VA launches new no-cost training programs

Programs designed to help transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans develop new skills and credentials


VA today launched two new no-cost training programs, Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) and VA Learning Hubs, to help transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans from all eras learn skills, earn credentials and advance in civilian careers following separation from service.

ALPs and Learning Hubs are part of VA’s Veterans Economic Communities Initiative (VECI), promoting education and employment opportunities for Veterans through integrated networks of support in 50 cities. VA launched the VECI program in response to President Obama’s August 2014 challenge to help Veterans and families integrate with their communities and find meaningful jobs that can lead to economic success. Under VA Secretary Bob McDonald’s MyVA transformation, VECI is now in place in cities across the United States.

“My message to transitioning Servicemembers is simple: Plan early and stay engaged, because transition is the mission,” said McDonald. “These two new resources provide no-cost opportunities for our transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans to learn new skills and earn credentials, which can increase their competitiveness during their transition.”

ALPs offer transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans the opportunity to build on their world-class training and technical skills gained through their military service, and earn certifications in high-demand fields.

VA is piloting ALPs this summer with seven courses focusing on building skills and certifications needed to advance in high-demand careers in information technology (IT), as part of the President’s TechHire initiative. Each ALP course is offered at no cost and includes free referral and support services..

The first ALP cohort includes seven courses covering a range of IT-related topics, including:

  • Coding/Programming Boot Camps;
  • 80+ IT Certifications in Hardware, Software, Networking, Web Services, and more;
  • Network Support Engineer Job Training and Certification;
  • Cybersecurity Training and Certification;
  • IT Help Desk Job Training; and
  • IT Boot Camps for Desktop Support and Windows Expertise.

Transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans from any era are invited to apply to their choice of courses. Applications will be accepted starting August 17, 2015 – seats in the pilot cohort are limited; applicants are encouraged to apply early. ALPs do not involve use of the Post-9/11 GI Bill..  Students are able to participate in these programs while also pursuing other programs of study using Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits. Visit the ALP website to learn more about each program and apply.

VA is also launching Learning Hubs in 27 cities across the country this year in partnership with the American Red Cross, The Mission Continues and Coursera, an online education platform.

Transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans can take advantage of both online and in-person study. Each week, online course modules will be completed outside the classroom while class sessions, led by Learning Hub facilitators, provide opportunities to discuss course materials with peers, hear from subject matter experts, and network. Upon completion of the program, Servicemembers and Veterans may elect to receive one free verified certificate issued by Coursera.

For more information about the VECI or to learn more about VA ALPs and Learning Hubs, contact


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  1. Mike McDermid    

    For more information about the VECI or to learn more about VA ALPs and Learning Hubs, contact I got a response back.

  2. H. Earl Whack    

    The program requires you to be registered in DEERS. DEERS will not allow me to register as veteran. 1800827100 won’t get you to a person. HELP!!!

  3. John Sanders    

    I am interested in signing up for this program. How do I sign up ??

  4. Daniel Reed    

    These do sound pretty good. How long before you offer something more than just IT? The Learning Hub, is there more information like which 27 cities, what areas of study will be offered and what do those veterans outside those 27 cities supposed to do to get this type of help? You have several links in this story but none are for the Learning Hubs. As I work with Veterans all the time the answers to these questions could be very important in providing Veterans with new hope.


    50000 a week, would be nice

  6. Richard Dean Morris    

    What good is this when the VA itself does not use fair hiring practices. Why is a college degree mandatory even for someone who could easily transition from active duty to a job doing the exact same task in a VA facility, with years of experience, but is shut out in the application process because a college degree is required.. you would rather hire someone with an Associates Degree in paint matching with no experience in the job being applied for rather than hire a qualified veteran with years of experience but no college degree.

    Pardon my french, but this PISSES me off. I routinely see VA clerks doing the job I specialized in while in the service, yet these employees seem not to care, are rude, often belligerent and apathetic to the needs of veterans standing before them.

  7. Michael Anthony Butler    

    Very interested in the new program!

  8. Michael Anthony Butler    

    I am a Disabled Army and Naval Reserve Veteran.

  9. Grunt Senior    

    Another B. S. site. This is why I will never register with VA. I saw some veterans with there Handi-cap sign and the walk just fine. They give them out like candy. A lot of fake out there for the handi cap spots.

    1. DannyG    

      Hey Grunt, While I agree abt all the fakes, please be aware that even though I have a flat spot on the top of my right hip, 2 ruptured, & at least 2 bulging discs in my lower back, & arthritis throughout my back & lower body, there are days thay I am able to stand tall & walk “just fine” too. Sometimes a man’s pride & determination can overcome almost any amount of pain. I do agree there are a lot of fakes, but thought this might shed a little better light on the outlook.
      NO disrespect intended!
      p.s. I have plates, not a plaquard.

  10. Kenneth Thompson    

    This is a good idea who’s time has come.

  11. John V. Machado    

    I would appreciate more information please.

  12. Syvalia Satterfield    

    I think this is cutting edge and gratitude to the VA Executive Management for the forward insightful ways in which you are looking to save money and served the veterans who have served their country. You normally get a bum rap, however this is great now we must get the word out. Twitter/FB and Linked In. Connect with the millennials initially and this is where that young Iraqi and Afghanistan vet will be at digital. #Thanks!

  13. Perry Hurtt    

    Very glad to hear of this initiative. I exited the Marine Corps (honorable discharge) in 2000 after 16 years of service and relied heavily on my own self-taught skills to get along in Corporate America. I had the advantage of being in an industry where I could do well with strong work ethics and professionalism and build my skillset over time. Many folks won’t be in that position, however, so equipping them with some good training is critical to helping them find work. I’ll certainly be sharing this news with a lot of folks.


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