Create positive experiences as a VHA dentist

VHA dentists are dedicated to providing quality care to each and every patient.


Passion — the No. 1 characteristic an individual looking to become a VHA dentist should have. Joining our team is more about your connection to humanity, and less about accolades from putting “Dr.” next to your name. Affirming confidence and brightening our patients’ smiles is what drives our VHA dentists every day. Candidates with passion and the appropriate educational background are encouraged to apply. See what VHA offers for employee training:

“I saw that…VA has so much to offer as a training facility that during the application process I decided to apply only to the residency program in the Veterans’ hospital” says Dr. June. Potential entry-level VHA dentists can also earn their doctorate in dental surgery or dental medicine resulting from a course of education in dentistry. The degree must have been obtained from one of the schools approved by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

VHA dentists must also be skilled in:

  • Information management — maintaining patient confidentiality per HIPAA, and following computer security regulations.
  • Monitoring patient conditions during treatment, and being alert for signs of physical distress.
  • Performing a full range of duties with indirect supervision.

At VHA, we understand a trip to the dentist can be quite uncomfortable for the bulk of our patients, so our job is to make them feel as content as possible. Our dentists do this by providing a positive customer service experience: being open to any questions patients might ask, practicing courtesy and respect, and keeping a positive attitude in order to make every dentist visit for our patients a success.

If you’re drawn to taking care of others and looking to enter the field of dentistry, head to our career page today and explore our opportunities for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental lab techs. For other exciting health care opportunities with VHA, explore VA Careers and Join VA.


Dan Green


  1. Leon Suchorski    

    I think that the dentists are fabulous. I have actually slept through a root canal, because they are so good..

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