Letters to MyVA


VA is undergoing a radical transformation to improve our relationship with our Veterans.

This relationship is the cornerstone for all that VA does. This connection begins the moment a person joins the military and lasts through final honors. Though this journey, we want both Veterans and employees to be so proud of their association with VA that they refer to it as “MyVA.”

VA regularly receives letters, emails and comments here on VAntage Point and through social media from Veterans and their families. Through this correspondence, they share what MyVA means to them. You’ll find some excerpts below.

From a Veteran, August 2016:

This is not a complaint but I wanted to let someone know.
Please deliver to the emergency room department of [my] VA hospital.
I came in with excruciating pain, and I was rude. I am sorry.
I left with no pain, thank you.
I was at times incoherent, a teary sobbing mess, thank you.
Thank you for taking your job seriously.
I am sorry I could not remember your names.
Thank you admissions for correcting some errors in my file.
Thank you to the first lady I saw for dealing with me and not just shrugging off the comments I made about what I would do if the pain didn’t stop.
Thank you to the girl who sat with me while waiting for the doctor. You helped so much by simply talking to me and calming me down.
Thank you to the doctor who took my pain seriously.
Thank you to the lady who administered the medication and letting me know they may hurt.
Thank you to the gentleman that brought me a sandwich and talked to me by simply relating with me on a personal level. That was the first time in days I was able to eat pain free.
Continue to provide others with the care you showed me and I believe you will all go far.
Thank you.

From a U.S. Navy Veteran, December 2016:

Dear Secretary:

Your assistance in getting my claim completed has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life… If you ever need my testimony of your speed and effectiveness ad willingness to assist Veterans, I stand ready to state it.

My sincere thanks for positive you assisted to bring into my life,


From a woman Veteran, November 2016:

Words cannot properly express my deep gratitude for your extremely prompt attention to my cry for help in deciding my disability claim. Tears flowed freely and a sense of relief, acceptance and respect almost overwhelmed me. After reading the entire award package, I learned I can submit a claim to add my daughter, who was born disabled. She’s … the light of my life and my solid rock foundation. She is a tremendous help to me every day and I depend on her as much as she depends on me. I appreciate the VA offering a stipend to help and for recognizing there are disabled Veterans with disabled non-Veteran family members. Again, thank you. Thank you for everything.
With my deepest respect,

From a U.S. Air Force and Vietnam Veteran, November 2016:

Dear Mr. Secretary,

This is to express my appreciation for the helpful improvements you have effected over recent years which have directly sped the VA benefits approval cycle in order for my wife and me to begin receiving 100% service connected disability benefits. Last year… I was diagnosed with [cancer] while serving at a hospital overseas. Upon my return to the U.S., I was seen immediately by the excellent oncologists at [my] VA facility. In fast order, they arranged additional testing and confirmed my cancer diagnosis.

Not only was my health care expedited but so was my VA benefits approval cycle. Within mere weeks, I began receiving 100% service connected disability – determined as resulting from AO exposure in Vietnam. One benefits coordinator…was particularly instrumental in helping my wife and me to navigate the benefits application process.

Thank you for making a huge difference in the life of this Veteran and for providing hope for my family in the days ahead.



From a Veteran, June 2016

I feel the doctors, nurses and the many personnel who work in the VA need to hear how thankful many of us Veterans are for what the VA system is doing for us… I know the majority of us Vets that appreciate what our country is doing for us would like a venue that would allow us to tell those that work in the VA how much we appreciate them.

I personally want to give praise to [my] VA hospital. I recently had a small surgical procedure and I am very thankful for their professional and speedy help. I have learned first hand that the very large VA hospitals have a difficult problem trying to service patients in the large populated cities. I haven’t always been understanding and showed impatience. But that experience also made me realize I was selfish and I realized there are Veterans that have priority due to the severity of their own condition. Even at my advanced age I am able to learn.

All I want to say is “Thank You”. I hope this message gets thru.



From a Veteran, October 2016:

Mr. Secretary:

I want to thank you for assisting me in getting help through the VA.

I just want you to know that in my opinion, and in the opinion of many Veterans, you are doing a great job and we appreciate all that you are doing and have done.

Thank you,

P.S. My service dog would also like to thank your staff members for the treats she was given while visiting.

From a Vietnam Veteran, December 2016

I am a Viet Nam era Veteran and about five years ago started going through a lot of anxiety and depressive episodes…[and] was not able to function outside of my home. Someone asked if I would like to volunteer at my local VA clinic…that was the greatest incentive for getting me out of my house and back into a more positive state of mind and a growing contributor to the intimidating outside world. Thank you, VA clinic, for allowing me to volunteer and grow!


From a Marine Veteran who served in Vietnam, September 2016:

I visit the local VA cacility once a week with my AF retired daughter. I’m 70 years old and diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma from ‘Nam in 65-66.

The VA has gone beyond the promises and hoopla to treat me and make me comfortable and put this in remission.  Not a cure.

I totally support the VA efforts after not needing the VA for 55 yrs. Thank you for being here for us old guys.


USMC 63-67
Vietnam 65-66

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