Oklahoma VA to get PTSD service dog in January


This post was first published on the Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System’s website.

Meet Honor, an 18-month-old female golden retriever that will report for duty at the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center in early January.

Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma, a non-profit organization in Tulsa, trained Honor as a facility/PTSD service dog and recently donated her to the medical center. Facility dogs are specifically selected for their soft disposition and mild temperament and extensively trained in obedience and working commands.

Honor will visit Veterans upon request and make regular visits to units such as the chemotherapy/infusion clinic, inpatient mental health and hospice/palliative care.

Terri Woodworth, who works in social work service, adopted Honor and recently completed service dog handler training with her.

“She’ll be here every day that I’m here,” said Woodworth, who is also a volunteer with Lab Rescue OK, Inc. and has more than 10 years of experience fostering and training dogs. “I will be her handler and mom and she will be part of my family to share with Veterans.”

Honor suffered an injury at birth and has lived with a prosthetic leg ever since. She is currently getting acclimated to a new prosthetic and will then begin serving Veterans on a full-time basis.

“She couldn’t be a normal service dog because of her disability,” said Woodworth. “As a facility dog, she will be able to visit our Veterans and also rest throughout the day.”

While she may have physical limitations, Woodworth said there is no limit to the love she can give to those who are in need.

“She has a special ability to sense when people need her,” she said. “She picks up on people’s emotions really well. I really think Honor is going lift the spirits of our Veterans, especially those who have been hospitalized for a long time.”



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  1. Laurie Engelstad    

    Roger, not sure if you are aware of EFT (emotional freedom technique). Do a search on the internet. I know the founders have had experience treating PTS. So search and go directly to the source. Wonderful group of people, Try searching for “EFT and PTSD” or Treating PTSD with EFT. Check out this website. https://eomega.org/article/tap-your-way-to-healing-ptsd-with-eft
    Blessings to you!


  2. roger f    

    thank you for nothing

  3. roger f    

    guess this will go no where that’s what we expect

    1. Dennis Wilson    

      I’m sorry for that a service dog has turned my life around

  4. roger f    

    no service dogs here in Hampton VA no longer have classes on ptsd…I attended one of the last ones…great programs they no longer do the classes were standing room only that being said they just want to med us till we all die…get lots on meds…little help some one needs to help us its not happening at the HAMPTON VA people come down everyone walks around with the staff happy having lunches they tell each other how good everything is and leave…NO CHANGES I don,t think our WELL PAID staff has any idea I go to a dr that does nothing but keep his job…

  5. schummer    

    I believe very much in the ptsd service dog program, and have worked with many dogs and their Veterans handlers. Sadly there are some fly by night organizations out there selling fake ptsd dog and handler registrations. The real PTSD dog and handlers are trained for eight months, NOT thirty minutes and sixty dollars. Some Veterans Administration facilities are allowing these pown puppies to be registered and into the groups. they are endangering real PTSD dogs and Veteran handlers as well as other Veterans in the facilities. Something must be done soon or there will be a Congressional intervention asked for.

    1. schummer    

      Read the above comments.

    2. schummer    

      I believe very much in the PTSD service dog program, and have worked with with both Dogs and Veteran handlers. Sadly there are some fly by night organizations out there selling fake PTSD dog and handler certificate. The real PTSD dog and handlers are trained for a minimum of eight months, NOT thirty minutes and sixty dollars. Some Veterans Administration facilities are allowing these pown puppies to be registered and admitted into PTSD groups. There they are endangering Real certified PTSD dogs and Handlers as well as other Veterans in the facilities seeking Help. Something must be done immediately to end this farce or a Congressional investigation is asked for.

      1. Richard Holden    

        When is the VA in Florida going to govr Mefica Marajuunna

        1. Dennis Wilson    

          yes there is and a lot of people that think they can take their dog where ever they want.

    3. Dennis Wilson    

      Something that happened to me this last Veterans Day I was invited to a dinner where they were taking pictures of the Vets and they wanted a picture of my dog as well because I told them he was a service dog and while someone was giving a speech they were showing the pictures of the Vets on the wall and after my picture they showed my service dogs picture and everyone thought that was a good tribute because he was was in service to a Vet.

  6. claudio alpaca    

    a commovent one that give us hope for future and make visible the possibility to treat PTSD, a serious problem we live and just now were won by. Now thanks dogs like Honor we have a horizon where hope is a reality, where cares appear possible so to make us men whose life is renewed and made livable, where not all end but ever begin and give us the security to may continue on our mission and donation. We have future newly opened and before the security to may serve and offer our life on an excalation growing day by day, that is making servants glad to serve and offer ourself on the only aim to defend people and countryl. That make Honor and dogs like him, we thanks for all, we say to “thanks very much for have assured our possibility to be semper fi”.

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