VA & DOE: Improving Veteran care through big data analytics


As announced earlier this year, VA and the Department of Energy (DOE) have formed a partnership that aims to advance medical treatment for Veterans and others through big data analytics. For researchers and other talented professionals, this is a great opportunity to shape the future of care for countless people.

The team will use large sets of digital health and genomic data from our organization and other federal sources to identify trends that support the development of new treatments and preventative strategies in various areas, including suicide prevention, cancer and heart disease. That means thousands of researchers will have secure access to key information on the approximately 24 million Veterans who’ve received care from VA over the past two decades. And because we take patient privacy and confidentiality very seriously, all reasonable safeguards are in place to protect each medical record.

The magnitude and uniqueness of available data makes this an unprecedented initiative. If you want to get involved or would like to serve Veterans in another way, explore our open positions and pursue one today.


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