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Finding the perfect job can be overwhelming, especially when you have options to consider, as many health care professionals do. It’s a good problem to have, but it’s a problem nonetheless. So to make your search as easy and effective as possible, be sure to familiarize yourself with VA Careers and USAJOBS.

VA Careers

Here, you have the chance to learn virtually everything you need to know about VA’s opportunities, culture and benefits. You can also explore open positions by city and state, and view our schedule of upcoming career events. And if you are a Veteran, you’re encouraged to take a look at helpful resources like this military skills translator and résumé builder.


Once you’ve found the ideal opportunity on VA Careers, click “APPLY NOW on USAJOBS” and you’ll be redirected to USAJOBS, the Federal Government’s official employment site. This will require you to sign in with your username and password. If you haven’t already created an account, we recommend doing so now to help streamline your application process. Plus, it’ll give you access to a number of useful job-seeking tools, including a map search that allows you to browse government careers by geographic locations throughout the world.


Ready to join VA in caring for America’s Veterans? Check out our available roles and apply today.


VA Careers


  1. Vincent Valtierra    

    I am a veteran Air Force medic 4N031. After completing my service i used my GI Bill to complete nursing school (ADN.) I’very been applying to the veterans administration as a registered nurse. I am told I cannot work for the VA because I do not have a bachelor’s degree. The veteran administration and DOD websites are always looking for registered nurses. It does not make sense to me that they will not use a veteran, military trained, registered nurse. Here’s where I really take issue, I see on the job posting, they will take any foreign trained nurse so long as they have a certificate to work in the country I can better relate to in Vectren and have a strong desire to give back to my community. Can we change this Rule and get quality caring nurses in the VA?

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