucinda Casey    

    I was in the MOVE program from Oct. 2018 – June 2019, about 8 months. It was life changing. I learned how to change my food habits for a life time. I lost 34pounds. I feel great physically and so proud of myself. I learned how important exercise is to losing weight no matter how little you are capable of. I recommend it for everyone. I am 68 years old. If I can change, anyone can.

  38. Keith Mullen    

    I believe I misunderstood. A healthy breakfast recipe somehow doesn’t quite equate to “free recipes and cookbooks”

  39. Robert Stroupe    

    I only use real butter. Margarine has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. I just refuse to believe that the small amount of cholesterol in butter is bad for you. I’ve been able to cook since I was 8 y/o, so I know these simple recipes. However, it is presented well & the nutritionist may not agree with me, I’m going to eat what I like because life is too short.

    1. Nancy McDonald    

      I agree and I would like to add this … butter is made from natural ingredients which our bodies can identify and, therefore, knows how to break those ingredients down and process them. Margarine is basically man-made chemicals which our bodies cannot identify or process them properly. That’s just my theory.

  40. John R Sielaff    

    You can find free cookbooks by clicking on the link at the end of the first paragraph, open your Ô¿Ô people!

    1. Paul Carter    

      Is that nice? Why do you put people down? “Open your eyes, people” is a rude comment.

    2. Nancy McDonald    

      I agree and I would like to add this … butter is made from natural ingredients which our bodies can identify and, therefore, knows how to break those ingredients down and process them. Margarine is basically man-made chemicals which our bodies cannot identify or process them properly. That’s just my theory.

  41. leonard m hughes    



    1. Katie McVay    

      Click on the link at the end of the first paragraph and then scroll about 2/3rds of the way down the page. Also, diabetic-specific cookbooks are easy to find on Amazon or in bookstores.

  42. James M. Settles    

    Would love to see meals and cookbooks for dialysis patients

  43. Roland Umphrey    

    Where is the link for the recipe book? I just want to see what bunk the VA is pitching at us now.

    1. CB    

      Agreed. No cookbook. Just more crap.

  44. Marvin Newman    

    Hey I would eat it, Some of it isn’t my favorite stuff but all stuff I have been advised to eat. Now if I would only listen. nice presentation. Lots of angry vets out here. Remember we signed up for this. Semper Fi

    1. Jake    

      Agreed. It’s as if most of the commenters here forgot what an MRE tasted like!


    For one thing oatmeal does not have GMO’s as someone stated and if you drain and rinse canned fruit it is just fine for you its the syrup I’m a disabled vet and i try to look at the good that people try to do so stop playing the victims and quit complaining .

  46. Larry Tunison    

    As I began reading the comments I critiqued the comment of Klaus-Dieter because of its tone, not its content which was very good. As I continued reading I found that most of the comments followed the same pattern. Others were rude and unnecessary. I am a firm believer that all Veterans served by the VA should be civil and grateful. That being said, the recipe and instructions could be revised to be healthier and more descriptive. My wife is also a Vet and we went through MOVE when it first began. We lost a lot of weight. Our story with pictures is on the MOVE site. We have continued to eat healthy and keep our BMI in check.

    Klaus-Dieters suggestions are positive and would make any recipe more inviting. Tanis has good ideas but could have been presented without attitude.

    As for the recipe. Tanis is correct about egg yolks. The American Heart Association revised its position on egg yolks in 2000. Whole eggs are good for you. There is no difference for your health between whole wheat bread and white bread. The healthy choice is grained bread. We use 7 grain. Canned fruit does not loose its nutritional value when canned. The negative thing about canned fruit is that most are canned in high calorie syrup. Draining it helps. Depending on your caloric intake you can use it drained or brained and rinsed with water.

    Crack three complete eggs into a whipping bowl. Warm eggs wisk faster and better than eggs taken from the refrigerator.
    Cut about two inches (or all wilted green) off of the top of the green onion. Cut into a little less than 1/2 inch pieces. You can include the white part of the onion but make those slices at about 1/4 inch. Use canola or olive oil. Use butter only if you can have fat and salt in your diet. Olive oil is the healthiest. Whip the eggs with a wisk. The secret to making tasty scrambled eggs is whipping as much air in the mix as possible. This makes your eggs fluffy. Pour eggs into a heated skillet where you oil is hot but not bubbling. Use your wisk to keep the eggs fluffy. If you are using the white part of the onion put it in the skillet before you add the eggs. When the eggs start to yellow add the green part of the onion. Have your grained bread already in the toaster. About half way through the eggs cooking toast your bread. When the toast is ready spray with butter flavored vegetable oil. your vegetables should already be on your plate. Use almond milk (sweetened vanilla flavored is really good) and unrefined (brown) sugar or artifical sweetener on your oatmeal. Use the almond milk and unrefined sugar in your coffee. This may sound like a lot of work but after you do it once, the next time will be really easy.

    1. Steven Wilson    

      White bread tastes better, whole grain bread has more fiber, a needed element in the diet to keep the digestive tract flowing and clean. You’ll appreciate that when you are older. LOL

  47. Gordon Miller    

    Where is the cookbook? Always something not true from here!

