Navy Veteran, LGBT advocate, named “Local Hero”

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, KCET-Link and Union Bank featured Navy Veteran Chaplain Tom Carpenter as one of its Local Heroes.  Carpenter advocates for members of the LGBT community serving in the military.  The Local Heroes videos honor people making a difference in their communities and neighborhoods.


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  1. Terry O    

    They should not be allowed to enlist!!!

    1. Norm W    

      If you were in combat and one of “those” people were your battle buddy that saved your life, would you still be such a hate-monger? People are people. Their sexuality does not define who or what that person is. What defines any person; straight or gay, is how they treat others, watch their backs, there for them when they need someone, and simply being a good hearted person. If you are already on active duty, are you aware that 1 out of every 4 of your friends are probably gay or bi-sexual? If that person was all that was between you getting shot, in battle, or having him have you back and make sure you don’t get shot, which one would you prefer? I think if you truly think about it, we both know what your answer would be. And, when you made the remark, “they should not be allowed to enlist,” what if it were reversed and if you were “straight” you would be barred from enlistment? Would you consider that right? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The person that will be there for you through thick or thin, could be “one of those people.”

    2. JILL WATERS    

      “Those people?” Are you kidding me? People still talk like that, or worse, still think gays should not serve in the military? I got news for you, they are everywhere. Probably in your own family. Deal with it.

  2. Ken    

    I wonder can I have him as an advocate when i marry my cat. It is coming. Onced you lower standards it is hard to stop!

    1. JILL WATERS    

      The worst argument against gay people has always been from ignorant people who immediately turn it into beastiality. Who are the original people engaging in beastiality? Men screwing farm animals.

    2. Christopher    

      Seriously? No wonder civil discourse and respect for difference seem so impossible when you can’t “agree to disagree” without tossing out ludicrous, idiotic and divisive arguments. Everyone just needs to seriously grow up, start worrying about their OWN lives, and stop worrying about everyone else’s.

  3. Robert    

    Providing and advocate for any group is ridiculous. The military has annual classes on Sex, Race, Religion, Orientation & Culture Discrimination. Where is the Hispanic Advocate or the Germanic Advocate or the Heterosexual Advocate? Will there be a NAMBLA Advocate someday as we “Progress?” Soon there will be a Language Advocate for each Language. We will be so Diverse we will not be able to understand each other. The French, German, Arabic, Israeli, American Militaries will all have to have a Language Advocate for each person so each Military will comply with the Laws of Diversity. With it becoming a Hate Crime to Identify an Overweight Person we will soon have 300 lb military members on the front lines. This Diversity Special Treatment will cost the Taxpayers more than this is necessary. We need to stay practical and not give special treatment to each group.

    1. Drew    

      Providing and advocate for any group is ridiculous. So by that we should cut the budget by getting rid of the Department of Veterans Affairs. It’s only providing and advocating for a specific group.

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