McDonald on Washington Journal: “More Veterans are coming to VA”


VA Secretary Bob McDonald joined C-SPAN’s Pedro Echevarria this morning on Washington Journal to discuss VA’s ongoing transformation efforts and the growing number of Veterans seeking VA care.

“We have added capacity,” McDonald explained. “We’ve added 1200 new doctors, 2300 new nurses.  We’ve expanded clinical hours.  We’ve done more tele-health, providing care in their homes oftentimes. We’ve done a lot of things to expand care.”

“More Veterans are coming to us for care,” McDonald said.

During the program, McDonald took questions from Veterans, family members and active duty Servicemembers.

Watch the full interview here or online via the C-SPAN website.



Megan Moloney

— Megan served at VA from May 2013 to July 2018. She is the daughter, granddaughter and spouse of Army and Navy Veterans who served in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.


  1. Deborah M. Marell widow of Joseph S. Marell,sr.    

    Sec. McDonald …. You need to change the percent of money due to disabled vets & their survivors , the scale we have now is 80% $1237.00 BUT 100% is $2998 ?? Everyone thinks it’s totally off !!
    Also, I understand you don’t let your vets & survivors know all they are due … It’s up to the vet to investigate what they are due & that sucks !
    My husband was a Vietnam Vet , 101st Airborne Division and received a Purple Heart . He had severe PTSD & we were at the VA hosp. almost every wk. When we found out he had cancer , the doctor was at best an idiot – assured us he would have a chance with chemo , well it killed him before we had a chance to get him 100% & I am not eligible to do it , that needs to change !!

  2. B. Weeks-Marshall    

    Sec McDonald, I have not seen improvement within the VA. If anything, it has gotten worse with incompetent physicians, long wait periods for appointments, rude staff members or physicians refusing to write pain Meds for long standing diagnosis of chronic pain, stating that the VA states the vet has to “just live with it”. Issues of getting equipment or physicians not listening or not enough physicians available should there be conflict due to capping. So, where do you see improvement?

  3. Enrico Lopez    

    Sec McDonald, Thank you for all that you continue to do with the VA. I have seen transformation in the short time you have taken over as Secretary of the VA!

    I can only say good things about you…………………….thank you!


    The Army will not award me with a Flying Medal because its not in my record.

  5. Joe Hostutler    

    We have been at war for 14 years. People cant afford health insurance or the fine if you dont have health insurance. Hmmm it is a no brainier that more Veterans are using the VA.

  6. John L Fisher    

    You are doing a great job with limited financial support! Congress needs to understand the connection!

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