‘Sea of Purple’ at Central Arkansas brings awareness to Intimate Partner Violence


Pictured above: Central Arkansas Veterans Health care leadership and create a ‘sea of purple’ with special Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) awareness T-shirts.  CAVHS employees are encouraged to wear the shirts every Friday in October to bring awareness to, and prevention of, intimate partner violence.  VA photo by Jeff Bowen.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a serious, preventable, public health problem that affects millions of Americans.  During October, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System employees are wearing a ‘Sea of Purple’ to bring awareness and urge victims to seek help.

Employees at both main campuses are wearing special purple shirts every Friday emblazoned with the National Domestic Violence Hotline phone number.  Signs are posted in each facility and informational graphics are displayed on all CAVHS electronic bulletin boards.

The term ‘intimate partner violence’ describes physical, sexual or psychological harm by a current or former partner, or spouse.  Emotional IPV is when a person tries to harm a partner’s self-worth.  Physical IPV involves physical force. Sexual IPV involves coercion in sexual activities against another person’s will.




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