Philips Foundation donates portable ultrasound devices to VA

Donation supports efforts underway to care for Veterans affected by Hurricane Harvey


Employees at VA have been working tirelessly to provide vital healthcare to Veterans during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. To assist VA in providing care to Veterans who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Philips has donated 20 portable ultrasound devices and 20 tablets to be used with the devices. The total cost of the donated equipment is over $120,000 and Philips recently sent trained technicians to instruct VA medical staff on how to use the donated devices.

Philips Ultrasound DemoThe portable ultrasound devices will be used to assist VA medical staff in examining cardiac function or quickly performing focused assessment with sonography for trauma — know as FAST exams.

Philips has been a partner with VA’s annual Brain Trust event since its inception. The last Brain Trust: Pathways to InnoVAtion summit was held in Boston and gathered federal government, innovators, scientists, athletes, clinicians, caregivers and Veterans to advance discussions and improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery for those who suffer from head trauma. Public-private partnerships such with companies like Philips help VA respond more effectively to the needs of Veterans and their families.



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