#VeteranOfTheDay Matthew Roland


Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Matthew Roland. Matthew served the U.S. Air Force as a special tactics officer with Air Force Special Operations Command from 2010 until his death in 2015. Matthew was in the lead vehicle of a special operations convoy in Afghanistan when he recognized an insider attack in the making. After alerting the convoy he put himself in harms way in order to give his team time to take defensive positions and neutralize the threat to the convoy.

Matthew’s leadership, courage and devotion to his teammates were on full display and for his actions he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal today.

We honor Matthew’s service.


James Killen

–James Killen is a public affairs specialist and member of VA’s digital engagement team. James is a Louisville, Kentucky, native who enlisted in the Marine Corps five days after high school. As a CH46E mechanic he deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the initial invasion, and then to the Al Anbar Province 04-05. James is currently a member of the Kentucky Air National Guard and serves as the public affairs officer for the 123rd Airlift Wing. He is a father of three beautiful girls, a huge Chicago Cubs fan and a die-hard Kentucky Wildcat. Go Big Blue!