VA on Glassdoor: evaluating our latest reviews


At VA, we’re constantly striving to improve our business for the benefit of our workforce and the Veterans we serve. That’s why we make sure to keep a finger on the pulse of the employee experience by regularly reviewing reports on websites such as Glassdoor.

Areas of success
One of the most frequently noted advantages for working at VA is our exceptional benefits package. From robust retirement and insurance plans to generous paid time off and liability protection, the broad range of options we offer helps employees lead fuller, more balanced lives.
Another advantage is the fact that VA is a large, nationwide organization with a variety of locations and care settings, and flexible career paths to choose from. Of course, our greatest strength lies in VA’s mission to serve Veterans. Employees across the board value the unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s heroes each day.

Room for improvement
Frustrations with VA’s electronic health records system have been reported. However, as part of VA’s major modernization efforts, preparatory plans to implement a new system are underway. The transition will allow providers to access and share critical patient information seamlessly, thereby ensuring a more efficient, integrated health care delivery system.

Every day, we search for new ways to help people thrive—employees and patients alike. Join us and discover a rewarding career delivering the high-quality care our Veterans deserve. Learn more and apply today.


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  1. Richard Zakosky    

    Making improvements as a department will see if it is true or not, I know I wasn’t wanted anymore, by the critical care units. Inappropriate cardiac monitoring hasn’t been discussed with me still too day, I wonder if it ever will.

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