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Hi, Dad…we missed you.

Here’s a powerful one-minute video to remind us that for someone going through a difficult time, a text, a call, or a visit can mean so much. One person, one connection, or one simple act of compassion can open the door to vital support for a Veteran in crisis.

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Are you using the Annie App? This video explains it all.

The care plan you’ve received from your doctor may feel overwhelming. The Annie App can help.

By reminding you of your doctor’s instructions through alerts on your mobile phone, Annie empowers you to manage your own care and stay healthy, wherever you are.

Here’s a Marine Veteran talking about his hip replacement at a VA hospital.


Man on his bike

Millions of Veterans have diabetes. Watch this five-minute animated explanation of what it is and why you should take action to deal with yours.


Man standing in a crowdThis video provides an overview of the symptoms of PTSD to help you and your family members quickly learn about PTSD.

Women Veterans

Woman Veteran and her childrenWomen comprise nearly 7% of VA health care users. As the fastest growing group of Veterans, VA’s care for women Veterans is becoming more and more important. This video discusses innovative practices making women Veterans’ care better. (38-minute podcast)

Colonoscopygraphic of abdomen internal organs

Step by step instructions to prepare for your colonoscopy.

Here’s a short list of just a few more topics covered:

Mental Health

Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry

Airborne Hazard Registry

Chiropractic Care

Rural Health – Shared Decision Making – Long Term CareMature couple having consultation with male doctor in hospital

Million Veteran Program – Research Partnership with Veterans

Sleeping Better

Please add the Veterans Health Administration YouTube link to your favorites.


Hans Petersen

Hans Petersen is senior writer-editor for Digital Media, VHA Office of Communications. An Air Force Veteran, Hans also served two years in the Peace Corps and worked for 20 years in broadcasting before joining VA.