Borne The Battle 145: Jan Ohrstrom – Army Veteran, Professional Wrestler, Documentary Producer, VA Employee


Between this episode and the last Veteran of the Day I wrote, you can probably tell I have an interest in professional wrestling. During the “Monday Night Wars” and the “Attitude Era,” I used to watch every week, twice a week. I don’t watch anymore, but wrestling got me into podcast listening because I still follow the “dirt sheets.” The backstage stories keep me in tune with the current state of the wrestling business. The independent scene is currently in a resurgence with a lot of talent currently testing free agent waters – moving from promotion to promotion – in charge of their own creative license.

Jan Ohrstrom wins the Heart of Texas Championship

Jan won the Heart of Texas Championship on Nov 30, 2018

Not only is Army Veteran Jan Ohrstrom a wrestler, he’s a producer of the documentary “Valhalla Club.” The feature documents how three wrestlers, including Jan, formed a wrestling stable based on collectively fighting their PTSD through wrestling. The doc details each wrestler’s combat experience, how they adjusted to coming home and how they each found wrestling. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch is for free.


Recently, Jan and his stablemates were featured on the first episode Comedy Central’s new show, “Klepper.”

“Klepper” Feature

Currently, one of his stablemates is feuding with the former Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Jason David Frank. They expect their match to happen sometime in July.


Additionally, Jan is a VA employee. We talked about his role in the Office of Business Process Integration.

Overall, I was excited to have Jan on the Borne the Battle for four reasons:

  • He’s a combat veteran
  • He’s a video producer
  • He’s an independent wrestler
  • He’s a VA employee



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Tanner Iskra

Tanner Iskra has been a video producer for the VA’s Digital Media Engagement team since October of 2018. He is a Marine Corps Veteran, having served as a Combat Videographer. During his military career, he deployed to Iraq in 2005 as well as to Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Germany, France and Spain as part of the Black Sea Rotational Force. Tanner is a graduate of the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies and holds a Certificate in Military Motion Media from the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University.


  1. John Kennedy    

    I’d love to connect with him. The Marines contracted me to develop the worlds first targeted neuroplasticity training program back in 2007 to improve Warfighting capabilities by making brains faster and more focused. Jump ahead to and I help athlete improve mental and physical reaction speed but better yet, have helped hundreds of PTSD and TBI sufferers overcome and reverse symptoms. How can we connect?

  2. Jesse Carmona    

    Would like to know more, wrestled for the Puerto Rican Olympic team while in air force at Ramey Air Force base
    In Puerto Rico , I live in Pico Rivera California,Los Angeles county

  3. Alisha Silbaugh    

    All Army wrestling offered a similar venture. I enjoyed the hard training and networking with professional Army Olympic qualified athletes. Texting from Kingston, WA.

  4. Jerry Paul Carroll    

    I am Jerry Carroll and an Air Force veteran from the
    ill fated 960th AEW at Otis AFB, Mass. I work in Columbus, Georgia and have asked Attorney General
    Chris Carr to help me stop a computer scam affecting Veterans, Veteran students, seniors, and those who are being scammed by trying to save money for college by buying laptops advertised as certified refurbished on the internet. But they have not been
    and MacBooks older than 2012 are obsolete. One dealer has taken payments from consumers and not even supplied laptops. The attorney general of Georgia’s staff will not even show my request to the Georgia AG because I only work in Georgia. Those of you who live in Georgia might ask AG Carr to help
    Stop this scam by issuing an Opinion of the Attorney General that consumers believe “certified refurbished “ to mean completely remanufactured to the manufacturers original specifications by the original manufacturer “. In Georgia an AG Opinion becomes a law on the books. Thanks, Airman Jerry Carroll

  5. Roger Bara    

    Any one arround billings, Montana want to wrestle. It’s hot makes you feel good, go9d for stress.

  6. Alan Lee Whaley    

    I am a Navy and Marine Corps Veteran. I was just inquiring as to how I can get involved in something like this. Thank you.

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