Intel Report, May 18

This week’s breakdown of news and resources:

  • We’ll be talking a lot about the National Veteran Small Business Conference for the next few weeks. From June 26-28, Veterans will converge in Detroit to network, team, and partner with acquisition decision makers. In addition to that, a free Hiring Fair with thousands of jobs, in addition to a VA Open House, will be on the grounds. Find out more (and register) here.
  • VA’s Women Veterans Task Force has released a draft report that addresses issues unique to female Veterans. We’ve made strides in the care of female Vets, but there’s still much work to be done. Read the report, and then share any comments and recommendations here.
  • There’s been a lot of talk about traumatic brain injury (TBI) this week. Check out our TBI resource page to read about symptoms, the screening process, and options for recovery and rehabilitation.
  • I was proud to hear from many Veterans who graduated in the class of 2012, but we still have lots of folks who will be in class this fall. Bookmark our GI Bill page for information, resources, and announcements. Our GI Bill Facebook page is another resource to keep track of what’s happening with your benefits.
  • Speaking of social networks, VA is on Twitter. Follow us for news and commentary on Veterans issues, and links to Veterans benefits information.
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3 Comments to “Intel Report, May 18”

  1. Dean Doepke says:

    Just need to know one thing, who’s the idiot who authorized putting women on submarines?! Hard enuf being underwater for 73 days with guys…would love to see the Blue Nose initiation! Ha!

  2. susan hawkins says:

    Women have the right to work and serve their country just as men do. To think it is stupid truly shows how shallow and biased you are. Women are very capable of working alongside their male peers and some even command naval warships. Do you think because God gave you male organs that you can function better? Maybe before you condemn those that serve, you should at least give them a chance.

    • Toni Wethington says:

      Susan, thank you for your intelligent remarks. It is hard to believe that anyone living in the 21st century still has the mentality that men are somehow superior to women. Granted we are opposites, but it is due to that we bring bring “something to table” equally. My only fear of being with men underwater for 73 days is if ALL those men thought it was idiocy that had women assigned for duty on a submarine.