[Podcast] #19 Dr. David Shulkin – Secretary of Veterans Affairs


I hope everyone had a pleasant President’s Day weekend. This week’s podcast is an exciting one as it features our new Secretary, Dr. David Shulkin. This is the first interview Secretary Shulkin conducted after swearing in as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The Honorable David J. Shulkin was nominated by President Trump to serve as the ninth Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) and was confirmed by the United States Senate on February 13, 2017.
Prior to his confirmation as Secretary, Dr. Shulkin served as VA’s Under Secretary for Health for 18 months, leading the Nation’s largest integrated health care system, with over 1,700 sites of care serving nearly nine million Veterans.

Covered in Episode 19:

  • YouTube Live town hall with SECVA
  • Interview with Secretary David Shulkin
    • Taking job as SECVA
    • The importance of the Veteran community
    • Serving Veterans
    • Continuing to improve VA
    • Treating patients
  • Follow Secretary Shulkin on Twitter @SecShulkin
  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Sharon Vargas




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Timothy Lawson

Timothy Lawson has been a member of VA’s Digital Media Engagement team since April 2016 and is the host of VA’s official podcast, Borne the Battle. He graduated from American University’s School of Communications in 2016 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Tim is a Marine Corps Veteran having served as a Marine Security Guard posted at embassies in Algeria, Russia, and Peru.


  1. David Skidmore    

    Dear Mr. Security;
    I have been wait a long time for my appeal. I was wondering why the east, and west coast regions are getting there appeals before everyone else?

  2. Charles R Moses Sr.    

    I am an older vet (89 1/2). My case #(redacted) I applied to the VA on pension matters
    last year. In contacting them I found that they were very polite and gave me the only explanation possible..”These things just take time” Do not know how much I have. If there is anyway to help me get over the hump, I would certainly appreciate it.

  3. James L Chambers Jr    

    My experiences with my VA here in Grand Junction has always been good. Like every else short on doctors,physician Assistance, snd ofcourse the Nurses who really make or break a hospital.

    Like yo said in your you tube interview we need to actively start recruitung them. Please do because it hurts us and the hospital

  4. Gerald McCarney    

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin. Dear David congratulations and welcome to the VA. I’m sure the VA needs help in many different ways. But rather than destroy the VA by bashing it I like to tell you another side of the VA. I’m a Vietnam veteran and I am using the VA in Fresno California which in my entire years going there have had a positive experience. Just like let you know unfortunately it shows how a few bad apples seems to disillusion the whole crate. Thank you for your time.
    Gerald McCarney Lemoore California
    Very impressive! Way to go Fresno VA

  5. Donald Moser    

    You talk a good game I do not see any improvement. I can not get answers to questions.Not all your employees do their jobs.

  6. Bryant Strickland    

    Would like to know if you plan, if so when hypertension will be added to the list of agent orange connection. I have battled high blood pressure after 3yrs of getting back from Vietnam?

  7. Frankie Samuel Fayson III    

    St Petersburg VA RO Director is Ms. Juliana Boor.

  8. Robert L Letson    

    I cannot find out what stage my request for an increase is in. Filed originally in 2013. Lost, resubmitted 2014, declined 2015 Resubmitted 2 / 16, and unable to check on status.
    My claim # 22-156-608.
    Robert Letson

  9. Frankie Samuel Fayson III    

    STR’s not she’s on Frankie Samuel Fayson III previous request… thanks and sorr

  10. Frankie Samuel Fayson III    

    Why is st Petersburg VA RO Looking for my she’s in the HAIMS that only has RAD 2014 .My RAD is 1975… this is not right..they have the STR’S To service connect me.it has been 41 Years … please have someone get this corrected and connect me and finish my claim….. Frankie Samuel III . they are needlessly keeping me in gathering of evidence when they have all the 3 regulation requirements….I have been treated terribly in the army and as a Negro Veteran…. Please have someone honest with integrity and help me… before i die…like other (African American) Veterans I knew…Ms. Boots is the director…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me!

  11. Jose B. Santos    

    I live over 40 miles from the nearest main VA Medical Center and I need to use local Facilities and Doctors if possible thru the choice program if possible at all for my service connected disabilities. What can I do to make this possible?

  12. russell j martin    

    I need Dr.David Shulkin to email me I have some thing I need to tell him my email address is thunderred971@yahoo.com

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