  48. Lynn Folgate    

    In the picture of the completed breakfast I don’t see the oat meal. Could it be that the animal ate the oat meal so it was slaughtered and used to make the sausage?

  49. Charles    

    You can get free cook books on the internet! I don’t need a cookbook I need my claim settled and a cure for my cancer caused by agent orange. I am smart enough to find my own cookbooks. Please use this money for something important.

    1. Thomas Carlucci    

      Agreed. They say free cookbooks. So, I came here to get one. I guess they are “sold out”.

  50. Klaus-Dieter Ihnenfeld    

    Great idea, but falls short!
    Today any published recipe should be required to have nutritional values and information for special dietary needs, or: diabetes sufferers!

    1. Larry Tunison    

      I started to read your comment “Great idea” and thought your comment would be positive and I was glad to see another Vet supporting the VA. Then “but falls short!” Then a negatively focused idea. I believe your intention was good but your execution was poor. How about: Great idea! Consider adding nutritional values, information for diabetics and information for special dietary needs. Keep up the good work. Think about it. Thanks.

  51. Fred Scott    

    Lighten up. There is no margarine and the fruit wasn’t specified as canned fruit cocktail. What I want to know is what to do with the two yolks, and where the two sausage links came from.

  52. Jeremy Quintana    

    Looks like a very good breakfast, can I have the Chefs phone number to make sure I prepare my meal using this recipe correctly I wouldn’t want to incorrectly make a mistake creating such a beneficial meal?

    1. Roland Umphrey    

      Fred Scott, why would you want margarine on anything you would eat. That stuff is pure poison. Don’t know where you got the two sausage links, no mention of them in the breakfast recipe. Eat the two egg yolks, eggs are good for you, not bad.

      Bill Louden, you are the only one that mentioned yoke. Wasn’t in the recipe.

      Larry Tunison, who appointed you as God, the grammar police, the recipe police, the attitude police, plus you want to talk to us like we have never even buttered a slice of bread or that we are too stupid to ever accomplish that. Speaking of bread, here is one for you : try eating some Orrowheat Oatnut bread. It is the best bread you will ever eat.

  53. None Ya    

    Free recipes are in the top ten easiest things to find online. I think there a better things the VA could be spending money on. Js

    1. Thomas Carlucci    

      You should see the money wasted in the Audie Murphy Memorial VA Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. They spend money on wall coverings, new floors, executive offices furniture, modernizing the elevators, which, by the way, does nothing to SPEED UP the elevators. They are still as slow as a slug in a blizzard.

    2. Charles    

      Yes! I feel the same way! Medical is more important than all these silly things they are trying to do along those PC feel good crap. I am disabled not stupid!

    3. Mark Mathers    

      Got to be kidding.
      Meal planner is only for dinner. What? you only plan to eat once a day?
      None of the recipes I saw have prep time, number of servings, or nutritional information. For the cookbook for vets without homes: you need a microwave, oven, stovetop and slow cooker. Sure, I see those guys hustling change with those in their shopping carts all the time. Right.
      If you want current information on what’s good nutrition, skip right over FDA’s food pyramid (it’s for minimum sustinance, too loaded with carbs), and see Walter Willette’s Eat Drink and Be Healthy. It incorporates current scientific research. In short, it looks a lot like the Mediterranean diet. News flash: whole eggs & and butter are better for you than the alternatives. Up to 2 eggs a day and butter (all fats) in moderation.
      Thanks, but I’ll stick to recipe sites & good ol’ paper cookbooks. Don’t even want to waste the space on my drive to store these files.

  54. Tanis Antoine    

    Are you serious? First, Egg yolk is good for you. They proved the cholesterol in eggs is not bad for you… Second, margarine? Really? I mean let’s make our bodies process hydrogenated vegetable oils as a splurge (seriously, let’s consume plastic in the name of health). Third, oatmeal…. Full of GMOs yeah thats flipping healthy. And toast, refined flours and sugars! hmmm…. And then the Almighty can of fruit cocktail. More processed crap….

    Let’s keep telling our veterans that whole foods are not important to their health or mental health. Let’s keep pushing processed crap into them so we can keep feeding them drugs to control them. None of this is good for anybody.

    If you want to do something healthy for Vets teach them the truth about the garbage going into their systems and how it affects them overall. Teach them the importance of healthy well balanced whole foods meals, adequate sleep, and exercise. Don’t teach them how to make crappy food and say that it’s health or balanced.


  55. Bill Louden    

    I am a volunteer with the Move program in Las Vegas.
    Just started the 6-week Health Cooking class at the hospital.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Not to be confused with Yoke.
    The yolk of a chicken egg
    Among animals which produce eggs, the yolk (also known as the vitellus) is the nutrient-bearing portion of the egg whose primary function is to supply food for the development of the embryo.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Not to be confused with Yolk.
    Yoke is a wooden beam normally used between a pair of oxen or other animals to enable them to pull together on a load when working in pairs, as oxen usually do; some yokes are fitted to individual animals.

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