Following up: the key to a job search.

What is the single most important rule when applying for a job?



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Career Advice is imperative when searching for a job. As we review the below list we see that we have completed most of the steps that we have control over. But it is at this step that many job-seekers stall in their search.

    • Identify skills, education and experience.
    • Decide what you are qualified to do.
    • Prepare resume.
    • Continue education if necessary.
    • Plan your work—work your plan.
    • Network with everyone.
    • Use all resources.
    • Dress to impress.
    • Stay motivated. Motivate others.
    • Volunteer or get a part-time job.

I have a daughter that will turn 16 next month …. down boys! At only 15 years old she decided she would like a job to have her own money because her father is very cheap. She began by making a list of places she would like to work. She gathered business names from the local community and, of all places, the phone book. She decided she wanted to work at a boutique shop selling clothes or at a café, not a fast food restaurant because she wanted to work somewhere “cute.” She began calling businesses (networking). In less than a month, she had turned in several resumes and had three interviews when she landed her first job! Later, that week I was instructed to pick up her work permit form from a café and, when I met the boss, she told me she hired her because she was persistent. She came to the interview prepared, with a pen. “Nobody ever has a pen, and she did not give up until I said yes,” she said.

Why did I tell you this story? Because it was her follow-up that landed the job. She made it so easy for the owner to hire her; she felt she had to give her a shot. The owner needed someone and she now has a very motivated hostess welcoming her patrons to her café. Of course I get to drive her and get nothing for it, but she has a job she is proud of.

Remember, “No one cares about your career like you do.” Follow up in a timely manner and with purpose is critical!

Thank a Veteran TODAY!


Darren Sherrard