President, Secretary to host MISSION Act conference call Tuesday, 6/25


Please join President Trump and VA Secretary Robert Wilkie for a conference call on Tuesday, June 25, at 11:45 AM EST to discuss the one year anniversary of the passage of the MISSION Act and the milestones accomplished during this time.

To listen in on the call, please visit and provide Conference ID #469230 to begin the registration process.

The call will last 15 minutes.

UPDATE: The first line has reached capacity, and a second line has been opened. Please fill out the following link and you will receive the dial-in information, upon RSVP’ing.

RSVP Link:


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    The second line is also filled up…. why don’t we have unlimited access to these briefings???
    I am very interested and concerned for my health and need to get all information and updates as they
    pertain to me and all vets…….

  2. Barry Venable    

    With all of the great updates and additions to the VA that now allows a veteran
    to go to more places that a non veteran, ie civilians cannot go to a va facility.

    VA medical is considered health care coverage with respect to the ACA

    So, why is the law still on the books that if a veteran loses VA coverage
    and did not take medicare part B the veteran will be hit with finacial penitlies
    amouting to the number of months not on part B because the law does not consider
    VA medical proper coverage?

  3. Amapiano music    

    how can i be part of this conference please

  4. Tom Verville    

    Yes, Where is the registration link?

  5. Joseph Cardone    

    I would love to be a part of this telephone conference.

  6. David Peiffer    

    Good Morning, The VA needs to add Dental Care to the Mission Act. I travel almost 2 hour per appointment. VA should change DIC allotment to allow spouses to receive the same amount of monthly compensation as a Veteran does. Not limit it. Spouses support the Veteran every day during their ups and downs and have earned it. Thank you

    1. Lori Jordan    

      @ David Peiffer AMEN! AMEN and AMEN! re: SPOUSES.

  7. Mike Thomas    

    Fellow Vets, I just registered, it took only seconds, no need for hash tag. Mike.

  8. Donald Wolverton    

    I am a 72-year-old vet. I have numerous medical issues and am sick in the winter a lot. Little good does it do to go to a minute clinic as they have no diagnostic devices as x-rays for my lungs or c-scans of my lungs like the normally do when I get the flu or cold. They should allow us to go to the ER in a hospital 3 blocks from my house. I have to take a cab to the Jesse VA that costs me over $75 round trip when I am sick. They need to expand the care to hospitals near your home or a clinic that has diagnostic medical equipment. This program does me little good as they can’t help me at all. I have to go to the VA they tell me.. They should have a near hospital where real doctors are to take care of Vets with bad backs, lungs and kidneys.. I cannot use it..

  9. Jim Shaffner    

    I’m a Vietnam veteran and have great health care from the VA. It sounds to me like you are trying to get care you are not eligible for. Stop being a cry baby and find out what you need to do to become eligible. It also sounds to me like you may not be literate. Get some help.

    1. John Locke    

      Jim Shaffner your comments like “Stop being a cry baby…” and “…you may not be literate” are just plain hateful and unhelpful. Sounds like you need to stop making assumptions about other people. Perhaps you should get some help!

    2. Jeffrey S Benton    

      Yeah dude, not cool! If you have nothing to say that helps or benefits the veterans who are making their concerns known on here, then keep your f#!$ing comments to yourself.
      Id rather sound like a cry baby than a major douchebag.

  10. Emery W Tolbert    

    My 3rd try, If this one is no better than the Community Health Care system then you can save the money because it is impossible to get in contact with them. You get put on hold for an hour and then you get a dial tone. Trump and the VA big shots can stop patting each other on the backs because all they do is make the rich richer and do nothing for the VET’s. I HAVE WRITTEN Trump 2 letters, 1about 2 years ago and 1 about 6 months ago and no replies to either one to date, so that tells me he could care less about a Veteran or a person who has supported him for the last 4 years.

  11. Charles S Morrill    

    I can’t even get an appointment at the new VA in Mobile Alabama. for 6 months the CMO has shut out hundreds of veterans from getting an appointment. I’m a 100 percent service connected disabled veteran and I can not get care. My prescriptions are fixing to run out and I can’t get them renewed. The past 3 days I have tried getting stabbing stomach pains treated. They wont see me. Even in emergency walk in. The Veterans Administration Hospital is killing it’s veterans

  12. William Colt    

    Hope, they talk about funding for aviation programs.

    1. stephen long    

      What are the aviation programs?

  13. Marc Plouffe    

    To listen in on the call, please visit and provide Conference ID #469230 to begin the registration process.

  14. Larry holan Clark    

    We are “Snow Birds” and live in an RV to keep expenses down. We travel from Bend, OR to Phoenix, AZ and follow the good weather. We park next door to our Daughter and Son In-law in Phoenix in the Winter months and have kept Phoenix VA as my Primary Care Hospital and after this years travel will be staying in Phoenix, due to health issues and the issues of getting care, when traveling!
    It is going on 3 weeks since I called and tried to get an appointment for community based care, since Portland VA is over 200 miles away. I can’t even get my local clinic to call me back! My CPAP machine is not working properly! I need oxygen only at night! My son in law was a medic on a Special Forces team and is now a registered nurse, he ask me all the time: “Why won’t they give you oxygen?”
    The missions act looks good on paper: BUT the people in the local VA hospitals and Clinics do not even know what it says, to know how it works! I had to send them copies of parts of it, to get them to believe what I was saying it said! Some of the people at the hospital in Phoenix treat us like numbers, because they have a Government job and feel to secure in it!

