#BorneTheBattle 62: Alex Rucshner – Navy Veteran, Keys to Progress


On Borne the Battle, we like to spotlight Veterans with valuable experiences, important insights, and powerful stories. This week we talk to Alex Ruschner, an employee at Progressive Insurance, who is involved in Progressive’s “Keys to Progress” program. Every November, they host a one-day vehicle giveaway event for Veterans at Progressive Service Centers and other locations across the United States where they donate cars to Veterans who need them. With this year’s giveaway, they will have donated more than 500 vehicles to Veterans and Veteran organizations to date.

Alex is going to talk to us about his service in the Navy, his transition out of the military, the process of selecting Veterans for the Keys to Progress program and he’ll also share a powerful story of a Veteran receiving a car so he can help with his grandson’s medical needs.

Covered in Episode 62:

  • Secretary Shulkin’s Veteran’s Day speech
  • Interview with Navy Veteran Alex Rucshner
    • Why Alex joined the Navy
    • Transitioning out of the military
    • Progressive Insurance’s Keys to Progress program
    • A powerful story of a Veteran getting a car to help his grandson
  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Shelby Johnson

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Timothy Lawson

Timothy Lawson has been a member of VA’s Digital Media Engagement team since April 2016. He graduated from American University’s School of Communications in 2016 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Tim is a Marine Corps Veteran having served as a Marine Security Guard posted at embassies in Algeria, Russia, and Peru.