VA News #569

February 10 & 17, 2014

Hosts: Onika Coke-Munoz and Clifton Coates
Excutive Producer: Ken McKinnon
Run Time: 12:23

VA News is a weekly program designed to provide timely news and information about the Department of Veterans Affairs. The newscast is co-sponsored by the VHA Employee Education System and the Office of Public Affairs in partnership with other headquarters and field offices.


VA News


  1. Juan Alvarado (Rtr MSGP)    

    Great report, I hope that one of this day it can be expended down to the Rio Grande Valley, here in deep south Texas. These the kind of reports we would like to hear of
    specially where Veterans gather out side the VA Clinic, instead of complains on how they were greed as the stood in line to see or get appointment with his or her provider.
    Thanks for the outstanding job your doing out nation capital. Keep up the good work.

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