    Every vet is not the same and we should not be put in a cookie cutter mold! We have individual needs and those needs should be treated with respect and dignity, just as we would if we went to a doctors office in the private sector! If a receptionist, or nurse, in a doctor’s office was not cordial and polite: I would talk to the Doctor, and or, not go back: AT the VA I’m stuck! The private sector wants our business: The people at the VA don’t care;their jobs are secure (So they believe!)

    The VA should have a program that does what my wife use to do in the public sector: Mystery Shopper!
    The program should have “Mystery Vets” try to make appointments, go to a Hospital and see how they are treated, try to get community care, etc; just like we have to go through, and then make reports to Secretary Robert Wilkie directly, so the reports don’t get watered down in the system. This should be an ongoing program: NOT just a one time deal!

    Let’s send our troops over seas and tell them they don’t have to shoot! What would happen? They would be dead in the trenches! The same should happen to the people on the phones, behind the desks, and reception counters: if they don’t treat US VETS, with at least the same courtesy and respect as we would get in the private sector!
    Please note: I say US VETS, because it has a double meaning: United States Vets and us vets as individual citizens that served our country.
    Unlike those that have crossed our borders illegally; we don’t have our hands out: we have earned the respect and courtesy of those working at the VA for US! Yes they work for us! Without the vets; they would not have a job and they should be reminded of that every day and be aware of it when they “greet” a vet, or treat a vet!
    God Bless the USA!

  15. Jeremy Walter    

    How did signing up for a conference call turn into a session to cry about your health care. I get the same care you all do and I agree, this new Act creates more wait time and confusion for the veteran. We all must remember we need to give it time to be ironed out before it can be a well oiled machine.

    1. Edward Kay    

      “We all must remember we need to give it time to be ironed out before it can be a well oiled machine.” humm yes is see good point “give it time” Has a dozen decades not been long enough? Sooo let me see if I understand. How many more decades does the va need to get their feces together? I would guess long after you and I are DEAD and our children are DEAD and their children are DEAD would the “more time” they need. Excuse me. I need to go take a number to be fitted for my casket. Funny……. they don’t need “more time”!

  16. John H Garceau    

    I would love to learn how the VA is any better. I have done two Presidential and many Senator complaints and the VA in Alabama just gets worst. I been attempting for six years to get my teeth. One Doctor came in and after an 8 hr operation, having a post that was put in wrong he got me close to complete. Since he left I had one dental appointment all the rest been postponed. No one that works their are happy because of micromanagement. Second I can not get to Birmingham when my back acts up. My VA Doctor saids one when we could get pool exercises that’s been taken away. Then all my experts prescribed meds she refuses to prescribe. Oh by the way she doesn’t even need to know about Parkinson and treating a man who got this disease from the VA. The VA spent all that money and it has gotten worse instead of better. President Trump is failing veterans I have done more then he has since he has been in office.

    1. John Martin    

      Wow-I have had great service from the Birmingham VAMC Dental clinic. Yes, I have had the occasional cancellation. But they, over all, have treated me great. Had a broken tooth several months ago and knew I could not get an appointment. Drove 75 miles up there and did a walk in. They confirmed the broken tooth. Did not have an opening for 3 months. A young Dentist came out and said he would fix the tooth if I could wait several hours. No problem. Waited and he fixed the tooth before he left for the day. If you are eligible for Dental from the VA, give them a call. They are all great people in the Dental section. As for my back, I have a civilian PCM who has seen me for many years. You will have to have a good history with a PCM before they prescribe the pain killers. Good Luck and give the Dental Clinic a call.

  17. john gosnik    

    Why are CBOC facilities not provided with the authority to approve alternative treatment from a local, non VA provider?

  18. Jerry Rayala    

    Please sign me up for the conference call on Tuesday, June 25.

  19. Benjamin Elliott    

    I just wanted to know how you can’t give a veteran assistance with housing? I wanted to know how you can have degenerating knees and not have a handicap placard for your vehicle? Considering I have sleep Apnea and diabetes how I can work and not get disability ?! One veteran friend of mine was told it was all in his head for 2 years! Then finally FINALLY, someone stepped up to the plate and they found a hernia and cancer polyps in his stomach! I doubt this will reach anyone! I walked on the 64 st clinic today because you treat me like another number for your grant money! I was told I needed insulin if it was that damn important why didn’t you call me before the doctor appointment?! It seems you want us to walk off a cliff and die! I am very angry and if SHTF this cold war Persian Gulf vet knows the score!

  20. Emery W Tolbert    

    Why won’t you let me post a negative, but true commint?

  21. Janet L Lewis    

    I don’t understand all the redundancy. I realize that some people need others to make appointments for you I’m not one of them. I liked it better to just call VetChoice and they authorized it. Now I have to talk to my local VA, then call choice, then someone calls to set the appointment up for me. The mission act just adds extra steps.

  22. Mrs. Curry    

    Based on the instructions below
    To listen in on the call, please visit and provide Conference ID #469230 to begin the registration process.

    I have tried several times and when you enter the id number with or without the hashtag. a error message continues to pop up. your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  23. Alan L. Cortez    

    I am a veteran with honorable discharge and I tried to get a service to VA clinic and the person who assess my eligibility told me that I exceed the maximum salary threshold to qualify.
    This is not so encouraging and it push me to quit my current job just to get qualified to get VA care.

  24. Robert Stahlnecker    


  25. maria    

    where is the registration link there is nothing on this page!!!!?????

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