Find out how the MISSION Act could impact you

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Explore VA MISSION Act

Veterans will soon have more health care options than ever. Get the right care, at the right time, from the right provider—at a VA facility or a local provider in your community.

How will the Mission Act impact you?

VA is strengthening its ability to provide Veterans with state-of-the-art care and services. Beginning next month, Veterans will have more health care choices than ever.  From improving the health care in VA facilities, to allowing you to be treated by providers in your community, when it makes sense, VA is changing to make heath care better and easier to access. Guidelines to access care in the community are changing, all governed by MISSION Act legislation.

Join us for a Facebook LIVE video on May 30, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. EDT to learn about new eligibility and access standards and what you must do before you can access care from a local provider in your community, through VA.

Participating is easy:

  • Visit VA’s Facebook page a few minutes before 4:30 p.m. EDT.
  • Refresh your page at 4:30 p.m. EDT to watch the live video discussion, it will begin on the hour.
  • Click on the video. Make sure it is unmuted by using the volume controls at the bottom of the video.
  • Type your questions into the comments below the video.

Representatives will provide answers and resources. You will need a Facebook account to ask questions.

This event is part of the “#ExploreVA: From Service to Success” online series highlighting how Veterans and their families use VA benefits and services. These benefits help Veterans earn degrees, start careers, buy homes, stay healthy and more. Visit for information on events, resources and how to apply for VA benefits.

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  1. Pamela Mulveyhill    

    Could not find the 5/30 Facebook forum. What happens to those of us receiving care in the community already? We were left in a vacuum in September during the last changes. We got no clear directions then, and have none now. Did VA send info to providers currently being utilized? Or will they AGAIN need to be certified by VA … Creating a time period where we are unsure of continuing care?

  2. George Anthony Taylor getard    

    I have housed my inlaws for 27 years. My father in law is a Vietnam vet and gas not worked since I’ve known him. With limited SSI and the VA for his health care, it’s a struggle to make ends meet. His wife also has not worked in years so their social security benifit is the minimum. Neither are “tech savvy” so I try to keep him informed. I am also a “Vietnan Era Vet” and am 100% disabled. So don’t feel alone. My wife holds things togeather and works out of our home. So, it can be done

  3. Arthur Nowell    

    How will the Mission Act work? Do you have to go through your primary care provider in order to initiate this program? The VA has such a horrible turn around time to see Veterans to address any health issue that he or she may have. Will you be able to get specialty Doctors that VA doesn’t provide? Will, there be a copayment associated with seeing a provider out in the community? Do you have to go through the Choice program to have doctors visit authorized? Usually, it takes quite a while to wait for a phone call from the Choice program to have your outside provider authorize to have the VA to pay that bill. In actuality, you have to make an appointment with your primary care physician to send a counsel to them telling them that you are in need of an outside provider and turn around really sucks!!!! How will each Veteran be notified that they are enrolled in the Mission

  4. David Reidel    

    The VA Mission Act does not help a retired Veteran of 20 years, on Tricare For Life, Medicare and Supplement G Medicare. The VA charges me for my medical care, when I can go on the outside and not pay a cent. It’s a shame, I really preferred my Primary Care Team Doctor at the VA.

  5. June Mary Helligrath    

    I agree–as a female veteran, I don’t think Facebook is the forum to address veteran issues, especially if doing Q&A as well.

  6. S. A. Maley    

    Michael Montgomery’s comment is spot on. The choice of platform is not only unprofessional it is inaccessible to non-tech savvy veterans and is not in alignment with the purpose of the webinar- to share information on the VA Mission Act. The title of this post is “Find out how the Mission Act could affect you” yet the information will not get to every veteran who needs and deserves access to this information.

  7. Michael Montgomery    

    I dropped Facebook and will never pick it back up. Could you please handle veteran’s healthcare in a more professional manner without going through a third party platform?

  8. Michael C.Mendez    

    Looking for Veterans Housing for my spouse and I.
    Living in my Sister in laws house with our cat and dog. Things aren’t working out , we lost our house due to four closure . Living with four other people isn’t easy and taking it one day at a time, feeling we could be on the street at any time. Living in LA Puente calif 91744 at this time. 60 % disabled veteran.

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