Center for Women Veterans partners on eMentoring for women Veterans


I am pleased to announce that VA’s Center for Women Veterans is partnering with AcademyWomen’s eMentoring tool to empower and equip women Veterans in reaching their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Image of AcademyWomen logoAcademyWomen is offering all women Veterans, especially those transitioning in their lives or careers, FREE access to online mentorship support from Veteran (and non-Veteran) mentors, through its award-winning, web-based eMentor Leadership Program.

While women Veterans represent one of the fastest growing segments of the Veterans population, they do not always self-identify (and are not asked if they’ve ever served in the military) as Veterans. This may keep them from seeking Veterans preference, which could significantly improve their competitiveness in the job market.   With the eMentor program, we hope to empower these women to use this as an edge for greater opportunities.

Image of women writing the benefits of mentorship in a circular flowchart pattern. Women Veterans often call the Center for help with finding career opportunities, and want to know how they can connect with other women Veterans. This program is important to women Veterans, because it connects organizations seeking hire Veterans with women Veterans seeking help with attaining their professional goals. It offers the support they say they need, and a trusted network to get them to where they want to be in their professional lives.

Participation is simple. All you have to do is log onto the site to create a profile and then select a mentor or resources relevant to your professional goals. You can also participate in discussion forums, or visit the Q&A area on the website where you can interact with other members.

Once paired with a mentor, you will receive guidance and support in job seeking, career transition, career advancement, industry-specific knowledge, and work/life balance from volunteer mentors. This is an amazing resource, and best of all, membership is absolutely free.

Become a member of this powerful community or to learn more, visit to become a mentor or protégé.

The eMentor program launches April 22.

Image of Dr. Betty Moseley Brown the acting director of the Center for Women Veterans at VA Central Office, in Washington, DC. Dr. Betty Moseley Brown is the acting director of the Center for Women Veterans at VA Central Office, in Washington, D.C. The Center monitors VA’s administration of benefits and services for women Veterans, and promotes the agency’s recognition of contributions made by women who served in the armed forces.


Gary Hicks

is the Director of VA’s Office of Digital Media Engagement. He is a former managing editor of a daily newspaper and a Veteran of the U.S. Army. Gary’s wife is a senior master sergeant stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.