Amputee Veterans like their new “emPOWER ankle.”


Last October Hines VA Medical Center was selected to be the first VA hospital in the country to fit the new emPOWER ankle on Veterans with amputations. Seven Veterans were invited to trial the new ankle based on activity level and experience with prior ankle designs.

EmPOWER is the next generation design of the BIOM ankle designed by Dr. Hugh Herr, Director and Principal Investigator of the Biomechatronics Group of MIT media laboratory.

“I was hit by a car and they tried for months to save my ankle…”

The normalized walking gait provided by the powered ankle has shown to reduce joint forces on the contralateral side that lead to pain and osteoarthritis. The ankle also provides real time control of full ankle movement for improved safety and stability across any surface.

Group at TreadmillThe response from the Veterans was overwhelming and positive.

“This make it so much easier for me getting around…this bionic ankle really feels great. I am thankful for the VA giving me this opportunity.”

Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital is pushing the boundaries of technology for our Veterans.

Learn more in this three-minute video where Veterans talk about their experience with the ankle and how it is making life easier for them. As one of the technicians explains, “Hine is making this available to multiple patients at the highest level of technology.”

About the author: Rick Fox is a Public Affairs Officer/Chief, Media Service at the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital


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