‘Where to start?’ – The VA Welcome Kit

A Guide to the Benefits and Services Earned


Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors know that VA has no shortage of technical handouts, benefits books and informational materials. Even with all these resources, Veterans ask, “Where do I start?”

Whether a Veteran is just getting out of the service or hung up the uniform years ago, the VA Welcome Kit can help guide them to the benefits and services they earned.

No matter where in life they might be, the VA welcome kit will help Veterans navigate VA. Veterans can understand the process and their responsibilities, and get started using the benefits promised by a grateful nation.

In addition to a broad overview of services VA offers; this guide contains:

  • A map of the benefits and resources available at specific moments in your journey,
  • Contact information for each of VA’s programs,
  • Checklists to ensure you gather the right documents, forms and information needed,
  • Quick start guides so that you hit the ground running with your benefits.

The kit is available for download or print on VA.gov.

The Veterans Experience Office created the kit using human-centered design principles, including feedback from more than 150 Veterans throughout the country. VEO continually updates the guide based on additional feedback and information.

While the welcome kit does not provide all of the technical information on VA’s programs included in the Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors handbook, it does provide a summary and the steps required to enroll in VA services.

Please visit VA.gov to download or print a VA Welcome Kit, and feel free to share this guide with friends and family who might also need help with their benefits.


Steven Clipp

Steve Clipp joined VA in 2017 with the White House/VA Hotline and is currently on detail as a communications specialist with the Veteran Experience Office. Steve, a Navy Veteran, served as an electronics technician in Fighter Squadron 31 (VF 31-F/14s) on-board the USS Abraham Lincoln. Using the GI Bill, he graduated from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.


  1. Alexa Lee Black    

    I live on Redding, CA. As a veteran I qualify for many discounts, but I can’t get a veterans picture ID. The VA Clinic will only give picture ID’s to their patients. The local Veterans Affairs does not issue picture IDs. How do I get a Veterans picture ID?

  2. Stephanie    

    How can I get a schedule A letter for job application through usajobs? My VA doesn’t even know what the letter is. ThNk you for your help.

  3. Richard Nichols    

    Contact the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) at 877-222-8387, and request that your address be updated for Residential as well as Permanent Mailing Address. Also ask that the affiliated Facility VAMC be checked to make sure it reflects the Charlie Norwood VAMC. Updates to the Mailing address do not change the Facility you are associated with, and many issues can be corrected by this double check. You may also want to contact the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) to make sure your address has been updated there as well. Not all parts of the VA communicate well with each other.

  4. Robert Lewis Thomas    

    Thanks for all you all do every day!

  5. Donald    

    Why after having been with the Wilmington Delaware VA for many years and very satisfied with. I moved to South Carolina and now am with Charlie Norwood VA does every one here tell me they can’t see my records or it is too much trouble. Doctors don’t have voice mail and don’t answer phone. Secure messages are not always answered. This area has terrible service. How can I get my records submitted for appeal hearing? Thank you.

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