New public service campaign asks you to ‘Be There’ for Veterans and service members

VA, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, released a new public service announcement, “No Veteran Left Behind,” to address the tragic rate of Veteran suicides.

Narrated by actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks, the announcement calls on the public to take notice and action by reaching out to a Veteran who may be in crisis.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide has become one of the leading causes of death in America. Suicide is also a major concern among Veterans and service members and is VA’s top clinical priority.  In the U.S., an average of 20 Veterans a day die from suicide.  Suicide is preventable through connectivity and community support, so generating awareness of the health issues that disproportionately affect Veterans and service members is a critical first step and requires a comprehensive approach.

The #BeThere campaign “highlights the importance of engaging our communities to help support Veterans and returning service members who may be struggling with the transition back home,” said Alex Gorsky,Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson.  “I’m confident that, together, we can give back to the brave men and women who have given so much to our country.”

The public service announcement will be broadcast nationally. VA and its partners encourage the public to join the conversation by using #BeThere on social media, and by visiting for more information on how to reach out and be there for the Veterans and service members in their communities.  VA will continue to work with its partners through the end of the year and into 2018 to raise awareness and empower the community to support Veterans and service members.

For more information on supporting Veterans and service members, visit:

Veterans and service members in crisis or concerned family or friends can call the Veterans Crisis Line for confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at 800-273-8255 and press 1, chat online at, or text to 838255.


Gary Hicks

is the Director of VA’s Office of Digital Media Engagement. He is a former managing editor of a daily newspaper and a Veteran of the U.S. Army. Gary’s wife is a senior master sergeant stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.


  1. Rebecca Jo Bower    

    My son went to the Salem, VA VAMC and was treated for 2 days for intoxication then told it would be a week and a half before he could be admitted to the 28 day treatment program. My son has severe PTSD & TBI and because of this was suicidal and quite agitated. They threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave. He left and attempted suicide. Luckily we found him time and he was transported to a local hospital.
    You can air all the ads you want to but until the VA stops turning away veterans and train their staff, the suicide rate will remain where it is. There are so many problems with that place incompetent doctors blinding veterans, psychiatrists that berate and belittle,etc. They need a new director who gives a shit.

  2. R Bailey    

    Many veterans want to help other veterans but the process for getting involved is sometimes too lengthy for other veterans to help the process should be made simpler

  3. yousefi    

    The film is impressive

  4. Daniel Gannon    

    PCSD and Putple Heart comments

  5. Ronald Louis Marcotte    

    Once again VA can’t and will never be there for the veteran . But their not the only ones American legion and VFW can’t and never will be there for the veteran either . So turn to civilians maybe they can be there for veterans. Low level employees are their for veterans and some doctors. But VA ties theirs hands when they get caught helping veterans. It’s against VA policy to help veterans.

  6. Peter Shayne Griffin    

    Want to save military warriors and combat veteran’s lives? Simple… adopt the Post Combat Stress Disorder, “PCSD” Concept and Purple Heart Medal Proposal at Griffin’s Lair

    1. Daniel Gannon    

      Would like for you to further explain your comments.
      Dan Gannon
      Chair – Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs

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