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Everyone has hopefully heard that USAJobs is THE site to find job openings within the federal government. Because so many government entities post their jobs here, the number of positions may be overwhelming to some job seekers, which is why many groups have created their own careers site.

In an effort to streamline the job search process for qualified health care providers, VA Careers has its own site as well. We have included our top needs in easy to find locations, formatted the job descriptions to be easier to read and provided useful tools and maps to allow for search by city and state.

Now USAJobs has incorporated an additional feature with a new map search (BETA). You can easily find openings across the globe for all agencies.

USAJobs Map

I encourage all health care providers seeking a career at VA to continue to use VA Careers for your research. Once you find a position of interest and click the ‘Apply’ button, you will be re-directed to USAJobs. You will need to create an account and follow the job application instructions.

Veteran health care providers are encouraged to use the resources at, and explore the job search tools available on USAJobs and

To learn more about opportunities serving our Nation’s Veterans, visit

darrenIn May 2008, Darren Sherrard was appointed as the Associate Director of Healthcare Recruitment and Marketing (HRM) at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Workforce Management and Consulting office (WMC).


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  1. Joe    

    I am Veteran, a Medical Doctor with License and no malpractice and cannot get a job with VA. I always get he someone else was selected for the job. Did I mention I was a disabled veteran with in service disability?

  2. David Tomko    

    Why do some postings only appear in searches on the va careers site, and not on the USAJOBS search?

  3. Paul orkline    

    Need job in Palm Springs area

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